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How to transition into fall apparel – 5 new product ideas

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As the season turns, so do consumers’ interests. There’s a reason that on a rainy day a store will prominently feature their collection of umbrellas for sale – people will buy them, because it’s their immediate need. For the same reason, you should take advantage of the cooler weather (ok, if you’re in the Northern hemisphere) and off up and feature some cool-weather appropriate garb.

Here are some great ideas that can easily become your season’s best-sellers.

Pro tip: Adding new products is a great way to engage previous buyers of your store to buy from you again. If they already liked your designs, chances are they’ll like your new ones.

Adding new products is an excellent part of a complete holiday marketing strategy, and the holidays will be here faster than you think!

Embrace the Hipster with Hats

The fall staple-turned hipster. Be that a slouchy beanie or a toque with a pompom on the end. This is the element of an outfit that adds that certain je-ne-sais-quoi. Let your brand really come through, and show off your beanies.

Startup Vitamins Beanie
Retail price: $20


Stay Relevant with Sweaters

You know the classic t-shirt. The iconic message. Transition into fall by converting a catchy-relevant design into a hoodie products.

This Pokepreneur design by Scott Poniwaz is an excellent example.

Pokeprepreneur hoodie
Retail price: $54


Capitalise on seasonal trends with a 3/4 sleeve

Robbie and Dee know what make people tick, especially in the fall. And you know it – it’s the pumpkin spice latte. Put it on a baseball tee with 3/4 length sleeves, and you’ve got a solid seasonal best seller.

Pumpkin spice latte Raglan Baseball Tee
Retail price: $27.30


Stay warm while showing off some leg with leggings

The cooler weather staple – leggings. The piece of apparel that you can really go crazy with and show of your brand’s personality. Squeaky Chimp has a whole collection of fun leggings, and the music-themed leggings really speak to a specific kind of audience.

Squeaky Chimp Keyboard Leggings
Retail price: $39.99

Squeaky chimp leggings

Socks – the statement piece

The absolute freshest addition to the Printful product collection – sublimation socks!

A fun accessory that can turn a boring outfit into a real statement. A guaranteed conversation starter, why not consider adding them to your store? They run for $11.95, so there’s plenty of room for your own markup.

Sublimation socks

Whatever your brand, you can certainly find something that your audience will appreciate, especially during the colder months. Take advantage of the changing seasons to launch a new product, bump sales and kick off the holiday season.

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