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The Low-Down On Inside Tag Printing [Free Tag Templates Inside]

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Studies show that North Americans are 22% more likely to buy a product if the product is brand labeled. And that’s good news for you because Printful offers this branding option!

Inside label printing with Printful

Inside label printing is when your garment – instead of having the typical fabric tag that at the back of the collar – has a printed label on the inside of the t-shirt, where the tag would usually be

You can create your own custom labels through Printful that will be printed onto your garments. One printed label costs $2.49 per shirt, and you have a 3×3 inch plane to work with (that means your design shouldn’t be larger than 3×3″, but it can be smaller).

To place an order with inside label print, you need to login to your Printful account and hit  “New Order” button. Once you select a product with the tear-away label, you’ll be taken to our mockup generator.  Now you can open “Inside label” section and drop your design!

Inside label mockup generator

The benefits of inside label printing

  • Customize your t-shirts to stand out. The bonus of customization is not only the obvious – by customizing your label, you’re working another angle of creating your brand, which is another way you’ll stand out from the rest.
  • The quality is in the details. This will make your garments seem more professional, more qualitative. You’re not stuck with a mass-produced label that any blank t-shirt comes with. It will make your consumer know that you’ve taken the time, thought about the little things that make up the shirt.
  • The practical benefits – no more tag! And of course, what would a list of benefits be if we didn’t mention the end-user main benefit? No more tag! That means goodbye to itchy t-shirt tags, and goodbye to the awkward peek-a-boo tag.

Apparel with tear away on Printful 

If you want to include your own custom printed tag on your garments through Printful, then there are a few things you should know.

Besides the technical specifications (as mentioned above – the 3×3″ size availability), you should know that inside label printing is only available for garments with tear away labels.

You can filter garments by “Branding options” to find products with tear away labels.

Printful tear away label shirts

You can also sort garments with tear away tags by models, brands, colors, and other characteristics. And if you’re having hard times deciding which garment to choose, here are a few well-loved options:

Popular t-shirts with tear away label

Popular tank tops with tear away label

Popular 3/4 sleeve shirts with tear away label

Long sleeve shirts with tear away label

Things you should put in your label

You can take a creative approach to what you put on your tag, but there are a few things you have to indicate on your tag by law. Those include:

  • size of the garment
  • origin of the garment – where it was made
  • information about the material of the garment.

All in all, this is something you should have fun with. An amazingly designed label will be appreciated and remembered by those who wear your clothes. It will take your branding to the next level, and create a more cohesive, and well thought-out look for your brand.

To make things easier, we’ve put together inside label templates that you can use. We’ve already done the research in regard to the origin of the product – just choose the brand you’re using for the shirt. For more info on preparing your inside label, check out our inside label guidelines.


This is one of three templates we’ve created that you can use for free. They’re in .psd format, so simply open them in Photoshop, add your logo, and make any changes.

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  1. Trenell Jackson

    I think I’m more lost then anyone on this site. I have been trying to add “inside labels” since I started a shopify/printful store. I really wish somewhere down the line you guys can make this feature a whole lot easier.

    I’ve cycled through most of the comments, and I don’t see an option to make my shirts Dtg vs Screen print, do I have the wrong plan? Do I have to upgrade? I also don’t see “submit order” anywhere! I’ve went to the dashboard and… Nothing. I’ve searched the answer on Google and still no luck! Please tell me what I’m doing wrong before I just decide to not quit my day job!!!

  2. Mike

    Yeah, same problem here. If I go to your site without logging in, there’s an option for “inside label” on the shirts with a tear off label. But once I log in to my store and go to “add product”, the inside label button no longer appears.

    1. Giedrė Kronberga

      Hi Mike! Inside label option doesn’t work on our push generator as each product variant has to have slightly different information (e.g. size). That’s why you’ll have to add inside labels for each product variant manually and then sync it to your store.

      1. Tom

        Okay, that’s my question: I want to know how and where to upload inside labels for each design by size.

        I see the inside label option, but keep wondering how will you know which correct artwork to use for different sizes ordered?

        Do you have more info on how to upload inside label artwork for each size? Can I upload inside label artwork for all designs just one time since I’m going to just use the 3001 primarily.


  3. Joe

    After spending some time with this it appears we can only add inside labels if we do a manual order correct? If we set up items in our Shopify store to automatically fulfill we cannot use the inside labels.

      1. Joe

        Thank you, but could you explain how to do that? The only way I see to create the variant with inside label option is to perform a manual order, but don’t see how I can sync that with my store. If I want to use inside labels do they have to be manual orders every time a customer orders one?

        1. Giedrė Kronberga

          Hi Joe! No, you don’t have to submit the orders manually. I’d recommend you to get in touch with our support team at, they’ll do a better job than me walking you through the process.

  4. Luke

    I’ve got a two questions:

    (1) On the Bella + Canvas website, it says that the shirt is made in the USA (; however, you don’t highlight that on your website. Can I label the T-shirt as being made in the USA if I list it in my shopify store with my custom designs?

    (2) Regarding the label, on your website (here), you are providing some guidelines on how to add them; however, what I don’t fully understand is, do I need to make the label for all T-shirt sizes with all the instrucitonal logos of how to wash the T-shirt, where it is made etc (so all labels are the same, they only differ in the shirt size which need to be manually added for each size), or can I upload only the logo that should be put in the logo section and the rest is automatically generated in regards to the selected T-shirt size?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Giedrė Kronberga

      Hi Luke. Answering your questions:

      1) I’m afraid you mistaken Bella+Canvas 3001U with Bella+Canvas 3001. The latter isn’t made in the USA.
      2) At the moment you have to manually add label information for each product variant (in regards of size).

  5. Kim


    I want to sale custom hoodies through printful. Is there an option to customize the tag on the inside or outside of the hoodies?

  6. Rick

    Hello everybdoy, i need the RGB color to make my inside label, so it can be used for dark and light colors also. I got the color swatches (both), so i’ll appreciate anyone can let me know wich one is the RGB grey that I have to use. Thanks

  7. Doru

    If I choose to go with an outside label for my products will the original brand logo (Gildan/AA/Bella Canvas etc.) label still appear on the inside?

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