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Mother’s Day Ideas: Products, Promotions, and Deadlines

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Mother’s Day is coming up, and it’s time to decide whether your store is going to get involved. If your audience is likely to be interested in Mother’s Day gifts, this would be a great time to boost sales and run some new marketing campaigns.

Whether you want to create a new line of Mother’s Day swag, experiment with promotions, or add gift messages to your orders, this is how to make it happen.

Mother’s Day by the numbers

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans spent an average of $172.63 on Mother’s Day gifts in 2015, which is an increase from the year before. These are the top items that were bought:

  • Greeting cards: 80%
  • Flowers: 67%
  • Clothing: 35%

Greeting cards and flowers are the top Mother’s Day gifts, but a fair share of moms were gifted clothing. According to the same National Retail Federation survey, $890 million was also spent on housewares and gardening tools. And one in four people shopped for gifts online (which is a slight decline from the year before).

Mother’s Day may not be as big on spending as other holidays, but it’s still a great opportunity to connect with customers. Would your audience be interested in Mother’s Day gifts? If yes, then here are some ideas for your store.

1. Add Mother’s Day products to your store

With Printful as a dropshipper, you can easily create new designs and add new products with minimal risk. You don’t need to guess how many products you’ll need or pre-order inventory. Create a new design for Mother’s Day, promote it, and then remove it from your store if you want.

Startup Vitamins did something similar for April Fool’s Day. For one day only, they created a line of “demotivational posters,” where they recreated three of their original designs to make them “demotivational.” After April Fool’s Day, they took down the demotivational posters and went back to their regular product lineup.
Very demotivational.

You could do this for Mother’s Day as well – create a new design, and take it down after May 8th if you feel like it. There’s very little risk on your bottom line and you won’t lose money on inventory.

These stores have some lovely products for moms. Take a look for a little inspiration!

Madeline Home Decor

Mother's Day Mug
Because being a parent really is a super power. 

Love Designs Co.

Mother's Day tote
An all-purpose tote for moms on the go. 

2. Promote your Mother’s Day products

Whether you create new designs or promote your existing products as gifts, make sure they’re easy for your customers to find. Plant the idea that what you have in your store would make the perfect gift for mom. You can:

  • Add a Mother’s Day section to your menu bar
  • Create a gift guide for your blog
  • Send email campaigns that showcase your products
  • Share your products on social media

Tip: Run a Facebook ad campaign for your Mother’s Day products. Printful’s own Mother’s Day Facebook ad performed very well, with 71 conversions and an ROI of 181%.

3. Create a Mother’s Day sale

Run a promotion or sale to drive purchases and generate some buzz. Offer a Mother’s Day discount, run a flash sale for a limited time, or offer free shipping.

Created with Canva.

We recommend using Canva to create visuals to promote your Mother’s Day sales on social media and in your email campaigns. Choose between their free templates, create your own designs, or opt for one of their paid templates.

4. Remember Printful’s order deadlines

If you’re adding new products or running a promo, remember Printful’s deadlines, both for yourself and for your customers. You want Mother’s Day gifts to make it to your customers on time, so make sure they know to order by these dates.

Mother's Day Deadlines-crop

5. Check the “Gift” option in your Printful dashboard

Did you know that you can add gift messages to your orders through Printful? You’ll have to do this manually, but the extra effort makes orders more special and personalized.

To add a gift message, go to your Dashboard and click on the order. Click Change Order → Review Order. Click “This is a gift” and type in your message.

gift edit

Whatever you decide to do, make sure your customers know about it! Send out emails, share on social media, and let your audience know that your store has the gifts they need.

Nora covers all things ecommerce for the Printful blog. She appreciates good dad jokes, new books, freshly baked cookies, and evening jogs.

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  1. Make Love With Food

    Love the great Mother’s day ideas and stats for our e-commerce stores. 67% of people bought flowers for the mom last year? Wow! Since we at MLWF can’t physically sell flowers we will be selling a lot of flower themed shirts, posters and prints to tap into that market. Especially rose themed gear!

  2. Emily

    Motherhood is the only status which keeps unconditional love, never ending, patience and scarifying together.
    Thanks for all the great Article. Must say I have the best mom ever. 🙂

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