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6 Things You Didn’t Know the Printful Mockup Generator Could Do

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As the average Printful user will likely know, the mockup generator is one of the tools that considerably speeds up the process of launching new products on your store. Not only does it place your images on top of product photos, ready to be used online, but it also does a whole bunch of other things that you possibly didn’t know about.

6 great features of the mockup generator

1. Create print files

Even though it’s called the mockup generator, it is also able to generate print files for you. Say, for example, you have a logo that you want to put on a t-shirt. Upload the design to the mockup generator, size it and position it, and then generate the print file. Now you’ll have a Printful-compatible, guideline-compatible print file that’s ready to be submitted for orders.

After positioning the logo where I wanted it, I clicked “generate files”. There I was able to download the correct sized and proportioned print file that I could submit to receive a t-shirt with the logo position exactly where I had set it.

The printfile

The print file

This works for both DTG and sublimation designs, and it’s the most foolproof way to make sure that the printing process goes as smoothly as possible. Usually, the process is slowed down only when there are issues with the graphics and when they don’t meet the printing guidelines.

2. Select multiple colors at once

You can click on several colors to get your design placed on all the colors you want to offer so that you don’t have to go through the process one-by-one.

3. Publish directly to your store

Most of our integrations have an option where you can create a design in the mockup generator and push it directly into your store. That means no image downloading, no syncing. It even comes with pre-written product descriptions.

To try it out you go to Stores-> Add, where you’ll be prompted to choose the product you want to create and then move to the generator where you can choose your sizes, colors and upload your print file.

You’ll be able to modify the title of the product and the description, but we’ve added our own that includes all of the important specifications your customers might want to know. It’s up to you to add personality.

4. Zoom function

When you’re creating your mockup or print file, placement is key. Whether your design is on the smaller side or it covers the entire print area, you’ll want to make sure you place it exactly where you want it to be.

This is where the zoom function of the mockup generator comes in – when you’ve uploaded your design, simply press “Zoom in” to get a closer look at the print area.

Once you’re done positioning the design, just press “Zoom out” to see the entire product again. This way you can be sure that the design is firmly located in the print area without leaving anything out, that it doesn’t go over zippers and seams, etc.

5. Embroidery generator

The mockup generator is not just for products that you can print on – it’s also for embroidery. Upload the design that you’d like to see embroidered on a hat, choose the type of embroidery, the thread colors, and let the generator work its magic and show you how the hat will look like.

Remember that when it comes to embroidery there’s lots of little tricks to keep in mind to ensure that your designs look great. We have a handy resource that will help you with this!

6. Text tool

Last but not least, the mockup generator can also be used to create entirely new, text-based designs from scratch! You can also use the text tool in combination with images that you’ve already prepared.

At the moment this feature is not available for hats, but we’re working on adding the text tool for embroidery as well! Plus, soon we’ll also add some clipart to give you even more options for creating new designs. And you can also expect more font options, colors and other features to follow in the future.

Now that you know all of our mockup generator insider info, you can go and play around with it and see how you can benefit even more from it!

And don’t forget to check out our free ebook – there’s lots of great, actionable advice that will help you get your first sale with many more to follow!

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  1. A.V. Perkins

    Hello! I have a question. I was wondering is there a way to display a shirt that is in different colors and have a different color file in one product? i.e. I have a black shirt with white font and a white shirt with black font but they are both the same shirt. Can I have both without making two separate products?


    1. Giedrė Kronberga

      Hi! Yes, it’s possible! You’ll first need to create the product with all the needed variants on your storefront and then head to Printful. Hit Stores -> Sync -> Edit (on the product) -> Choose product (on the variant). Then, choose the right product and upload the needed design file to each variant separately.

  2. Amy Clarke

    Hello, quick question – how do you create a “set” under one listing for ordering through printful? eg. two pillow cases, or his / her mugs etc. I know how to upload one item but what is this process for a set of something. So that they get ordered together, or is this something that you have to manually order with printful each time. thanks in advance. enjoyed your article very much.. Amy

    1. Edward Zarins

      Hey Amy, at the moment this is something that needs to be done manually on Printful’s side or you can look for a third party app/plugin that can help you set it up on your store’s end. 🙂

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