Warehousing & Fulfillment services for ecommerce businesses in the Baltics

Expand your online business while we take care of your store inventory

Easy integration with the leading ecommerce platforms

Fast order delivery to your customers in the Baltics and worldwide

Cost-efficient pricing for storage and fulfillment of your items for storage and fulfillment of your items

How Printful warehousing services work

Part 1
You send us your items

Submit a description of your inventory, get your items approved, and send them out way

Part 2
We store your inventory

As soon as we receive and stock in your items, you can sell them on your storefront

Part 3
We ship out your items on demand

When a customer orders from you, we pick, pack, and ship the item under your brand

Printful warehouses

Ensure speedy order delivery to your customers in North America and Europe by keeping your inventory in the nearest warehouse

World map

What customers think about our warehousing services

Printful made it easy to expand my online business

Printful made it easy to expand my online business and get my site off the ground. They have incredible support for both me and my customers which is absolutely necessary for this new do-it-all-from-home environment. The ability to add my own pack-ins gives each shipment a personal touch, too! Finding Printful really gave me the push I needed. I can’t recommend it enough.

Mads Woods

Mads Woods logo

Send, stock and ship. It’s that easy, I promise

If I’m being honest, it took me a while to get started with warehousing. It totally made sense to store my shop’s inventory at the warehouses offered in Charlotte and LA, but I was slow to get started because it was another bullet to add to my to-do list. If only I had done it sooner! Warehousing tremendously cuts down on turnaround time, and the end result is customer happiness and satisfaction with receiving their orders faster. Send, stock and ship. It’s that easy, I promise.

Dionna Dorsey

Dionna Dorsey photo

Being able to ship quickly in today’s market gives me a competitive edge

As a small brand, being able to ship quickly in today’s market gives me a competitive edge. The warehouse fulfillment option is helping me build a presence and a reliable reputation.

Chelsea Cosby

Sunset Empire Apparel
Chelsea Cosby photo

Why choose Printful as your fulfillment partner in the Baltics

fulfillment service
product warehousing
product storing
product packing

Entrust your order fulfillment to us

We’ll automatically receive your customer orders and fulfill them on the same or next day

Sign up for free

Use Printful’s warehousing services without any signup fees or long-term contracts

Free your space from stock

Send your inventory over, and we’ll take care of storage, packing, and shipping, so you can focus on other parts of your business

Use a simple inventory management system

Follow along with your inventory levels and get notified when you’re running low on stock

Delight your customers with fast delivery

Store your items in our North America and Baltic warehouses to ensure speedy delivery and low shipping costs for your customers

Save your time—submit your items for storage and we’ll ship them once a customer buys from you!

Surprise your customers with same-day order fulfillment

Get an order by 12:00 and we’ll ship it out on the same day

same-day order fulfillment

Same-day order fulfillment requirements

The order must come in by 12:00 local time:

  • Latvia, 12:00 (UTC+2/+3)

  • USA and Canada, 12:00 (UTC-5/-4)

  • Spain, 12:00 (UTC±0/+1)

The order must only contain your in-stock warehoused products.

If the order doesn’t qualify for same-day order fulfillment, we’ll ship it out the next day.

What you can store in Printful’s warehouses

item storage

All sorts of items

Books, board games, hair accessories, or anything else from your inventory as long as it complies with our storage guidelines.
printed products

Printful products

Order 25+ Printful products, get bulk discounts, and store the items in our warehouse so they’re ready for shipping once a customer orders from you.
custom pack-ins


Store postcards, stickers, bookmarks, and other knick-knacks you want us to add to your customer orders as branded freebies. Learn more about adding pack-ins to orders.

Storage and fulfillment pricing

You’ll pay a monthly storage fee and a fulfillment price per order

Connect Printful with your ecommerce platform:

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Use Printful Warehousing & Fulfillment services for your online store!