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6 Ways to Personalize your Orders with Pack-Ins

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When you walk into a retail store, what’s the first thing you notice? Maybe the lighting, the music, or displays – or maybe you make a beeline for that comfy-looking tee folded on the shelf. Regardless of what jumps at you first, it’s all part of the carefully curated atmosphere, which is integral to that store’s brand image.

As an online retailer, it’s much more difficult to create this kind of immersive environment. Yes, your layout can be unique. And yes, you can use a bold theme, vivid product photos, and clever copy. But is that enough to convey who you really are as an ecommerce brand?

Arguably the closest face-to-face touchpoint you get is the unboxing moment. At that point, your customer isn’t just an anonymous consumer on the other side of a computer screen. Your product – your brand – is literally in their hands. So use that moment to really wow them. How, you ask? Think inside the box.

This blog post goes over how you can customize your packages and orders with Printful using pack-ins – fun extras you can add to your orders. 

Pack-ins are completely optional, but with the holiday season coming up, now might be a good time to try them out!

Packaging the Printful way

Before your customers open their orders, they’ll notice the packaging. At Printful, we wrap everything with care before sending it off. So you know your order will get to your customers safely. T-shirts are neatly folded and placed into polymer bags. Posters are carefully wrapped up in tissue before going in tubes. Canvases and fragile items are kept safe with bubble wrap.


Plus, you can also add a custom sticker of your logo to your package. It’s free and your customers will know right away this order is from you.

Go the extra mile with pack-ins

Printful now offers you the chance to customize your orders with pack-ins. A pack-in is something you can add to your orders, like a sticker, business card, or brochure. It’s another way to make your brand stand out among a sea of ecommerce competitors, and an extra wow factor increases the likelihood that your customer will keep ordering from you.

Tip: Increasing customer retention by 5% can increase profit by 25-95%.

Read on to get the scoop on how pack-ins work and get some ideas on how to incorporate them in your brand.

What pack-ins can you send through Printful?

As for what you can send, be creative! We’ll give you some ideas below, but here are some general rules you’ll have to follow:

  • The maximum size is 6″ × 8″ × 1″ (15.5 × 20 × 2.5 cm)
  • The maximum weight is 2 oz. (55 g)

For now, pack-ins are available for orders fulfilled in fulfillment centers that offer warehousing services.

The weight and size are the biggies to keep in mind. Heavy pack-ins will increase the weight of your package, which will also increase shipping costs. So whatever you send, it should be under 2 oz.

To add pack-ins to your orders, you’ll have to submit them for approval first. Then, once we approve them, you can submit a shipment and mail the pack-ins our way! Please make sure you follow our pack-in requirements, otherwise we’ll have to send them back to you (at your expense).

Pack-in ideas

Sending your customers a little something extra they don’t expect is a great way to delight them and encourage word of mouth marketing. If what you send is really unique or well designed, they’ll want to talk about it and share their unboxing experience.

screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-5-34-49-pmVia @codingalz

This is a chance to be creative and set yourself apart from other brands. Here are some ideas.

1. A handwritten card or thank you note

Startup Vitamins is adding notes in their orders for Thanksgiving sales. It’s a really nice way to express your gratitude and send your customers a personalized note. 


You could do something similar for your store – say thank you, or wish your customers happy holidays. Maybe even a note “from” Santa Claus, so it’s extra festive.

2. A discount code or special offer

You know your customer is a fan of yours. They’ve already bought some of your stuff, right? So why not give them a discount code to buy more? 

3. A business card

This is a simple, nice way to give customers a physical copy of your contact info. They can keep it as a handy reminder for when they’re looking for their next gift (or treat for themselves), or pass it along to friends looking for cool swag.

your-business4. Something fun related to your brand

Give your customers something informative or entertaining that’s related to your brand or store’s theme. For example, if you sell products with dog-related designs, you could include a flyer with dog care tips. Or go with something seasonal, like recipes for homemade hot chocolate or Christmas cookies. 

The main point: send your customers something that will engage them.

5. Stickers

Custom stickers are fun and easy to create.


Tip: This sticker also has a call to action; to send pictures of their order. This is another great way to engage your customers; ask them in your pack-in to share photos, or follow you on social media.

6. Knick-knacks

Pins, friendship bracelets, patches, magnets… There are tons of other fun things you can send your customers. As long as they meet our weight and size dimension requirements, you’re golden for what else you can send.

How much do pack-ins cost?

Pack-ins cost $0.50 / €0.45 (per pack-in added to order) and minimum $25 / €22 in storage fees each month. The $0.50 won’t be visible on your packing slips. As for storage fees—we’ll charge you on the first calendar day of every month. This might not be an amount you’re willing to pay all year round, but it might be worth investing at least during the holiday season.


These stats may be getting repetitive. But repetition is the mother of learning, so here they are again:

Conclusion: the holidays are a major spending season. With the potential to increase sales and drive more traffic, take every chance you get to keep your customers coming back for more.

How do you set it up on Printful?

Once you’ve decided on your pack-in idea and have them made:

  1. Submit your pack-ins for approval
  2. Sit tight until we review your submission
  3. Submit a shipment and mail your pack-ins after we’ve approved them!

Once we’ve received and sorted your pack-ins, we’ll send you an email. And we’ll also send you an email once you’re running low and should refill. We recommend sending enough stuff to last at least a month.

Pack it up, pack it in

In the ecommerce world, customers do judge books by their cover. Or in this case, they’ll judge the product by the package. So make this first impression a good one!

Your unboxing experience is an important part of your brand. It shows your customers you go the extra mile, and it gives them a little something extra they might not have expected. Give them something they can use, learn or get a laugh from, and share.

Nora covers all things ecommerce for the Printful blog. She appreciates good dad jokes, new books, freshly baked cookies, and evening jogs.

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  1. Tommaso

    Hello, can printful include the option to have automatically a thank you card inside our packaging? it would be very helpful for my company to make the thank you card as the t-shirt and have it directly on our packages

    1. Madara Zute

      Hi Tommaso,
      Thanks for your suggestion! You can submit and upvote new feature requests here.
      You can include custom messages that will be added to packing slips.
      For orders fulfilled in California facility, you can include thank you cards as well, here’s more information about branded pack-ins.

  2. Cora Mae Margaret Lewis

    Hi — I just want to send a printful die cut sticker with every t-shirt order. How would that work? I plan to print-on-demand for both the t-shirts and the stickers.

    1. Alise Zindiga

      Hi! It is possible to add a sticker to these products as long as the sticker meets our size and weight requirements – DTG-printed apparel, sublimation shirts, leggings, embroidered hats, phone cases, pillows, fanny packs, and totes. In addition, this service currently is available only in the California facility. You can find out more about the requirements over here >

  3. Renae

    Can the pack-in be a cellophane envelope with a few things in it if it meets the weight and size requirements? I’d like to put a card, stickers and a small booklet together or change it up with a little knick-knack. Thanks!

  4. Adam

    Please allow pack-ins for more items! It’s a deal breaker for me to use Printful for my art prints at the moment.

    1. Daniela Bergmane

      Hey Adam, thank you for your suggestion! The variety of products for which pack-ins are available is already quite large, however, I can completely see how for you it’s very important that we expand it. I’m afraid, at the moment, we don’t have any plans on doing so, however, we appreciate you sharing the suggestion.

  5. Marissa

    Can we include multiple pack-ins, for example stickers and business cards in the same order?
    If they both fit in the same storage box, is it the same price per order and per day?

    1. Daniela Bergmane

      Hey Marissa, yes, you can add a maximum of 2 different pack-ins to each order. You can read more about it all here. Hope it helps! 🙂

  6. Andi

    can pack-in´s be assigned to a specific product only?? i want to send Artwork Cards that are specific to an Product and so i would need to have 10 Cards for 10 Products and each order need its own Card, does that work?

    or is it just one Card will be put into ANY Order??

    1. Alise Zindiga

      Hey, Andy, currently, it’s not possible to choose specific products to which add the pack-in. IT’S only possible to choose a specific store TO which orders pack-ins will be added.

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