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6 Free Tools to Help You Set up Your Ecommerce Store

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Starting an online store is something that many dream of doing, but few take the leap and go for it. Understandably so – from a distance, it can be daunting. Developing a brand, creating the images, setting everything up. But there are free tools out there that are created to make this process easier. Here’s a list of completely free tools that anyone can use to speed up the process of setting up your online store.


1. Simplify the process of choosing your products

So, you’ve got designs and you want to print them on a product… but which one? The range of products available out there can be pretty overwhelming at first; especially t-shirt brands. Printful alone has over 60 options to choose from – so we have an “Apparel Basics” page devoted to simplifying your choice. It describes the differences between fabric types, printing quality, types of fit and other aspects that would impact your choice.

Compare different products here

2. Check quality with sample orders

Once you’ve chosen a product to print on, it’s always good practice to check the end result before putting it online for purchase; making sure the product quality is sufficient and also checking how your design looks once printed. Some designs may aesthetically work better on one product as opposed to another – a kick-ass poster design probably won’t have the same impact when shrunk down and printed on a mug.

Sometimes you’ll just never know until you actually see it for yourself. For this reason Printful has a sample order option giving you a 20% discount and free shipping. When submitting an order in the Printful system, enable the sample order setting in the toolbar above your order details.

Create a sample order

3. Mockups are a must have

Use the mockup generator to get images for your store

Use the mockup generator to get images for your store

A photo of your product is an absolute must for an ecommerce store; after all, you wouldn’t buy a t-shirt without first seeing what it looks like would you? Yet when you’re starting out it’s most likely not feasible, both financially and logistically to get all of your products printed let alone spending the time photographing each one or paying a professional photographer to do it for you. That’s where a mockup comes in: it bypasses that cost and time by immediately giving you a picture of your product without having to physically produce it!

A recent addition to Printful’s array of utilities is an easy to use t-shirt mockup generator. It can create a mock-up for our most popular styles and also a perfectly formatted print file to send through to us. Remember that a mockup also helps our fulfilment team to place the design on the garment exactly where you want it so it’s two birds with one stone! All you need is to choose your garment and color, upload your design and it handles the rest!

Check out the mockup generator here

4. Beef up your product descriptions

To go along with your mock up pictures a description of the actual garment or product they will be printed on is a great way to flesh out the written content on your site. In the same way that a mockup picture is beneficial, giving people as much written information as possible on the product they’re buying really makes a difference. The more they know, the more they will trust you and your brand – as it’s clear you have nothing to hide. Search engines also index text on websites to help people find what they’re after so by adding detailed and precise descriptions you’ll actually get more traffic to your store! You can find all info about our products on our Products & Pricing page. Hunt up your item and then grab any info you want from it’s detailed description.

Check them out here!

5. Define your garment sizes with charts

Even our dog t-shirts have sizing charts

Even our dog t-shirts have sizing charts

As we all know, consistency among garment manufacturers in terms of sizing is a hit and miss affair. Even the dimensions of two garments both described as size L from the same company can have grossly differing dimensions due to their cut and style. So it’s always a good move to provide customers with a full sizing chart rather than just a generalised list of sizes. Again, under the detailed description of our products you will find our sizing charts.

Check them out here!

6. Set expectations with clearly defined shipping times

Keep your customer informed every step of the way and they will feel safe in making a purchase from you. Clearly stating shipping times as well as providing options for express/expedited delivery means they will know what to expect once they make their purchase. Our shipping speeds are found on the Shipping and Pricing page.

Check them out here!


Computer tools

So with these tools at your disposal the process of setting up your first store should be a less intimidating task!

Bonus: 3 free automatic order email templates

Once your store goes live and the orders start coming thick and fast you’ll want to keep your customers apprised of their order status so we have some templates on hand to streamline your post-purchase communication with customers. An order confirmation email and then subsequent email with delivery information and tracking numbers is yet another way to ensure peace of mind.

Nora covers all things ecommerce for the Printful blog. She appreciates good dad jokes, new books, freshly baked cookies, and evening jogs.

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