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All about embroidery – start offering hats on your online store

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The world is changing – so far Printful has only offered Direct-to-Garment (or DTG) print products. But this is about to change as we move into the recently launched embroidery, and the soon-to-come screen printing.

Embroidery is a little different than DTG printing, and so the process and guidelines are a bit different. But no worries, because it’s easily doable, and in no time you’ll be offering styling hats, caps, beanies to your customers.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 13.53.05

Choosing a design that works well on hats

One of the limitations of embroidery is that you don’t have as much freedom of color as you would with DTG. With embroidery, you’ll have to limit the colors and intricacy of your design. “Less is more” is a good motto to go by. Choose images that are simple, sharp, and high definition.

Here’s an example of a bad image to use for embroidery. The pixelized, unclear sides make it difficult to convert to an embroidery design.

Small sizes, unclear lines are not a good fit for images to be made into embroidery files

Here’s a good example of a design. The minimal colors, sharp, clear sides make it ideal.

High resolution images with sharp, clear lines work best

Not all designs that you have on your other print products can be translated to a hat design. They have to be sized down and fit the guidelines. Fine lines should also be avoided, because they might be too small to stitch nicely.

Converting your design into an embroidery file

So far in Printful you’ve always had to upload your print file, and we take it from there. But for embroidery you need to submit a special type of file for our printers to be able to create your hat.

We have to digitize the file, this means converting if from Bitmap or Vector into a digitized .EPS file with data/stitch information that’s readable by our Brother Embroidery Machine.

It may sound difficult, but all YOU have to do is send us the file – we’ll take care of the digitization process. When your print file is uploaded to your order, you’ll be charged a one-time fee of $6.50 for digitizing that particular image.

Technical info you should know

When you’re thinking about your hat design, keep in mind that you’re limited to a maximum of 4 colors of flat embroidery, and max 2 colors of 3D puff embroidery. Here are the colors you can choose from:

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 13.52.39

Make sure you check out the guidelines for even more detailed info on preparing your embroidery files.

These are the hats you can choose from for embroidery

These are the hats you can choose from for embroidery

So all that’s left to do is to choose your hat, send in your file to be digitized, and start selling!

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      1. Giedre Kronberga

        Hi Teodora,

        You can’t use your own digitized file for embroidery. That’s because all embroidery files have to be digitized in a way that our printers can read them.

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