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The Top 10 Tictail Apps for Your Ecommerce Store

By Nora Inveiss - Reading time: 4 minutes

Tictail is relatively new to the ecommerce space. It has grown exponentially since its 2011 debut, adding more and more tools to its app store (including an integration with Printful). As the list of apps continues to grow, here are the top 10 we recommend for your ecommerce store right now.

1. Sendicate


I’m going to sound like a broken record here, but I’ll say it anyway: email marketing really works. So why not download an app that will help you send professional emails to your list. Sendicate is perfect for this purpose; it features affordable pricing, beautiful templates, and analytics. Its emails are also optimized for mobile use, which, as we know, is super important these days. With this app, your email list will be excited to open your messages.

Pricing depends on the number of subscribers you’re emailing; it’s free for 0-500 subscribers.


2. Product Upsell

Product Upsell showcases last-minute add-on products to your customers as they’re checking out. Featured products are customizable and based on what’s already in their cart, so you know they’re relevant to your customer’s interests.

In 2006, Amazon reported that 35% of its revenue resulted from their upselling and cross sales efforts. With shoppers open to discovering and buying new products, Product Upsell can be a vital tool to increase sales.

Try it free for 30 days, $7.50/month.


3. FollowPlus


This app helps you understand who is browsing your store and creates a warm first impression. FollowPlus engages with your site visitors, welcoming them with a friendly greeting message and prompting them to leave their email addresses. You can then export that list of contacts to your favourite emailing tool and improve your email marketing initiatives. Meet your audience and grow that list at the same time!

Try it free for 30 days, $2.00/month.


4. YotPo

When it comes to sales, customer recommendations go a long way – 46% of shoppers trust consumer recommendations. Wouldn’t you feel more encouraged to buy something online after reading about somebody else’s positive experience? With YotPo, it’s easier than ever to receive feedback from other customers.

YotPo automatically sends review requests to your customers after they have made their purchase. It also lets you use these positive reviews as ads for your products, sharing them across your social channels. You get to learn what people love about your products and pass on the knowledge to future customers.

Try YotPo, free!


5. Retention Grid

Retention Grid

Retention Grid provides analytics to maximize customer retention, all in a beautifully designed visual format. Easily look at a snapshot of your customers – see who is loyal and how often they visit your store. And you can see which customers need a nudge.

Retention Grid’s data lets you take actions to improve your customer relations and sales. Send personalized emails to each group (eg. send dormant customers specific emails reminding them of your existence), analyze their sales patterns, and ultimately improve customer retention.

Bonus: it’s free!


6. Sales Trendlines

This app is another visual reporting tool to help you boost the performance of your store. It analyzes your store’s sales trends so you can easily see which products are selling the most, during which time periods your sales are declining, and much more.

You can break down charts to show daily, monthly, and yearly reports. This helps make strategic decisions, forecast busy seasons, and plan inventory accordingly.

Try it free for 30 days, $1.00/month.


7. Zopim Live Chat


According to Kissmetrics, 77% of customers say that online chat gives them a positive impression of retailers. Plus, SurveyMonkey reports that 72% of consumers surveyed say that they are more likely to shop somewhere that has a good reputation for customer service. So you know customer satisfaction is a big deal.

Handle customer inquiries with care – chat with them in real-time with Zopim. Along with live chat, Zopim has some great add-ons, like an analytics dashboard so you can see usage patterns and understand when a customer needs help. Offer personalized, responsive customer service in real-time, and help maintain loyal customers that keep coming back.

Pricing depends on how many chats you need, but it’s free for individuals.


8. Kit

kit screenshot

Kit is like having a marketing assistant in your pocket. It sends your marketing emails, creates Facebook targeted ads, and more. Plus it does it all over SMS, so you don’t have to be distracted from running your store. All you have to do is send a text and it’ll prompt you with what to do next.

Starting at $10/month.


9. Recover Abandoned Carts

A customer sees an item on your store. They’re interested in purchasing. They add it to their cart, and then… They abandon their cart and the sale never goes through. This happens surprisingly often – the Baymard Institute reports an average of 68.53% of shopping carts go abandoned.

But that doesn’t mean you lose the sale or customer forever. Recover Abandoned Carts lets you send out emails to remind customers that they still have items they forgot about. It shows you how many emails you’ve sent, and how many sales you’ve made.

$7.50/month, try it free for 30 days.


10. Plug In SEO

plug in seo edit

This is great for SEO beginners, and for those with more experience but no time to worry about it. Plug In SEO analyzes your website for any problems that might affect search engine performance. It provides you with easy to follow instructions to fix minor problems. If you’re still unsure how to fix it, you can ask for professional help for a small fee.

Try it, for free.

Did we miss your favourite app? Share it in the comments!

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