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Put Your Brand First with Printful Inside and Outside Labels

By on July 27th, 2021 Reading Time: 4 minutes

Creating a strong, differentiated brand image is key to turning your website visitors into loyal customers. It’s also no secret that customers are willing to pay a premium price for branded products that offer quality and consistency. 

There are many tools you can use to put your brand first. But as an online clothing store owner, you should start with the basics—making your apparel stand out. That’s where Printful’s inside and outside labels come into the picture.

If you haven’t heard of inside and outside labels or aren’t sure whether your brand needs them, don’t worry. This blog post will walk you through the basics of these custom branding options that can help you stand out from your competition.

Branding options glossary

To better understand all the types of branding options, let’s have a look at what the most popular terms mean.

Inside label shows the info the apparel needs to have by law: country of origin, size, fabric, and care instructions. This type of label is printed on the inside of the shirt under the collar on the back.

Outside labels are printed on the outside of the garment underneath its collar. Usually, it’s where brands use to show off their logo, but it can also be a text or other symbols. 

A manufacturer’s tag contains all the information that an inside label does, except, these tags are usually sewn to the collar at the back of a garment.

A tear-away label is a sewn-in manufacturer’s tag that can be easily removed.

Printful’s inside vs. outside labels

So we’ve established that every apparel item you sell should have an inside label that contains all the important product information. Additionally, you can also go for an outside label, which is where brands usually choose to show off their logo. 

So, if you want to add inside or outside labels to your garms with the help of Printful, here’s what you should keep in mind.

Main things to know about Printful inside labels

printful inside labels
Source: Printful
  • A printed inside label still needs to have all the mandatory product variant info. When you choose to have an inside label on a garment, all this information will be filled in automatically by us.
  • Not all products can have an inside label printed on them. You can filter garments by Branding options > Inside label to find products with this branding option. 
  • Printful inside label specs for most garments are 3″ × 3″, but can also be 2″ × 2″ or 2.5″ × 2.5″ depending on the product. The space for your logo is 3″ × 1.13″.
  • At Printful, adding a custom inside label costs $2.49 per garment.
printful inside label template
Source: Printful

This is what the Printful inside label example looks like. All you need to do is add your custom inside label and the rest of the information about the garment will be filled in automatically. 

Main things to know about Printful outside labels

printful outside labels
Source: Printful
  • Printed outside labels can be almost anything. Usually, it’s where designers choose to display the brand’s logo, a short text, or other graphics.
  • This type of label is available for most t-shirts (except racerbacks), hoodies, and sweatshirts.
  • You can also add custom outside labels to some all-over-print items
  • You can’t have both printed inside and outside labels on the same garment. On certain garments, the labels can shine through the fabric and overlap one another. Combining a back print and an outside label is also not possible. 
  • To find products with the outside label branding option, filter them by Branding options > Outside label.
  • Printful outside label specs are 3″ × 3″ for most garments.
  • At Printful, adding a custom outside label costs $2.49 per garment.
Source: Printful

Benefits of label printing

An extra little touch in the form of a label could be anything – a (very) short joke, a sketch of your cat, an important date… but in a lot of cases it’s probably going to be your brand logo, so that’s what we’re going to talk about. If you’re running a successful online store, custom-printed labels are something you should consider. 

  • It makes your brand more professional. With printed labels, your garments are completely under your brand, and your customers see that you have thought about even the smallest details. There’s nothing more professional than that.
  • It helps your brand stand out. By customizing labels on your products, you’re working on yet another angle of creating and defining your brand which helps you stand out from the competition.
  • It’s a constant reminder of your brand. There’s a strong chance that after a customer gets their hands on the product, they’ll forget all about the store they bought it from. Out of sight, out of mind. But a printed inside or outside label on a shirt makes your brand stay in their sight for as long as the shirt lasts.
  • It’s yet another way to be creative. You can add a fun or informative message for the customer.

How to add a printed label to your products on Printful?

You can add an inside label to your products either when you’re pushing a product to your store, or when you’re making a manual order through your account. For the sake of this blog, we’re going to use the process of adding products to your store, but both of the processes are very similar.

You need to open your Printful Dashboard and click on Stores on the left side menu. Pick the store you want to add the products to and click Add product

Choose the garment that you’ve got your eye on. Pick all the product variants and add your designs. Above the mockup, you’ll see an option to add an inside or outside label. Click on the one you want to add and you’ll see the space where you can customize the label.

Just add your logo that meets the label size requirements.  When the product gets printed, all the mandatory info about the garment will be added automatically. The process is the same for outside labels, except there won’t be any information that needs to be filled in. And that’s how to add inside and outside labels on Printful—it’s as easy as that!

Little things make a big difference

As your online business is growing, you have to think of new ways to develop it further. While there are loads of things you can do, improving your product value with Printful’s custom printed labels is something worth investing in.

Something small can make the biggest difference and this is especially true for branded labels. It might seem like a small investment, but it does a whole lot for your brand’s visibility and image. Don’t hesitate and take your brand to the next level with printed labels!

This article was originally published in January 2014; it has since been updated.

Laura is a Content Marketing Specialist at Printful. She speaks 5 languages and her professional passion lies in translating, copywriting, and the overall art of marketing.


      1. Katherine Karklina

        Hi there! The total size of the inside label is 3×3 inches. The size of the field that’s meant for your logo is 3×1.13 inches.

  1. Patrick

    I’ve noticed with the BC3001 for example I can’t add any personalised interior labels while using embroidery. Can it be done?

    1. Anna Marija Freimane

      Hi, Patrick, unfortunately, at the moment, it is not possible to make custom inside labels for embroidery!

      1. Krystian Frencel

        Is this something you’re going to add? It’s great to have custom labels for DTG products and it would be pretty awesome to have them for embroidered products as well.

        Also, any plans on expanding the embroidery locations? E.g. sleeve bottoms, shirt bottom in front or rear and garment color stitching?

        1. Katherine Karklina

          Hey, Krystian! Right now, we can’t really say if we’re gonna offer additional embroidery placements in the near future. As for the DTG printing and embroidery on one garment – this might happen sometime, but it can’t be promised. Currently, it’s strictly one or the other.

  2. Guy

    Re: Inside Label – We understand that Printful is generating the proper info. for the inside label such as place, size, care instructions, etc, and we can only control the top rectangle area of the inside label for our branding info. The mockup generator does not generate an inside label for the “Flat or Wrinkled” T-shirt mockup design. It would be extremely beneficial to be able to show a complete mockup on our website including the inside label. Can you please share an actual sample of what Printful’s inside label would look like once printed? Maybe you can share a template that we can download and use/add in the meanwhile inside our mockups? Thank you!

  3. Dennis

    I am wondering about the print area background for the inside label –

    Is it good to make the colour for the print area background the same as the colour of the outside of the product? will that make sure inside labels are not visible from the outside? e.g.
    Would it make a black inside label less visible from the outside on a white t-shirt if the inside label is printed on a white background inside also?

    Or what is the purpose/function of the print area background for the inside label?

    Best regards,

    1. Katherine Karklina

      Hi, Dennis! We wouldn’t print white on white. If the fabric is thin and white, it’s possible that the darker designs on the inside label will peek through from the outside.

    1. Katherine Karklina

      Hey, Mattia, it won’t be possible to choose the source country appearing on the label if there are several places where the t-shirt is sourced from. And if the shirt is sourced from Nicaragua only, that’s what’s going to appear on the label – it can’t be changed.

  4. Takeshi

    Branding is great, but adding these labels also cuts into already thin profit margins for apparel. How are businesses balancing these costs? How much can you reasonably charge for t-shirts to balance branding/conversion/margins?

  5. Alice Carroll

    I like that you mentioned that having a more professional look is one of the benefits of hiring a labeling company. I’d like to look for one soon because I’m planning on selling cherry jam products soon. I’m sure that having a quirky label for the jars would be very essential to the branding.

  6. Thomas J. Herring

    I noticed that I can have my art on the front or back of Unisex Short Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt. I want to also have a print on the sleeve but I can’t find a way to do it. Is it the design of this shirt the problem having the sleeve printed?

    1. Katherine Karklina

      Hey, Thomas! It isn’t possible to print on the sleeves of this particular shirt, you’re right. If you want to have your designs on sleeves as well, I’d suggest opting for other shirts, especially all-over print ones.

    1. Katherine Karklina

      Hey, Danit! Our inside labels are printed, and for now, it’s not possible to combine embroidery and DTG printing on one garment. Therefore, the option to customize inside labels is disabled for our embroidered products.

  7. Balraj

    Hi, what color should I use for inside label if my t shirt variants are black, grey and white? I noticed that for white t shirts the default lower half changes to black and for black/dark t shirts it’s white. Can you share the best practice? Thanks

    1. Katherine Karklina

      Hey, Balraj! That’s totally up to you, but it’s suggested to pick a color that contrasts with the shirt’s color. So sticking to light designs on dark garments, and dark designs on light garments could be the way to go.

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