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Interview: Wavy Colors on word of mouth, fashion shows, and accepting payments

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Wavy Colors

Wavy Colors is a brand that conveys a certain message of creativity, innovation and the pursuit of personal development through their t-shirts, tanks and other products.

Store’s age: est. late 2013, almost 1 year old
Platform: WooCommerce
Payment system: Paypal

Wavy Colors is a brand that exudes of message of individuality. We spoke to them about what inspired them to work on this project, and they candidly let us know what works, what doesn’t.

I always wanted someone to wear my brand. It’s a beautiful thing to see someone famous rocking clothes that you made. – Jewaun from Wavy Colors

The Wavy Colors lifestye

The Wavy Colors lifestye

Tell us a little about Wavy Colors, what is it all about?

Wavy Colors is a lifestyle brand. We consider everything that pertains to the mind, body, and soul when creating our designs. This includes everything from the colors in a shirt, to the way we photograph the article of clothing, to the type of font we use. Even the stories we post on our blog, Wavenuelife, are carefully thought out and impact someone’s life

What inspired you to pursue this project?

My childhood dream inspired me to do this project. Growing up, fashion always interested me. I would shop online and go to the mall just wanting clothes and shoes, which lead to being named best dressed in high school. This helped fuel the dream of owning my own brand that grew as I became inspired by my love for fashion and art.

But really, watching famous artist and people in general wearing a guys’ brand inspired me to keep going because I always wanted someone to wear my brand. It’s a beautiful thing to see someone famous rocking clothes that you made. (editor’s note: they’ve got upcoming artists Pell, J. Skyy, and D. Horton supporting their band – cool!)

Wavy Colors aren't limited to clothes, they also offer wall decals, pillows and mugs

Wavy Colors aren’t limited to clothes, they also offer wall decals, pillows and mugs

What’s the most difficult part about running your brand?

The most challenging part of running a brand is finding manufacturers and getting online traffic at a consistent pace. We deal with these challenges by doing our research on different manufacturers and consulting with merchandise and marketing professors to find the best solutions. We also attend fashion shows, festivals, and pop-up shows to get our brand into the public’s eye.

What’s the marketing practice that works best for WavyColors?

People find out about Wavy Colors through word-of-mouth, social media and our brand ambassadors. When it comes to marketing practices, Social media does great for us, especially on Instagram, but we have quickly learned that nothing compares to word of mouth from a satisfied customer.

Some advice for those who are just getting started out?

My advice is to make sure you have good pictures & definitely make sure that you have “accept transactions” turned ON in your shopping cart. (Note: We’ve made that mistake before) My point being, make sure you test all of the functionality before launching.

Thanks to Jewaun from WavyColors for taking the time to share their wins, their challenges, and impart great knowledge (indeed, turning “On” your “accept payments” feature is pretty important!).

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