The complete breakdown of ecommerce platforms
for drop shipping

To kick off your online store, first you need to choose which ecommerce platform to use. With a wealth of options available, it can be difficult to navigate the waters of all of the different features available. We've broken down everything you need to know to make an educated decision and end up with a platform that works best for you.

Ecommerce platform comparison chart

Live shipping rates Price Personal server required Products pushed to store Order import Shipping status update Displays "out of stock" notice Marketplace Ease of installation
Shopify Yes % of revenue + subscription, starts at $29/month. No Yes Immediately Automatically Yes No Fast
Etsy No 5% transaction fee + $0.20 fee to publish products No Yes Every 15min Automatically No Yes Fast
WooCommerce Yes Hosting expenses Yes* Yes Immediately** Automatically Yes No Normal
Squarespace No Starting at $40/month (annual subscription)*** No No Every 15 min Automatically No No Normal
Storenvy No Free, but you'll be charged commission fees on marketplace sales. No Yes Immediately Automatically Yes Yes Fast
BigCommerce No Subscription, starts at $29.95 No Yes Immediately Automatically Yes No Fast
Gumroad No 8.5% + $0.30 per transaction or $10/month subscription No No Immediately Manual No No Fast
Big Cartel No Free - $29.99 monthly No No Immediately Automatically No No Fast
Ecwid Yes Subscription, starts at $15.99/month No Yes Every 15 min Automatically Yes**** No Fast
Amazon No Subscription + referral fees - starts at $39.99 No Yes Hourly Automatically***** No Yes Complex
Weebly No Subscription + transaction fees, starting at $8/month No Yes Immediately Automatically Yes No Fast
eBay No 10% transaction fee + $0.35 fee to publish products No Yes Every 2 hrs Automatically No Yes Complex
PrestaShop No Hosting Expenses Yes No Every 15 min Automatically No No Normal

* Set up hosting through SiteGround for a package deal with WooCommerce and the Printful plugin pre-installed, plus other features

** Using the latest version of WooCommerce

*** Printful integration is only available for the “Advanced” online store plan

**** Available for Ecwid Business and Unlimited plan users

***** Amazon will transfer your profit to your bank account once a day after your orders have shipped out

If these ecommerce platforms don't meet your needs, you may use our API and have your developers hook it up to whatever system you have.

What you have to know about each platform







Big Cartel







Integration with Inktale

Become part of an online marketplace without the hassle of maintaining your own store

Inktale is an online marketplace that allows artists to sell their designs on print products as easily as possible — it takes just a few clicks to become a seller.

There are no upfront or subscription fees, and Inktale handles the printing, shipping, and customer support for you. Inktale has partnered up with Printful to print and ship all orders.

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The ShipStation integration

Integrate with platforms like Walmart, Magento, Yahoo and more.

ShipStation functions as a 3rd party app that lets us connect with platforms that otherwise can’t be integrated with Printful.

You connect your store to Shipstation, then connect Shipstation to your Printful account. Shipstation is a platform that collects all of your orders and can keep track of them until they’re shipped. They integrate with many other platforms to make online sales easier.

Alternative platforms

You can still use Printful even if you don't want to use the above platforms that have ready-made integrations. You have options:


Manual orders

You can manually enter orders to be fulfilled, allowing you to continue using platforms like Walmart.


API integrations

If you have a developer on hand, you can have them hook up your store with Printful via API. Here's all the info you'll need.

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