Basic steps to setting up your store with Printful successfully

When setting up your store with Printful, be sure to go through these points to make sure you've covered all the bases. We've divided them into must-have points, without which your order won't go through, and options that are up to you to configure.

Must-have elements for a successful connection with Printful

Must-have elements for a successful connection with Printful

Here are the things you have to checked off, otherwise an order cannot go through.
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1. Make sure your printfile meets Printful guidelines - printfiles must be as large as printing size and at a resolution of at least 150 dpi. See all guidelines under the "guidelines" tab for each product.

2. Sync products in your "stores" section of Printful - For automatic order fulfillment and processing, all products you want fulfilled by Printful have to be synced. After you've connected your e-commerce store to Printful, all physical items are available on your store will populate through Printful as well. You will then sync each particular item to actual Printful products and assign the print files you would like to associated with those products. Products can be synced through Stores -> Sync.

3. Set fulfillment settings - You can choose to have your orders imported and fulfilled automatically, or you can have your orders import as drafts, which will require you to confirm them manually, one by one before being fulfilled. Printful can import orders with unsynced items as well, which would require you to sync those products on demand as they're ordered. This can be setup through Stores -> Edit -> Orders.

4. Set up a payment method on Printful - We accept credit cards, debit/bank cards, and PayPal. You can also prepay for orders by depositing funds directly into your Printful Wallet. Your default billing method will be setup under Billing in your Printful account - Stores

5. Set up a payment processor on your storefront - You'll need to accept payments from your customers, which is why you'll need to set up a payment processor on your storefront. Your e-commerce platform will provide you with info on how to do this.

Additional elements you can choose to take advantage of

6. Upload custom branding sticker - You're entitled to a free branding sticker that goes on every one of your shipped packages. Simply upload your design through Stores -> Edit -> Store.

7. Add custom message to packing slip - You can add a message to your packing slip that's sent with every order. Go to Stores -> Edit -> Packing Slip.

8. Order samples - If you still have concerns on how final products or packaging will look, submit a sample order! You are allotted three sample orders a month with up to five products per order at a 20% discount with free shipping. To place a sample order you will go through your Printful Dashboard -> New Order -> Sample Order.

9. Place a test order - To ensure that your integration with Printful is working properly - test it! Place a test order through your e-commerce platform yourself to see if it goes through on Printful's end. After you see the order on your Dashboard, you can simply cancel it. To do this, click on the order, then select "Cancel order".

10. Add a return policy - Printful has a unique return policy. Make sure you're aware and have added it to your site for your customers to know as well. You can take a look at our shipping and returns template here. Copy/paste it to your store or use as a base for your own policy.

11. Add a customs disclaimer for international orders - International orders might be subject to customs fees. We suggest you let your customers know and add it to your site to set expectations.

12. Add products to your store automatically - for Shopify, Woocommerce and Storenvy stores only. You can create products in Printful, and automatically publish them into your store, complete with product descriptions, mockup images, and your choice of garment model and size. Go to Stores -> Add.

Must-have elements for a successful connection with Printful

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