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8 Actionable Valentines Day Marketing Ideas for Ecommerce Apparel Stores

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What better way to get past the January ecommerce slump than to kick it into high-gear and rocket those February sales? Valentine’s Day, though a thoroughly made-up holiday, is the perfect reason to turn your sales around. Everyone in a relationship will be searching for a Valentine’s Day gift as to not be that person who forgot to pick something up and ended up with gas-station chocolates…

As an apparel store, you face an added challenge during Valentine’s Day.  Since you’re not selling one of the top 5 most purchased items during this holiday:

  •  Greetings cards – 65%
  •  Date night – 44%
  •  Candy – 38%
  •  Flowers – 32%
  •  Gift card – 19%

That means you’ll have to get creative. You should by no means skip this holiday, since Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of increased ecommerce sales. Valentine’s Day sales are expected to reach $19.6 billion in 2018, so there’s definitely room for you to score some sales.

Here are some ideas to boost your apparel store’s sales on the most romantic day of the year.

1. Offer your visitors a gift – deal or discount

Gifts can come in many different forms. For the sake of quick implementation, we suggest offering a discount or free shipping. All it takes is a promotional email and a nice visual.

A regular photo with their apparel, a heart, and a hefty discount. Keep in mind that you don’t have be as extreme as 50%, a 20% discount would also do the trick. Take a look at this example from Esprit:


And this example from Pottery Barn – they offered free shipping for their Valentines-themed products.

Pottery barn

2. Create Valentine’s-themed products

You can take advantage of Valentine’s Day ecommerce sales spike by giving the buyers what they want – lovey-dovey stuff. This is an area where the sky’s the limit – you can get creative here. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Create an all-new “Valentine’s” design
  • Take one of your bestsellers, and alter it with a Valentine’s vibe

Make sure you think non-romanic as well:

  • Earth-loving
  • Pet-loving
  • Any theme love, really

3. Switch up your logo to show you care

Take a cue from Google, and have some fun with your logo. Show your playful side, and let your customers know that there are real, live humans behind your brand.


Though the logo itself won’t spike your sales, it’s a nice touch to show you care.

4. Offer matching couple’s sets

What’s cuter than a couple that matches? Sell two of your products together for a discounted price. How adorable is this Disney-inspired his-hers set? The same principle could be applied to t-shirts, posters, mugs, and more.

His and hers

5. Share the love by donating to a charity

Valentines doesn’t necessarily have to be the corporate sell out that it usually is. For every order, you can pledge to donate to a charity that’s close to your heart. This could be the trigger necessary for your customers to take the dive and make a purchase from your store.

For example, Faucet Face – an ecommerce store selling glass water bottles – contributes 5% of all of their sales to a clean drinking water charity to provide water filter for families in rural India. You could easily apply this principle to your ecommerce store.

Ecommerce donations

Though Faucet Face has the donation element all year round, you could implement donations for a limited time. Make it Valentine’s themed by sending the support to an organization that “needs some love”.

6. Think non-romantic

Valentine’s Day spending isn’t limited to people in relationships. Studies show that people spend money on other segments, like friends, pets, classmates, and coworkers.


This opens the door to a whole realm of other possibilities – you don’t have to worry about not having any romantic products, simply market to your customers with the message that their friends, co-workers, dogs will “fall in love” with these gifts!

7. Make sure to reach out through email

Of all of the referrals on the web, email is the top click-generator. It’s still the #1 most important place to send your news, as this is your method of accessing a very personal channel, that unlike posting on a social network, your recipient is almost guaranteed to at least see it.

Email drives clicks

8. Social media outreach

Though email marketing is easily the top referrer on the internet, this is also a chance to engage your community of loyal followers on social media.

Since Valentine’s Day is all about expressing your emotions for someone you care about, why not take advantage and set up a social promotion that supports people mentioning the people they love?

For example, have your followers mention a friend who they would love to give the gift of your product. At the end of the promotion, you select the winner and their mentioned friend to receive a special something from your store. The benefit? Not only are you boosting your engagement, but you’re actively getting more people to be aware of your brand since people are tagging their friends.

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