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Behind the scenes at the Printful shop

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Exciting things are happening at the Printful shop! Just this week we’ve been filming for out latest project – a video! We’ve been making it in cooperation with our awesome neighbors – Cinemills Media Center. In the video, you’ll get to take a look at the shop, get to know everyone who prints all of the Printful products and get to know the story and company culture. Here are a few highlights of the filming process, plus a little bit behind the scenes of everyday work:

Behind the scenes on the set

Behind the scenes on the set – the Printful office with the Cinemills team

Here’s what the team had to say about the filming process:

Some of our team



At first, I thought the whole filming process was going to be a distraction, but it ended up being a fun experience. I really didn’t do anything extra while being filmed. It was made easy for me to naturally do what I do on any given work day to complete the task at hand, but the process was captured. I’m looking forward to the finished product and what appears to be a great partnering with our media friends next door. – John

Filming is different for everyone. Nick is totally in with video technologies, here’s his perspective:

Filming for a video, any video, is always nerve racking. It’s like filming a skate part and worrying about the bangers you put into the video to make it inspiring. I never expected to incorporate my personal hobbies with my work space so this was a great experience. I’m stoked on the Go-Pro shots we did and excited to see the finished product!

Victor, our resident design guru, is indeed a man of few words. They come from the heart, though, you can tell he’s proud of the team’s work:

I enjoyed the process, because I knew at the end there would be an awesome video of the work we do. -Victor

You can also feel Jeff’s “get shit done” attitude, when he was asked about the filming process:

At first I was kind of frustrated because they kept telling us to turn off our machines which caused us to shut down productions and especially it being a Monday. Mondays being our catch up days from the weekend it was very difficult for the production side to catch up. As far as me being filmed it wasn’t that bad besides the part when they would tell me what shirt I should pretreat next, kind of messed up my work flow, but I got over it.

This photo was taken a year ago. Since then our team has doubled in size!

This photo was taken five months ago. Since then our team has doubled in size!

One thing you’ll notice in the video (which we’re so excited to share down the road!), is that there’s a heavy focus on teamwork. We asked the team what they most liked about the company culture, and it was unanimous – it all centered around the team!

There are too many things to list for my ‘favorite’ anything in the Printful office, but if i had to talk about one in particular, as weird as it sounds, its lunch time. I say this because it’s the time where we all get together as a group to not only commune and feast together, but to take the time to understand our thoughts, backgrounds, and even joke with one another. -John

You’ll often come across the term “family” when talking about the team. It could be because everyone meshes so well together, it could also have something to do with the fact, that some people are indeed family!

I’ve experienced many different lines of work in my lifetime. Over 10 years going from job to job and I’ve never had such an inspiring work environment as I do with Printful. We’re all young, motivated people coming in everyday to produce top quality products. Printful is not only my work space but now also a home. We’re all family here and I can’t wait to see what we do next! – Nick

And Jeff doesn’t shy away from telling it like it is:

Also the fact that everyone has a say in this company is awesome, if for some reason I were to leave this company I wouldn’t be able to work at any other place, only because Printful has treated me with so much respect. They are very caring and loving in this company, it really is LOVE and feels like a big family that’s only going to grow more and more.

This is Lauris. Our super laid back boss.

This is Lauris. Our super laid back boss.

When asked about Lauris, the man behind it all, here’s what we got:

I see him more as a friend than a “boss”. I say this because if I feel I let down my friend and I haven’t accomplished what I could have at work, I take it that much more personal to improve and work smarter the next day. To me this is one of the cornerstones that makes up our company culture. -John

Everyone on the team has value, and everyone is given a huge amount of responsibility. This is what Petro likes most about Printful:

The thing I look most about the company is that there is a sense of individuality.  We’re not just a bunch of workers in a production line.  We’re a bunch of creative people creating things.  Cool people, music in the background, toys and plants decorating the shop just makes for relaxed environment optimized for production.

Not many know, but Printful’s roots are in Latvia, a small country in Europe. In Latvia we’ve made the last-standing social network that hasn’t fallen to Facebook in Europe. We’ve also made a whole bunch of startups, including Printful. We’re a huge tech company that prides ourselves in design, simplicity and technology. That crosses over into everything that we do.

Davis from the Latvian office manages the development of Printful. Here’s what he had to say about the company culture:

One thing that has crossed over from the Latvian office to the office in California is one of our main values – we love to experiment. Lauris has brought this into the Printful printing office by trying out new technologies, building new software with iPods [ed. check out our post on our iPod solution], always trying out new products, fulfillment methods. Also eating together – we do that too!. -Davis

Check out some of the Latvian office photos:

You can tell the minimalistic, industrial look carries through to the Printful shop. Not to mention the abundant greenery

You can tell the minimalistic, industrial look carries through to the Printful shop. Not to mention the abundant greenery

There's also a rooftop terrace. No big deal.

There’s also a rooftop terrace. No big deal.

We’re so excited to share the video that we made together with Cinemills Media Center. It’s going to be EPIC.

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  1. Ryan

    I am very much looking forward to experiencing the video. 🙂

    I have been eyeing Printful for a few months now as a potential printing and fulfillment company to work with and I have to say, it is the family-oriented workplace and that you use optimized technology to push yourselves forward that I really value. I like that you have a very informative website and a blog where I can see what you are up to and that you make videos so I can meet the staff and see the location.

    It helps make that personal connection I have been looking for. Thanks so much! 😉

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