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10 Ecommerce Events to Attend in 2016

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Running your store solo is hard. For that reason conferences and events have been created to meet and network with other like-minded people dealing with the same struggles, to learn from experienced pros and to browse and talk to the latest services that might be able to help you out.

We’ve put together a list of conferences around the world that you might consider attending. You might even meet the Printful team! Take a look at what’s in your area.


Shopify Unite [meet Printful!]

San Francisco, California – March 22-23

A conference dedicated 100% to Shopify. If your store’s on the Shopify platform, then you might be interested in meeting with the Shopify team, hearing about their development plans, new product launches, and about business development.

*Printful will be here, even if you won’t be attending the conference, you can reserve a time to meet the team while in San Francisco. Just fill out this form.

Wooconf [meet Printful!]

Austin, Texas – April 6-8

A conference that covers WooCommerce exclusively. It aims to improve your WooCommerce skills, help you learn more about using the platform and how to drive sales. It’s also a place where WooCommerce developers can learn more about their opportunities, and it’s an opportunity to network with other folks in the same boat as you.

*Printful will be attending. You can sign up to meet and talk to Printful either at the conference, or if you won’t be attending, you can ask to meet for coffee. Let us know if you want to meet by filling out this form.

IRCE – Internet Retailer Conference + Exhibition [meet Printful!]

One year ago at the IRCE conference

One year ago at the IRCE conference

Chicago, Illinois – June 7-10

Possibly the biggest and most meaningful ecommerce conference of the year, which brings together the biggest players in the industry – from ecommerce platforms to apps to logistics (and so so much more). This conference looks at the bigger picture of ecommerce, and delves deep into specific questions.

Magento Imagine

View from the Magento conference

View from the Magento conference

Las Vegas, Nevada – April 11-13

A conference dedicated to all things Magento. As one of the oldest and largest ecommerce platforms, many large-scale businesses will be attending.

Etail West

Palm Springs, California – February 22-25

The string of Etail conferences happen all over the world. They self-appointedly call themselves the “one stop shop” for ecommerce. The conference is three days long, and offers lectures, sessions, workshops, networking and happy hours.

This four day event will cover topics ranging from social and content marketing to personalization and data.

This year among the different speakers will be the CEO of Barnes and Noble, CEO of Moosejaw and CMO of Sears.

Etail East

Boston, Massachusets – August 15-18

Covering topics similar to Etail West, the speakers are yet to be announced.


Canada Dx3

Toronto – March 2-3

The largest ecommerce event held in Canada. It brings together design, retail and advertising, hopes to be informative and has world-class speakers from companies like Ebay, Spotify, Walmart and more.

eTail Canada

Toronto, May 16-19

eTail Canada will happen in Toronto. It promises to ensure plenty of learning, inspiration and business solutions.

Speakers include the CMO of Bentley, CEO of, CMO of Clearly.


Toronto, May 31-June 1

A conference with a focus on retail, which also includes ecommerce.

Speakers include CEO of Sephore, CEO of Saks Fifth Avenue and CEO of Hointer.


european ecommerce

Etail Europe

London, England – June 21-23

The main Etail Europe conference will be held in London. They offer over 80 events to attend, including keynotes, panels, sessions and social gatherings.

Speakers will include representatives from Amazon Europe, Marks and Spencer, AirBnb and more.

There are so many more ecommerce events around the globe that are specific for the local community and supporting that area’s ecommerce entrepreneurs. Here’s a list with global ecommerce events with a more local focus.

When attending conferences, remember…

Conferences tend to be pricey events. To choose to go to a conference means that you have to be able to get out of it as much as possible. Use this time to learn as much as you can about the industry. Ask questions that you needs answers to, ask other successful people how they managed to do whatever you’re currently struggling with, etc.

There are also plenty of smaller scale ecommerce events that are certainly more financially accessible, and possibly even more valuable for you (depending on which stage of development you’re in). Smaller events tend to be more than enough new information for someone who’s just getting started. Take a look at to see if there’s anything being held in your area.

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