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How to Put Your Brand First with Inside Label Printing

By Reading Time: 4 minutes

It’s not a secret that customers are willing to pay premium price for brand products that offer quality and consistency. That said, creating a strong, differentiated brand image is a key to turning website visitors into loyal customers.

Now, there are many tools you can use to put your brand first. But as an online clothing store owner, you should start with the basics – making your apparel stand out. That’s where inside labels come into the picture.

If you haven’t heard of inside labels or not sure whether your brand needs them, don’t worry. This blog post will walk you through the basics of this custom branding option that can help you stand out from the competition.

What are printed inside labels?

You’ve probably heard the term “inside label” quite a lot, but just in case, here’s a reminder. Inside labels are the shirt manufacturer’s tags that are attached at the back of the collar, showing the info the apparel is bound by law to have – country of origin, size, fabric, and care instructions.

When it comes to print-on-demand services, however, you might also see the option to have a printed inside label added to a product for an extra fee if the product of your choice has a tear away tag. In this case, the manufacturer’s original tag is removed, and an inside label is printed on the inside of the t-shirt.


Source: Behance

Of course, a printed inside label still needs to have all the mandatory product variant info. But many brands also use inside labels to add that little extra touch to a product.

Benefits of inside label printing

And that extra little touch could be anything – a (very) short joke, a sketch of your cat, an important date… but in most cases it’s probably going to be your brand logo, so that’s what we’re going to talk about.

If you’re running a successful online store, custom-printed inside labels with a logo are definitely something you need to at least consider. As always, you have to look at the pros and cons of adding a customized inside label to the products that allow them.

Let’s start with the pros, and there’s plenty of those! Here’s why inside label printing might be just what your brand needs:

  • It makes your brand more professional. With printed inside labels, your garments are completely under your brand, and your customers see that you have thought about everything, even the smallest of details. There’s nothing more professional than that.
  • It helps your brand stand out. By customizing labels on your products, you’re working on yet another angle of creating and defining your brand which helps you stand out from the competition.
  • It’s a constant reminder of your brand. Let’s be honest – most of your customers care about the product, not the brand. There’s a strong chance that after a customer gets their hands on the product, they’ll forget all about the store they bought it from. Out of sight, out of mind. But a printed inside tag on a shirt makes your brand stay in their sight for as long as the shirt lasts.
  • It’s yet another way to be creative, i.e. add a fun or informative message for the customer.

What about the cons then? Well, an inside labels cost extra (it’s $2.49 at Printful). So you have to decide whether building your brand image in the long term is worth investing a little more.

Apparel with tear away tags on Printful

If you’ve decided to go for your own custom printed label on your garments through Printful, there are a couple of things that you should know.

First, inside label printing is only available for garments with tear away tags and some all-over print items.

Second, at the moment inside label is only available if you’re doing DTG printing. If you want to do embroidery on your chosen product, printed inside labels are not available.

You can filter garments by “Branding options” to find products with inside labels.


You can also sort garments with tear away tags by models, brands, colors, and other characteristics that appeal to you.

How to add an inside label to your products on Printful?

You can add an inside label to your products either when you’re pushing a product to your store, or when you’re making a manual order through your account for a specific product variant. For the sake of this blog, we’re gonna use the process in the push generator, but they’re very similar.

You need to open your Printful Account, pick the store you want to add the products to, and pick “Add product”.


Choose the shirt with a tear away label that you’ve set your eyes on. Pick all the product variants you want to add by choosing the colors and sizes. Add the design you want to put on the shirt. On the right from the mockup you’ll see an option to add an inside label. Choose that, and you’ll see the space where you can customize the inside label.

Here you can add your logo or any other info you want to the template. The size of the field that’s meant for your logo is 3×1.13″. When the product gets printed, all the mandatory info about the shirt will be filled in automatically. And that’s it! Printful’s labels are as easy to add as that.

Take your brand to the next level

As your online business is growing, you have to think of the new ways how to develop it further. While there are loads of things you can do, improving your product value is something worth investing in.

Custom inside label printing is one of the options at hand that can strengthen your brand and its image. And our intuitive Mockup Generator gives you an easy way to do that while offering a wide range of products in a variety of colors and sizes. So take your brand to the next level with inside labels!

This article was originally published in January 2014; it has since been updated.

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  1. Remus

    Hi Printful,
    I have a few questions about inside label printing and tear away tags.

    1) If we select Inside label printing for blanks other than Anvil and Alternative Apparel), do you remove the tags? (American Apparel, Next Level, etc.)

    2) If I send business cards/stickers to your address, are you able to include them together with the clothes shipped to customers?


    1. Julia Gifford Post author

      Hi Remus,
      1) Tag removal can only be done for apparel that specifically say that they have tearaway labels. Brands that we carry with tearaway labels include Alternative Apparel, Anvil, and one t-shirt under Next Level.
      2) No, we currently don’t offer that. It will certainly be considered!

      1. That guy

        Whats a t-short? 😀

        “You’re not stuck with a mass-produced label that any blank t-short comes with.”

        Whatever it is I want one !!

      1. Madara Zute

        Hi Salim,
        If you choose the custom label template, you’ll need to create your labels with the correct size, fabric information, and country of origin included, and then upload these labels to each product variant.
        If you choose our label template, you’ll need to upload your logo and the rest will be automatically generated for all variants.

        1. Sam


          How can I choose the custom label template for T-shirt (Gildan for example) ?
          I have only the possibility to choose your label template automatically generated !

          1. Alise Zindiga

            Hi Sam! There are some mandatory things that must be visible on an inside label, like size and country of origin, that you can’t skip and update, however, your logo design is completely up to you. Go to mockup generator, choose product, select inside label and then upload your design there or create one using existing designs and clipart. Good luck!

  2. Emre

    Hi Julia,

    I’m currently researching how to best get my products produced and shipped and printful is looking more and more like its the ultimate option.

    I’ve got some more detailed questions about the production and labelling process. Could you provide an email so I can send through the questions?

    Good vibes.



  3. Damiani

    When i choose Alternative 1070, 1071, and 1072, it lets me select Front Print, Back Print, and Mockup (optional). It does not give me an option to Print Label (+ $3). Yes i checked Tear off labels. What i am doing wrong? Thanks.

    1. Julia Gifford Post author

      Hi Damiani, you’re not shown the the Print Label option because you’re in the “screen printing” submit order view. Print Labels are only available for the standard DTG orders. So to make that happen, simply go to your dashboard, and click “submit order”. Then that should help.

  4. Willem

    I already have my shirts made from my distributor and in my possession. If I send them to you, will you still do the tag removal and tag printing, even though I didn’t buy the shirts from you?

  5. Zhen

    Does the ink seep through to the other side with these DTG tag prints? Have had them done previously by a local shop and I could see through to the other side both on white and coloured garments.

    1. Julia Gifford Post author

      Hi Zhen, thanks for your question! No, the ink won’t seep through. These shirts are made specifically with the intention of printing inside labels, so the t-shirts are particularly durable. Not to mention, DTG printing shouldn’t penetrate the fabric as much as other printing methods, like sublimation printing.

      1. Ian

        I actually did this through the Anvil ring spun shirt and it was see through really bad when you used a white shirt and blank ink. However,hopefully a lighter color might work.

          1. Darius Kinderis

            Hello Julia, I had the same problem. Is it possible to change the colour of the inside label. I mean, the part of the label that has the instructions. I’ve printed mine and the black label is very visible on the other side of a white shirt :/

          2. Alise Zindiga

            Previously it was possible to customize the label more, however, we removed the custom inside labels for DTG products because they caused many issues with the info that needed to be included. At the moment, it’s only possible to choose between white and black inside labels. Everything stays the same for all-over print items. In addition, users that were using this feature for their products beforehand, are still able to access it.

        1. Alise Zindiga

          Thanks for sharing this feedback – if you wish you can submit your ideas on our Feature Request page so we can look into it.

  6. Pat

    Hey Julia,

    I’m a little bit lost here. According to the Textile and wool act a t-shirt must have the manufacturing country on the neck label. Let’s say I buy an Anvil t-shirt andtear away the neck label awy. Then just print whatever or put a new neck label without the manufacturing country on the label, will I be breaking a law selling it?

    What if I just tear the label away and leave no label or anything then no one can know where the t-shirt has been made or materials it’s been made out off.

    I would be very glad if you could enlighten me with your wisdom 🙂

    1. Julia Gifford Post author

      Hi Pat, you’re right! You would be breaking the law by not including the manufacturing country on the label (in fact, we won’t even print the garment if it doesn’t meet these standards – we’re just not allowed to).

      Once you receive your shirts, what you do with the label is up to you. But we won’t tear it off if there isn’t a properly prepared label to put in its place.

      Hope this clears things up!

  7. Jessica

    Hi Julia,

    Is the option for inside tag printing available for your print fulfilment services? I ask because I was trying to make a product for my Storenvy store but couldn’t find the option to upload the inside label or any additional tag printing (like the ones seen to the bottom of branded apparel).

    Also, since you can’t print the apparel without manufacturing info, is it listed on the site anywhere? I want to make sure I have all the necessary info added to the label I’m designing.

      1. Josh

        I see the American Apparel “2001 Fine Jersey Short Sleeve Men T-Shirt with Tear Away Label” has the removable tag option/tear-away tag. However, in Shopify there is not an option to upload an art file for the “inside tag printing.”

        Can you please tell me why and also identify what terminology I should be looking for when trying to find shirts I can print inside tags on, and sell on Shopify, if any? Thanks!

        1. Nora Inveiss

          Hey Josh,

          You don’t have to add an inside label file through Shopify. Instead, you would upload it through Printful when you’re syncing a product. If you want to add an image on your Shopify store for your customers to see, then simply upload a mockup of your label.

          Hope that answers your question!

      2. BFL

        I would like to know if labels are offered for print on demand services? Also, if your just testing ideas out is it imperative to have labels firsthand?

        1. Madara Zute

          Hi there,
          There are several options for you:
          (1) upload your own inside labels,
          (2) create your inside labels using Printful’s clipart and text generator,
          (3) use our template where all the necessary information is generated automatically and you just need to add your logo in the designated area,
          (4) not add an inside label at all — in this case, we will leave the original manufacturer’s label, for example, Bella+Canvas, Anvil, or Gildan.
          Hope this helps!

  8. Nate


    Excited to begin using your service. I have a similar question. We are using Shopify to fulfill orders. I am not seeing the option to include custom label printing on shirts when I click “add product” to product sync to my online store. Is it only possible to add custom label printing when placing a order manually or can I add custom labels to products that have been synced to my store? … or 3rd option…. am I missing something? 🙂

    1. Julia Gifford Post author

      Hey Nate,

      If you’re going through the “add” button of the “stores” section, then you won’t be able to add the inside labeling. You’ll have to create the product first in your Shopify store, then go to Printful and sync each product. At that point you’ll be able to upload the inside tag printfile.

      Hope this helps!

      1. Nate

        Ok that worked but my follow questions is…. Do I need to go through every size and color variation individually to add the custom shirt label? That is the only way I am seeing to do it.

          1. Khaled Fouda

            Interesting, will there be a way to combine one design (each size will have different neck label) under one listing on my shopify store?

          2. Madara Zute

            If you’re using our pre-filled template, the mandatory information will fill out automatically for each product.
            If you’d like to create a completely custom label, you will have to manually update the label for each product variant.

  9. Joy

    Hi Julia,

    I’m still new to this and getting my head around it. So most shirts can do inside/outside label printing and certain shirts can do tear-away labels. All these cost about $3 extra – am I correct so far?

    Also, do the all-over prints have label options? I haven’t been able to find any way to place my branding on them.

    I’m using Printful as a fulfilment service for my shop. Thanks!

    1. Krista Krumina

      Hey Joy,

      For all shirts, for $3 extra per shirt we can print either an inside or outside label, but not both. Inside labels can be printed on shirts with a removable “tearaway” tag, and outside labels can be printed on all other shirts.

      We can’t print a custom inside label for all-over shirts, so any branding has to be included in your design.

      Hope you find an option that works for you!

  10. Justin

    I have a couple of questions about labels in the shirts.
    If I buy an American Apparel shirt (one without tear-away labels), does it have an American Apparel brand label inside?
    Is the only way to not have a label/tag inside to print on tear-away labels?

    Basically I don’t want any labels in my shirts if possible, but I’ve heard lots of good things about American Apparel being very comfortable and well-made, so I was keen to use the brand… I just don’t want it showing up on my printed shirts and confusing my customers.

    1. Krista Krumina

      Hi Justin,

      Unfortunately shirts will always have a manufacturer’s tag unless you print a custom inside label. When we do that, we remove the original tag and print in its place.

      So if you use an AA shirt that can print an inside label, there won’t be any AA branding in it – only your custom label.

      Hope this helps.

  11. Janos


    Can I use “Made in U.S.A. of imported fabric” instead of “Made in Honduras” indicating the origin on my custom inside label? I use Anvil 980 with tear away label.

    On the website of the Federal Trade Commission I found the following statements regarding labeling requirements of textile and wool products:

    In case the product made in the U.S.A. with imported materials, ‘the label may identify the country of origin of the imported materials, but it doesn’t have to. It can say, “Made in U.S.A. of imported fabric”…’

    I think it is legal. What do you think? Will you print an inside label with the “Made in U.S.A. of imported fabric” statement?

    Thank you for your answer in advance.

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Sorry about the delayed reply – this completely missed our radar.

      I recommend talking to a professional about this. But I think that law applies to clothing that’s actually made in the USA, which I’m not sure the Anvil 980 is.

  12. Eric

    I’m using Printful from shopify and when I upload my inside label the same one is uploaded for all sizes of the shirt which makes it impossible to put the size on the tag

  13. jash

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I want to use the 2001 Fine Jersey Short Sleeve Men T-Shirt with Tear Away Label
    for my store but there’s a problem. I have downloaded the inside label templates and there isn’t one for American Apparel? Help would be greatly appreciated

  14. Karem Nader

    Hello Do you offer Hang Tag Application service For branding,
    I mean If I send you send you Hang Tags with my brand, Can you add them to the product before shipped to the final client?

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Hey Karem,

      We don’t offer this at the moment, although hang tags are a feature we’re interested in developing down the line. Feel free to submit your request here!

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Hi Trinity!

      Do you mean a template for American Apparel inside labels? If you go to the American Apparel 2001 with tear away page and scroll to the bottom, you’ll see this “inside label” tab: You’ll find the templates there!

  15. Thomas

    I think inside printing is amazing so products are properly branded, but it’s not offered on nearly enough items. Also for the ones where it is offered, there aren’t near enough colors or styles, which prevents a business like mine from having a full inventory of diverse branded products. I think also adding to the shirt builder tool, a feature that has a template in it for the inside label on shirts (w/ black or white label options). Someone can just upload their (black/white) logo to the inside of it, so someone doesn’t have to create a tag via photoshop for 7+ sizes, and then manually go in and enter the different tags for over 70+ variances of one product. There has to be a better way.

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Hey Thomas,

      Thanks for your feedback – we appreciate it. We are working on adding new products, but I’m not sure whether more tearaway options are on the roadmap just yet.

      If you like, you can add your suggestions for the generator to this page: .

    1. Nora Inveiss

      All Anvil shirts are made in Honduras, Nicaragua, or Central America. You can add either of these countries to your inside labels. For more info, download the inside label guidelines here.

  16. Wendy

    Regarding the inside label printing, under “Products & Pricing”, “inside label”, Alternative styles 1072 and 1070, it says after “information which must be included by law”: “Do not require this surplus information, because they come with an inside tag on the left side of the bottom of the shirt that outlines this information. But we suggest that you include sizing information.”
    So…do I just need the size info and my company name because there is a side seam inside label already there with the required info? I checked my samples and they do have all the information on the inside side seam labels. Thanks!

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Hi Wendy,

      Yes that’s correct! We still recommend adding origin and fabric, but it’s not mandatory since it’s in that side tag. You’ll be fine with just the size and company name.

  17. Gene

    Hi, I would like to learn a little more for the label. It’s a little confusing. Is there an option where it’s just printed on tear away label and not printed on the item. Also in terms of colors, what do I choose for color? is label b/w? so for a dark item I would choose white label? is it same for tear away label?

    it would be really nice if you allowed option where we only upload the logo and the rest of the info is being filled automatically. This personalized label is great, but creating one for each color and size is very cumbersome.
    How do I find out more details how to create tear away labels that are not printed on the item, what format, colors, etc. I can choose from.

    Also if you have some examples that would be really helpful.
    Also are there examples of your regular labels, I might consider just sticking the your regular labels if they’re not too intrusive.
    Thank you.

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Hey Gene!

      The only custom label option we currently offer is to print it directly on the garment. You can print it in any color you wish; the max size is 3×3. You can find examples of inside labels here. Regular tags look like what you’d find on a standard shirt.

          1. PREET


            If the black is see through, then which color do you recommend for a white T-shirt so that it is not see through also please let me know you recommendation for black tshirt as wel



          2. Marianna Zvaigzne

            Hi there, Preet!

            It’s really a matter of testing and taste. If you’re concerned about a black label being too harsh for a white t-shirt, you can try out a light, grayish color! However, it’s important not to make it too light, so the label is still visible. As for black t-shirts, white graphics work best. Hope that helps!

  18. Juan

    Hello, how do I create custom labels from shopify? Or if it is not possible, How do I sync an order from your website with custom inside labels to shopify? Thanks

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Hi Juan! You’ll want to add a product that offers tearaway labels. Then after it’s been added and synced, go back to edit and upload your inside label.

  19. Alan


    I have chosen the below t-shirt. How do I know what country it originated from?

    3001 Unisex Short Sleeve Jersey T-Shirt with Tear Away Label


    1. Nora Inveiss

      Hi Alan! You’ll find this info if you download the inside label guide on this page. The country of origin for this model is Bangladesh, Nicaragua, or Honduras. You can choose either country.

  20. Vladimir Kreml


    Do you ship products to the Russia?
    We want to buy this American Apparel. Is good in Russia.
    Is made by real amricans? Is good!

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Thanks for the catch! I’ll take a look at where they might be; this is an older post so it could be that they’re not available anymore.

      1. hector

        Hi Nora,

        I am having a lot of difficulty finding the .psd templates for the inside label. You say there is three, but I only see one and I am not sure how to download it and edit it to add my logo, size…etc. Is there a way I can be sent the templates via email? Thank You

        1. Nora Inveiss

          Hi Hector,

          Sorry about that; I re-added the download button, so you should be able to get those templates now by clicking here.

  21. Edison

    Hi there,

    Just wanted clarification that although the inside labels are tear-away the brand of the t-shirt manufacturer remains inside the shirt? If there isn’t a custom inside label printed?

    If so…why isn’t there an option to just remove it on your side. The person is already using a DTG printer saving you on time and printing cost, he or she is still fulfilling the shirt for shipping – It takes seconds to remove the front tag as they are literally “tear-away” and incredibly thin. It’ll take you more time and effort to sneeze twice than to remove the label! This would be some great marketing on your side in assuring printful customers no manufacturing logo would be Included. Customers are smarter now and can research the brand of t-shirt and wonder why they paid $28-$30 dollars for a DTG printed shirt when the blank costs $4-$6

    There are usually TWO labels on the inside of the neck. The front label has the original company name and or logo (anvil, next level, bella+canvas) and the second one that is usually underneath has the country of origin, size and care instructions – all the details needed.

    If you already remove the logo tag, awesome ! If you don’t you should really make it clear that you don’t and won’t unless there’s a custom tag printed as there’s “tear away” advertised for no reason other than printing which is a standard procedure in screen printing wether is tear-away or not. They will print a neck tag if you want it and the cost is on average is half of the $3 your charging.

    Hope this helps anyone reading!


    1. Nora Inveiss

      Hey Edison! Thanks for commenting.

      The manufacturer’s tag is removed for our tear-away shirts, and you’re responsible for adding the fabric material, origin, and size in your custom label. We can only remove tags for select t-shirt models that are made with easily tearable tags. We’re not able to remove tags qualitatively for each shirt, because the tags simply don’t allow for it. Hope this answers your question!

  22. Hamiz K

    Hey, I have a question! How can I send the Tag PNG or PSD file? Do I upload it somewhere? I’m confused! Please get back to me!

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Hi Hamiz! When you’re placing your order, you upload the file for the tag in the same step that you upload your print files here. If you’re adding the product to your store, then add and edit it in your Printful dashboard. It should look something like this.

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Thanks for pointing that out! This post was published before Bella + Canvas had removable labels. We’ll update!

      1. Olimpia Valli Fassi

        The Tear-Away/Custom Printing Label is still not available for the Bella + Canvas Tear Away T-Shirt. Do you suggest me to use another brand or will be this issue solved soon?

        1. Nora Inveiss

          Hi Olimpia!

          Tear-away/custom label printing is indeed available for select Bella+Canvas products! You can take a look at the full list here.

  23. hector


    When creating inside labels, do you have to create a label for each size then upload the file onto each individual t shirt when you choose the “inside label option?”

  24. Alex

    What would be the best color for inside label on a white t-shirt? I do not want it to be visible through. Is it some sort of gray color?

    Thank you

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Hi Alex! Definitely avoid dark colors, as those might see through. Lighter colors won’t see through as much, but I’d recommend ordering samples to make sure you’re happy with results.

  25. Tobi

    Hi, did you forget to update the website for the example download button? I even looked at the page code and it’s not there. It’s also not in the inside tag example zip file. Is this an ongoing troll for 2 years?

    1. Liva Spandega

      Hey Tobi,

      Sorry about that! We’ve updated the link – the button should be visible at the end of the post now!

      And thanks for letting us know.

  26. joseph victor

    i was told that the american apparel is not a tear away tag. that you have to manually cut it out. i just need some clarification. thank you.

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Hi Joseph, We currently don’t have any American Apparel tear-away shirts available, but you can see a full list of what we have here. We manually cut them out, but they’re manufactured in a way that makes it easy to do.

  27. Philip

    If I decide to go with the American Apparel 2001 tee for my company, can you please suggest a branding option on the tees, since they don’t have the tear away labels? And what does the American Apparel tag that would be on there look like?



    1. Nora Inveiss

      Hi Philip,

      That’s a good choice tee! It’s one of our more popular models. It would have a standard American Apparel tag – with the logo, fabric info, country of origin, etc.

      If you want more branding options, I suggest looking into our outside labels! It’s similar to our inside label printing, but instead it’s on the outside of the shirt. The upside with outside labels is that you’re not required to add any info by law – you can just print your logo or cool design. You can check out more info here; it costs an additional $2.50 per shirt.

  28. April Davis

    Hi! I’m still confused on how to add a product with an inside label. It just allowed me to order a sample with the inside label, but when I try to “add product” to my woo commerce store there is no longer an option to add the inside label. Am I missing something? I would really like to have the inside labels printed as my customers order their tees! Thank you!

    1. April Davis

      And I don’t know if it helps, I’m looking at the Next Level 3600 t-shirts. Also, is there any way to just order fabric swatches of all the shirts? I want a good unisex that is super soft-which one is best?? TIA!!

    2. Nora Inveiss

      Hi April! It’s not the most intuitive, but after you add the product, you go back and edit it on Printful and upload your inside label.

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Thanks for the feedback! I agree it’s very manual work. We’re working on improving the functionality though, so you can add an inside label through the push generator.

  29. Laurentiu

    Hey there,
    I just started to use your services. I was wondering if it’s absolutely necessary to have an outside/inside label on the tshirts I sell. What happens if I only send you the graphics for front/back prints? Are they still ok to sell?


    1. Nora Inveiss

      Hey there! Custom outside/inside labels are totally optional. We’ll print shirts with just front/back graphics, they’ll just have the original manufacturer’s tag.

  30. Marc

    HI Nora,
    I have tried to read all the feed, in case I am asking a question that as been already answered.

    1- I have notice that many garment if not all have a second labels on the bottom right or left side with many other language (many labels sheets). If we ship internationally is there a law to be written in other language on the shirt. If so, what do we do for a printing label, we certainly wont have space for all the languages. What is the law and what do you propose ? I guess need to respect the law of “every” country we ship (sell) to… ?

    Thanks for your time and customer service.
    All the best,

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Hi Marc!

      That’s a very good question. I’d say that yes, research and respect the laws of the countries you ship to, and how our tools work with your needs.

  31. Crina

    Hi Nora,
    Can I use these guidelines for Bella+Canvas 3001 and 6004 with tear away label?
    Because these 2 garments are not mentioned in the guideline what country of origin should I put for the label?
    Do I have to make a label for each size and color?

    Thank you very much and all the best!
    PS. Social media icons placed on the left side make difficult reading the articles; on the right side is a lot of free space.

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Hey Crina!

      Yes, these can be used for the Bella + Canvas 3001 and 6004. These shirts were made into tear-away models after we created these templates.
      Each tear-away product has an inside label guideline where you’ll find country of origin and info you need for an inside label. Here’s the page for the B+C 3001.

      1. Jose

        But do we have to make a different label for each size and color? For example, if a customer decides to buy a Small shirt, do I have to create a tag for a small shirt? Or how does it work? Because I downloaded the template and it is only a blank template with only the size dimensions.

  32. Janal

    Will you ever offer this option in creating an inside label to auto fill the needed information for each size, and needed information, yet allowing a custom logo or a custom option to be used? The process would be much easier with less saved files, and less chance of mistakes. I don’t know about other designers, but I would be more likely to use the option if that was offered.

    1. Giedrė Šulčinskaitė

      Hi Chris, the button might not work if you’re using AdBlock. Consider pausing it to download the file.

  33. Seb

    If I order an outside label on a t shirt or hoodie that has a tear away label will you automatically remove the standard inside label before sending out to my customers? I’m starting my own brand and don’t want the t shirts to say gildan etc in them!

    1. Giedrė Kronberga

      Hi Seb! We only tear away the labels for orders with custom printed inside labels.You can read more about custom label printing here.

  34. Rec


    I can’t find the inside label option when I am logged in with my store. Where can I find this option in order to upload the inside label? Thanks.

  35. Trenell Jackson

    I think I’m more lost then anyone on this site. I have been trying to add “inside labels” since I started a shopify/printful store. I really wish somewhere down the line you guys can make this feature a whole lot easier.

    I’ve cycled through most of the comments, and I don’t see an option to make my shirts Dtg vs Screen print, do I have the wrong plan? Do I have to upgrade? I also don’t see “submit order” anywhere! I’ve went to the dashboard and… Nothing. I’ve searched the answer on Google and still no luck! Please tell me what I’m doing wrong before I just decide to not quit my day job!!!

  36. Mike

    Yeah, same problem here. If I go to your site without logging in, there’s an option for “inside label” on the shirts with a tear off label. But once I log in to my store and go to “add product”, the inside label button no longer appears.

    1. Giedrė Kronberga

      Hi Mike! Inside label option doesn’t work on our push generator as each product variant has to have slightly different information (e.g. size). That’s why you’ll have to add inside labels for each product variant manually and then sync it to your store.

      1. Tom

        Okay, that’s my question: I want to know how and where to upload inside labels for each design by size.

        I see the inside label option, but keep wondering how will you know which correct artwork to use for different sizes ordered?

        Do you have more info on how to upload inside label artwork for each size? Can I upload inside label artwork for all designs just one time since I’m going to just use the 3001 primarily.


          1. Gordon

            Did you get your answer? Do you have more info on how to upload inside label artwork for each size? How will they know which artwork to use per size?

          2. Giedrė Kronberga

            Hi Gordon,

            Let’s say you have a t-shirt that says “Nice”, and you offer it in 3 different colors (red, white, green) and 3 different sizes (S, M, L). Once this product is added to your store, hit “Edit” to see all product variants of your “Nice” shirt in one place – in this case, a total of 9:
            – Red S, red M, red L
            – White S, white M, white L
            – Green S, green M, green L

            You now have to manually add inside labels to all 9 variants – one by one. It can be quite a bit of work, but the good news is that we’re working on making this process less manual as we speak.

  37. Joe

    After spending some time with this it appears we can only add inside labels if we do a manual order correct? If we set up items in our Shopify store to automatically fulfill we cannot use the inside labels.

      1. Joe

        Thank you, but could you explain how to do that? The only way I see to create the variant with inside label option is to perform a manual order, but don’t see how I can sync that with my store. If I want to use inside labels do they have to be manual orders every time a customer orders one?

        1. Giedrė Kronberga

          Hi Joe! No, you don’t have to submit the orders manually. I’d recommend you to get in touch with our support team at, they’ll do a better job than me walking you through the process.

  38. Luke

    I’ve got a two questions:

    (1) On the Bella + Canvas website, it says that the shirt is made in the USA (; however, you don’t highlight that on your website. Can I label the T-shirt as being made in the USA if I list it in my shopify store with my custom designs?

    (2) Regarding the label, on your website (here), you are providing some guidelines on how to add them; however, what I don’t fully understand is, do I need to make the label for all T-shirt sizes with all the instrucitonal logos of how to wash the T-shirt, where it is made etc (so all labels are the same, they only differ in the shirt size which need to be manually added for each size), or can I upload only the logo that should be put in the logo section and the rest is automatically generated in regards to the selected T-shirt size?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Giedrė Kronberga

      Hi Luke. Answering your questions:

      1) I’m afraid you mistaken Bella+Canvas 3001U with Bella+Canvas 3001. The latter isn’t made in the USA.
      2) At the moment you have to manually add label information for each product variant (in regards of size).

  39. Kim


    I want to sale custom hoodies through printful. Is there an option to customize the tag on the inside or outside of the hoodies?

  40. Rick

    Hello everybdoy, i need the RGB color to make my inside label, so it can be used for dark and light colors also. I got the color swatches (both), so i’ll appreciate anyone can let me know wich one is the RGB grey that I have to use. Thanks

  41. Doru

    If I choose to go with an outside label for my products will the original brand logo (Gildan/AA/Bella Canvas etc.) label still appear on the inside?

  42. Karina F

    How do we determine the origin in which certain products like the Gildan Hoodie is made in order to have printed onto the hoodies outside label?

  43. Leah Sayles

    I can’t seem to find any information about the origin of your All-Over Print products (skater dress, shirts, tanks, etc.). Where do these products originate and do you have a inside label template for these items?

    1. Edward Zarins

      Hey Leah, we produce our All-Over Print products at our own facilities. 🙂 You can find the inside label template under the “File guidelines” tab of the product page.

  44. Quinten McLaughlin

    I used this and the tag stays “XS” no matter what size the actual shirt is. If I add my own custom tags that changes with size (1 file for XS, another for S, etc.), I have to do each variant individually. This is because it asks me to apply to all variants by color, not size, even when I filter by size. Or can I just put XS for all variants as the template does?

    1. Edward Zarins


      If you’re manually uploading your inside label files, you’ll have to do that for each variant separately. We just launched our inside label generator that should ease the process for you! Check it out! 🙂

  45. Mitch Forsburg

    Is there a way to bulk edit to add an inside tag to all of my tees? All tees are printed on Bella + Canvas 3001.

    If not bulk edit, is there a way to set this up individually so that when customers order the tag is already part of the product as opposed to adding it in after the order has been placed?

    Thanks! – Mitch

    1. Giedrė Kronberga

      Hi Mitch, you can’t bulk upload inside tags to all of your tees. But you can use our inside label template that pre-fills all the mandatory info about the individual shirt and all its variants automatically.

      Once you pick your product, select all the product variants you want to add by choosing the colors and sizes. Add the design you want to put on the shirt. On the right from the mockup you’ll see an option to add an inside label. Choose that, and hit “Use template” or “Create your own”. Once the tag it’s added, your products will have an inside label without you having to add it manually each time.

  46. Nicolas


    I think there is a small problem with the pre-filled template of the Bella Canvas 3001 t-shirt. It’s indicated “Made in Bangladesh” but on their website, Bella Canvas writes that clothes are assembled in North and Central America (Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatelama). What is the right information ?

    Here is the link of the article :

  47. Deomar

    My concern is the color of the inside label for light-colored clothing. From what I saw on Printful’s pre-filled template, the label’s color is black (I use grey). I’m concerned that your pre-filled inside label would be visible from outside a white shirt, which would not be okay.

    1. Giedrė Kronberga

      Hi Deomar! You’re right, there’s a chance that the black label will peak through the other side of the light-colored tee. I know it’s not the most convenient solution, but you can use inside label generator for darker-colored items and a custom template for light-colored apparel.

    1. Edward Zarins

      Hey Andreas,

      We regularly review our pricing and lower it when applicable. At the moment we don’t have plans to make any changes to our inside label pricing.

  48. Paulina

    I’m thinking of connecting my shop with printful.
    Is there any way that I can check the product before I put it in my shop? For example, if I can order a t-shirt with my print before I will add it to my store?

    Have a great day,

    1. Giedrė Kronberga

      Hi Paulina. You can place a sample order. To do that, log into your Printful account > New order > Create sample order. Or, you can click Order sample when looking at the t-shirt in the product catalog of our site!

  49. Jomar

    Any updates on tear aways and inside labels for hoodies and sweatshirts? I would love to personalize the Gildan 18000 sweatshirts! 😀

    1. Edward Zarins

      Hey Jomar,

      We’re looking to add new products with an inside label option. 🙂 The Gildan 18000 sweatshirt doesn’t have a tear away label so it mostly depends on the manufacturer whether we’ll be able to offer an inside label for it or not.

  50. Otniel

    I was looking for woman tear away label for example the crop tops so I can have my inside logo printed but I notice that the option for inside label was not available even do it was tear away label. When do you expect to have al the tear away available for inside label printing.

  51. Clinton B Custom Clobber Club


    if we can’t add custom labels for some products could you at least remove all gildan and other brands from all/every single the mock up generated for us??

    Also what about a label cut out service for $0.25-$0.50 per tag cut out for us? OR 🙂 for the same $2.50 cut the tag out for us and print a custom label 😉 that would be super nice!

    1. Edward Zarins


      Thank you for your comment! You can filter our products by available options. 🙂 At the moment we offer custom printed inside and outside labels for $2.49 per item. Thanks for the feedback!

  52. Otniel

    Hi, I have noticed that you have some tear away labels shirts in woman categories for example in crop tops and they don’t offer inside labeling. Do you have a time expectancy when are the other products will be available for inside label. thanks

    1. Edward Zarins

      Hi there,

      Yes, not all of our products have the inside label option. It mostly depends on the manufacturer, whether we’re able to offer custom inside labels but we’re working to add new products with tear-away labels! 🙂

  53. Glenn

    I was hoping this article would outline instructions on how you would take your custom tag variants and associate the s, m, l, xl with each size of shirt.

    1. Edward Zarins

      Hey Glenn,

      If you’ll use our pre-filled template then when the product gets printed, all the mandatory info (including size) about the shirt will be filled in automatically. 🙂

  54. Vox

    I had never even thought of doing this, but this IS quite a nice added touch! Right now, I am more concerned with getting my on-demand t-shirts back on our blog website, but once we decide to do any more grand planning, we might choose to uplevel our game with this super cool inside printing option.

    1. Giedrė Kronberga

      Hi Jorge, if you’re using our inside label generator, the label color will be adjusted automatically.

  55. Shane

    Hi Printful,

    We currently have our Shopify store connected to Printful and need to custom print a different inside label for every t-shirt sold. Is there a way to upload an image before we push it to fulfill but after someone has made an order? We are hoping we don’t have to manually input all the info. with a manual order!


    1. Giedrė Kronberga

      Hi Shane, are the actual designs of your inside labels different? If it’s only the t-shirt specifications (like size and place of origin), then I’d advise you to use our automatically pre-filled inside label templates 🙂

  56. Ricardo Rodriguez

    I went to several different tear away shirts (filtered by inside label)and none show option for inside label. Am I missing something? The shirts all had tear away labels

    1. Giedrė Kronberga

      Hi Ricardo, did you select the t-shirt you like and hit “Order”? The option to add inside label for the t-shirts with tear-away label should be in the “Edit model” window.


    “When the product gets printed, all the mandatory info about the shirt will be filled in automatically.” Does it include the size of the t-shirts. Now I see all of them are size XS on the PRINTFILES preview. If not, please suggest how to proceed. Thank you!

  58. Evan

    Are the tear away tags removed for the customer when a custom inside is used? Or do you leave them on when they ship? I’d prefer them to be removed for the customer. is this option?

  59. Paul

    Is it possible to add an inside lable to my already created products? As the option to add it to the ‘tear-away tag’ items I’ve created is no longer showing?

    Any advice would be great.

    1. Edward Zarins

      Hey Paul,

      Yes, you can add an inside label to your existing product by going to each product variant and manually adding it. You should click “Edit” next to the variant and then switch to the “Inside label” tab.

      Hope this helps!

  60. Alex

    Hi, there are 2 separate branding options in the product catalogue: “Tear away tag” and “Inside label”. What’s the difference?

    1. Giedre Kronberga

      Hi Alex,

      Some of our apparel items (mostly products for DTG printing and embroidery) aren’t made by us. These products have tear away tags of the garment supplier (like Bella+Canvas) which we can remove to print custom inside labels.

      Other products (mostly cut & sew) are printed, cut, and hand-sewn by our expert in-house team. These products don’t have tear away label, but we can print custom inside labels on them.

      Hope that helps!

        1. Madara Zute

          Hi there Khaled,
          If the product is manufactured in our US facility, this info should be included on the label, but keep in mind that we have a cut&sew fulfillment centers in Mexico and Latvia as well.
          You can see this info in the product description under Stocked in.

  61. Johnny

    Hey there
    Is inside label printed with colors or just black and white?

    I mean, If I’ gonna use the printful’s inside label template, and want to just add my logo, can I add a colored logo or should I convert it to black and white?!!

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Giedre Kronberga

      Hi Johnny,

      The outline and pre-filled information in the inside label will be either black or white (depends on the color of your garment), but your logo will be printed in color 🙂

  62. Tremount

    Hi. I would like to know if i used your company as a plateform to test the waters with online clothing store. How does the sales part work do i pay a monthly price or is it just your company site that i would sell the clothing off of.

    1. Giedre Kronberga

      Hi there,

      Printful doesn’t have a monthly fee, you’re only paying for the product and the printing of your design 🙂

  63. Hiram A Carroll III

    Hi I am lost after selectiong products that have an option for inside tag printing, at what point in the design processes does it give you this option?

    1. Edward Zarins

      Hi there,

      Right after you have selected your product and ready to design it, you can switch between the tabs like Front, Back, Outside label, Inside label, etc. You’ll find these tabs right above the item you’re designing. Once you’ll have selected the Inside label tab you’ll see the options to use the template or create your own. 🙂

  64. Reed

    hello there,

    Are the Gildan Sweatshirts plain on the inside. I noticed only outside labeling? Does the inside have the pre-fill Size, wash, etc?

    1. Giedre Kronberga

      Hi Reed,

      Unlike inside labels, outside labels are offered as a branding option at Printful. It means that we don’t have a pre-filled template you can use for your outside label.

  65. Ian

    Just interested; is it possible to have a custom label added like would be in a shop; a small card attachment that contains product information as well? I don’t know what the technical name is but the kind that is where you normally find the price in a regular retail outlet?

    1. Giedre Kronberga

      Hi Ian,

      I think what you have in mind is hang tags 🙂 They aren’t available at the moment, but we’re working on it.

  66. Karen

    Please help.

    For the tear away labels I am using the standard label with my logo provided by Printful.


    For all-over prints like yoga pants and sports bras, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to have? Can I submit a label that is just my logo for these particular items (in which a standard label isn’t a available)? Or do I need to have all other information required by law? If the latter is the case, where do I find that information for each garment?

    Thank you.

    1. Giedre Kronberga

      Hi Karen,

      Because our all-over print products have care instructions and fabric information on a label (not branded), you can use inside labels to simply add your brand logo to the product 🙂

  67. Brendan Shelton

    I like that you said printing inside labels help your apparel appear more professional and clean. I usually don’t enjoy wearing something that has labels wherever without thought. The next time I am designing something I will take these tips into consideration.

  68. Jayne

    Hi. I guess the American Apparel ranges do not offer Inside Label as I did not see any tab for that. I did see the Outside Lable Tab.
    I have been trying to look for the information required for the Outside Lable but couldn’t find any. I have downloaded the template, but it only says 3″ * 3″. There is no option like Automated Inside Label.
    Do we just upload our logo on the Outside Label, or do we need to create each label including all information required for the Inside Label for each product size and variety?

    1. Giedre Kronberga

      Hi Jayne,

      We offer outside label printing is as a branding option. If you want to use it as inside labels, you’d have to manually update each label and keep track of the info about each variant.

  69. Claudio

    Hi, Giedre.
    I have some doubts. If I use the inside label I can’t use the outside label? And if I using the outside label you can remove the tear away tags?

    1. Giedre Kronberga

      Hi Claudio,

      You can’t use both inside and outside labels simply because each of the designs would peak through the garment. And we only remove labels for products that come with tear-away tag and have inside label print.

  70. ankita

    i have uploaded the logo in inside label but it is not showing in the final mockup design and product pictures? what should i do?

    1. Madara Zute

      Hi there,
      Our mockup generator currently does not show the inside label but it will be printed on your product if you set it up in the generator.

    1. Madara Zute

      Hi Dayvaughn,
      There are two ways how the inside labels can be added—from our template and from a custom inside label.
      To add the inside labels from template to existing products, go to Stores > Sync > Edit on the product > Select all variants (checkbox on the left) > Change print file > Inside label > Add the inside label design > Save.

      If you’d like to add a custom inside label design along with the required information from the inside label guidelines, each label has to be created (for each color and size) and added to each product variant separately.
      To add the inside label this way, go to Stores > Sync > Edit on the product > Edit on the variant > Inside label > Add the label design > Save. Then repeat the process for the rest of the product variants.

      If you have further questions, please reach out to, I’m sure they’ll be able to help out. 🙂

  71. Aylin Alpagot


    Is inside label printing available for art art prints, posters, canvas etc.? If not, how is your branding service for Wall Arts?

    1. Madara Zute

      Hi Aylin,
      At the moment inside labels aren’t available on wall art products, as these products aren’t branded to begin with.
      We’re unable to print the back side of these products, but you can include a small brand logo on the front of the product.

  72. James Gordon

    When will you finally provide inside label/tag printing for embroidered t-shirts and sweaters?
    Currently these products are not white-label or brandable, since the Bella+Canvas tag isn’t being removed.
    How are we supposed to sell these if they don’t have our own brand on them?

    We need inside label printing for embroidery products!!

    1. Madara Zute

      Hi James,
      We understand branding is an important part of establishing your brand online.
      Currently inside labels aren’t available for embroidery products because they’re printed using the DTG technique, which is used in a different department at our facilities.
      While these techniques aren’t combined to keep the fulfillment times as fast as possible, you can submit a new feature request about this option.

    1. Madara Zute

      Hi Gabriel,
      The inside labels can be added once when you add the product to your store.
      If all of the product variants have an inside label set, you won’t need to add it to each order that’s made. Please note that if you or your customers order a product that doesn’t have an inside label added, the original tag will remain.

  73. Jake

    Do you guys plan on allowing custom tags on shirts without tear-away labels? I would love to be able to put a custom tag on the thicker quality shirts.

    1. Alise Zindiga

      Hey Jake, thanks for your feedback! We are actually thinking about new ways of increasing option for personal branding, however, can’t provide ETA for this particular feature yet.

    1. Alise Zindiga

      Hi! We use genuine Brother GT-3, water-based pigment inks that are CPSIA compliant and Oeko-Tex™ certified, which means they are safe to print on youth/children’s clothing and reduce environmental waste.

  74. cinzia cavedon

    I have ordered 1 white T-short and the inside label is black and it transpires on the outside. This doesn’t look good at all unfortunately. Can you please advice on how to fix this? I have seen this issue raised in 2016 but maybe it has not been addressed properly… many thanks for your help with this issue.

        1. Alise Zindiga

          Hey, I have to correct myself as there were changes that I wasn’t aware of – we had an option available to fully customize inside labels (including color and text), however, it was so widely misused by customers, that we disabled this function for new stores. If you’re among those who used it successfully already before, you can keep doing it, however, new stores can only use our template with their logo. Border colors for these templates at the moment are only white for dark color shirts or black for light color shirts.

  75. Kieran


    Is there an update on when you plan to allow inside labels for embroidered items?

    This is a feature that I’d need in order to start using Printful.

    Thank you.

    1. Daniela Bergmane

      Hey Kieran, at the moment, we aren’t planning on introducing them, but thank you for your suggestion!

  76. Lam

    Is it possible to use my own design, like for the whole thing so I don’t have to use the pre-filled template? ):

    1. Alise Zindiga

      At the moment it is possible to only use the template. We removed the custom inside labels for DTG products because they caused many issues with the info that needed to be included. Everything stays the same for all-over print items. Users that are using this feature for their products will still be able to access it but new users won’t have this functionality.

  77. Aga


    Why custom made inside labels are not available for sweatshirts and crop tops? Why is not allowed to do embroidery together with custom made inside label?

    1. Alise Zindiga

      Hey! Some products have technical limitations that don’t allow us to print the inside label. In addition, at the moment we are not able to mix two different methods, like embroidery and DTG—until we find a workaround this, we won’t able to print labels on DTG shirts.

    1. Edward Zarins

      Hey, Suzy! There’s no need to download a template because you can just upload your logo (or other info) right when designing your products. 🙂

  78. Alex

    Very disappointed at the products I receive. No attention to care when packaging. Tag tags and labels are not torn off. Lint and stray threads all over the garment, and yet customer service says it’s normal and I should wash it before I wear it. All they need to do is do a once over with a lint roller before packaging and use the right size bag.

    When you want to white label products, and everything aside from the t-shirts are full of labels from another manufacturer. It definitely makes you brand look sketchy.

    I’m moving my entire operation away from printful.

    1. Daniela Bergmane

      Hey Alex, we’re really sorry to hear about your experience. In cases when there’s something wrong with your order, we always suggest submitting us a problem report, so we can properly investigate the situation and advise on how to solve it. We are white-label, however, there is mandatory information we have to include on the labels. Here’s more information on this. Again—I’m sorry to hear about your experience and that you weren’t satisfied with our products and service.

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