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3 things you didn’t know the Printful mockup generator could do

By Julia Gifford - Reading time: 2 minutes

As the average Printful user will likely know, the mockup generator is one of the tools that considerably speeds up the process of launching new products on your store. Not only does it place your images on top of product photos, ready to be used online, bit it also does a whole bunch of other things that you possibly didn’t know about.

3 little-known features of the mockup generator

1. Create printfiles

Even though it’s called the mockup generator, it is also able to generate print files for you. Say, for example, you have a logo that you want to put on a t-shirt. Upload the design to the mockup generator, size it and position it, and then generate the print file. Now you’ll have a printful-compatible, guideline-compatible print file that’s ready to be submitted for orders.

Position your logo

Position your logo

After positioning the logo where I wanted it, I clicked “proceed to generator”. There I was able to download the correct sized and proportioned printfile that I could submit to receive a t-shirt with the logo position exactly where I had set it.

The printfile

The printfile

This works for both DTG and sublimation designs, and it’s the most foolproof way to make sure that the printing process goes as smoothy as possible. Usually the process is slowed down only when there are issues with the graphics and when they don’t meet the printing guidelines.

2. Select multiple colors at once

You can click on several colors to get your design placed on all the colors you want to offer so that you don’t have to go through the process one-by-one.

Select multiple colors at once

Select multiple colors at once

3. Publish directly to your store

If you’re using a Shopify, Woocommerce or Storenvy store, you can create a design in the mockp generator and push it directly into your store. That means no image downloading, no syncing. It even comes with pre-written product descriptions.

Choose the colors and sizes you want to offer

Choose the colors and sizes you want to offer

To try it out you go to Stores-> Add, where you’ll be prompted to choose the product you want to create and then move to the generator where you can choose your sizes, colors and upload your printfile.

You’ll be able to modify the title of the product and the description, but we’ve added our own that includes all of the important specifications your customers might want to know. It’s up to you to add personality.

Now that you know all of our mockup generator insider info, you can go and play around with it and see how you can benefit even more from it!

P.S. The mockup generator has just been updated with 15 new products! If one of your products weren’t there before, you should certainly check it out now! We’ve added new t-shirt models, horizontal posters (framed and unframed) several totes, zip hoodies and more.

Start mocking up!


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  1. Linda McClure

    I’m going to try that third one with my very next product. Thanks!!

    [I’d like to take this moment to beg you to put mugs on the generator next. Please? Pretty please? With whipped cream, natural sugar, and a healthy(ish) cherry on top? Okay, begging done. Thanks for listening.]

  2. Nathan Donahoe

    I love how your mockup generator supports us creative entrepreneurs! It literally saves me thousands of dollars of graphic design fees I would have to pay someone to design my web mockups. And it is so high quality too with how you put wrinkles in. Thanks Printful-Fam!

    PS Just saw the new totes you added! Can’t wait to upload it to my site 🙂

  3. J Spargo

    Hi – the mock-up generator is fantabulous! But please oh please can you include the inner tagless area of tees in the mock-up, along with the back of tees? I really want to show that our tagless tees have our brand on them for the inner tagless area — waiting for this before we open our online store because we don’t want to use product mock-ups that have tags! Also, a larger color selection for Alternative women’s tagless tees would be awesome — you used to have more colors for that brand, but then the product line-up changed and the color options greatly diminished 🙁 We really wish you had American Apparel women’s tees (50/50 version available in many colors) in the tagless option too!!!)

  4. Gregory Davidson

    Thank you for sharing this… one of my biggest struggles was figuring out where exactly on the product printing was going to start. With different measurements for different products the visual aid of the mock-up generator for print files is invaluable!

  5. seb

    I’m struggling a lot to upload my 29x20cm design. I want it printed on the basic mens american apparel at exactly 29cm width 20cm height. I uploaded a 40.64 cm x 30.48 cm png file which is the the maximum canvas size for men t shirt from what i read and this one contains the 29x20cm design. But it looks a lot smaller on the mockup than what the reality should look like. Any tips?

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Hi Seb! It’s important to note that the mockup will look different depending on the size of the shirt – designs generally look smaller on larger shirts. I recommend getting in touch with support@printful.com and including some screenshots of what you’re seeing – they’ll be able to help you out 🙂

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Hey Leah! We have back mockups for some of our most popular products. Most of the American Apparel and Bella + Canvas tees have a back. Was there a specific model you’re interested in?

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Hey Ethan,

      One thing you can do is create a template that’s the total size of the print file, and then placing the logo in the top-right corner (similar to what’s going on here). As for size and placement, I recommend ordering samples. What you see on screen doesn’t always look as great in person, so experiment with different placements and sizes to see what you like.

  6. Kelly

    This makes sense…however, I’m struggling with how to place the same logo mark but different color ink on a different color shirt? For example, I have a black ink logo mark for a white t-shirt but i need a white logo mark ink for the black t-shirt? Thank you!

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Hey Kelly! You’d have to create separate print files for different color graphics. So create a mockup of a white shirt with a black logo mark, and then another mockup for a black shirt with a white logo mark.

  7. Alex

    Is it possible to generate two variants for shopify using two different images? Let’s say I have a black image for white shirts and same white for black shirts. It’ll be the same products, but two variants.

  8. olie

    When I tried the Mockup Generator for the Yoga Pants it didn’t seem to work and made my design a complete blur is there something im doing wrong? Will my Yoga Pants print like this?

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Hi Olie! It could be that the resolution of your uploaded print file was too low – we require a minimum of 150 dpi. I would reach out to support@printful.com, explain your issue, and include screenshots. So long as your print files meet our requirements, leggings should come out looking great!

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