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9 Things You Didn’t Know the Printful Mockup Generator Could Do

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When people think about the mockup generator, they usually just think about product photos and seeing how a design looks. However, there are many other ways that the mockup generator considerably speeds up the process of launching new products on your store.

We wanted to help you out, and show you a ton of extra things you can do with our mockup generator.

1. Publish directly to your store

Most of our integrations have an option where you can create a design in the mockup generator and push it directly into your store. That means no image downloading, no syncing. It even comes with pre-written product descriptions.

To try it out you go to Stores → Add, where you’ll be prompted to choose the product you want to create and then move to the generator where you can choose your sizes, colors and upload your print file.

You’ll be able to modify the title of the product description, but keep in mind our product description generator includes all of the important specifications your customers might want to know. It’s up to you to add personality.

After that, you can choose which storefront mockup you want. You can use a Printful mockup with a model, or you can go with a flat mockup.Printful_Mockup_Choices

If you want to replace the mockup photo for your store, you can download a new one using the mockup generator. Then, you can manually change the product image on your ecommerce platform

2. Create print files

Even though it’s called the mockup generator, it’s also able to generate print files for you. Say, for example, you have a logo that you want to put on a t-shirt. Upload the design to the mockup generator, size it and position it, and then generate the print file. Now you’ll have a Printful-compatible, guideline-compatible print file that’s ready to be submitted for orders.


After positioning the logo where I wanted it, I clicked “generate files”. There, I was able to download the correct sized and proportioned print file that I could submit to receive a t-shirt with the logo position exactly where I had set it.

This works for both DTG and sublimation designs, and it’s the most foolproof way to make sure that the printing process goes as smoothly as possible. Usually, the process is slowed down only when there are issues with the graphics and when they don’t meet the printing guidelines.

You can check out the Printful design size and guidelines at the bottom of the mockup generator page.

3. Select multiple product colors at once

You can click on several colors to get your design placed on all the colors you want to offer. A nice time-saver so that you don’t have to go through the mockup process for each color.


4. Pick print area background color

Mockup generator also has a feature that lets you add background colors on mugs, phone cases, wall art, and all-over products (like leggings). Now you can choose between using your design to cover all of the product, or using one of the colors we offer to fill the background of your design.


5. Add text and clipart

If you have a simple design you want to try out, the mockup generator can create it from scratch, no other tools needed.


If you have a simple design you want to try out, the mockup generator can create it from scratch, no other tools needed. You can use “Add text” to create a text-based design using one of our many different supported fonts.

You can also hit “Add clipart” to add different shapes & symbols, line drawings, and emotions designed by us.


6. Rotate your designs

Sometimes, your design doesn’t look quite right when placed straight up. If only you could just rotate your design. Well, the mockup generator’s rotation tool lets you do just that.


When you add your design, you can use the little rotation icon to find the perfect angle for your design. Or you can write the exact figure you want in the rotation box.

7. Zoom in

When you’re creating your mockup or print file, placement is key. Whether your design is on the smaller side or it covers the entire print area, you’ll want to make sure you place it exactly where you want it to be.

This is where the zoom function of the mockup generator comes in. When you’ve uploaded your design, simply press “Zoom in” to get a closer look at the print area.


Once you’re done positioning the design, just press “Zoom out” to see the entire product again. This way you can be sure that the design is firmly located in the print area without leaving anything out, that it doesn’t go over zippers and seams, etc.

8. Generate embroidery mockups and files

The mockup generator is not just for products that you can print on—it’s also for embroidery. Upload the design that you’d like to see embroidered on a hat, choose the type of embroidery, the thread colors, and let the generator work its magic and show you how the hat will look like.


Recent mockup generator update also lets you create text-based embroidery designs.


In the “Design” tab select “Add text” and get creative.


Remember that when it comes to embroidery there are lots of little tricks to keep in mind to ensure that your designs look great. We have a page to teach you to create embroidery files that will help you with this!

9. Create designs with several layers

This feature lets you mix and match different design elements available in the mockup generator to create unique print files. You can also upload your existing designs and add something special to them.


Your turn

Now that you know all of our mockup generator insider info, you can go and play around with it and see how you can benefit even more from it!

If you need inspiration, make sure to watch our step by step video tutorial about how to create designs in our mockup generator.

And in case you’re looking for free ready-to-use designs, make sure to downloads some awesome typography graphics below.

Download free typography designs

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  1. Dee

    Hi! I have a font that is up for public use that I’d like to use on your site to design a shirt. Is there anyway to upload a font?

    1. Giedre Kronberga

      Hi Dee,

      You can’t upload a font to our product generator. You’d have to create a design using that fond and then upload it as print file.

  2. Vince

    How does artwork placement work on the mockup generator? When I import my artwork it seems to sit high on the shirt and not really the normal placement of four fingers from the collar. Should I lower it or is the default four fingers?


    1. Giedre Kronberga

      Hi Vince,

      You can place your design the way you feel it looks best. Just make sure it’s not outside of the print area 🙂

  3. Tyson

    I have used the mock up generator, designed the shirt uploaded the generated design to my website saved and published it to the website. But how does that link to the product when its just a generated pic?

  4. Jon Burks


    If I am selling on multiple channels, can I save a listing so I can easily upload across all stores or do I have to redo it manually each time?

    1. Edward Zarins

      Hey Jon,
      At the moment it’s not possible to add your products to multiple stores at once but you can use our “Import from store” feature to make the process easier. When adding new products, you should look for the “Import from store” tab on the top left corner of your window. Hope this helps!

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