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Weekend Print-Product Inspiration

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When it comes to the Internet + Printful, the sky’s the limit. We took a look at what some Printfulpreneurs were doing and put it together to spark some inspiration.

Whether it’s from the traditional print-product store, to kickstarter rewards, there are some pretty creative people out there creating products through Printful. Take a look at some of our favorites.

Simple yet impactful prints

@cslackdesign put together an online store in only 48 hours. Combining beautiful lettering with striking quotes, we think this is a winner. Not to mention the inspiring message behind it, that even if you think you don’t have time to make your store, all you need is a weekend!

Check it out.


Lazy Origami Chessboard

This is just so cool. You buy it (it comes in one piece, like a poster), then cut out the pieces, and then you’ve got a chess board!

It was made as part of Gumroad’s “Small Product Lab” challenge, inviting people to create a product under Gumroad’s step-by-step guidance.

Check it out.


Cool design, bro

If you thought that @cslackdesign was speedy launching their store, Chris Lema shows us how he got his Printful+Woocommerce store up and running in a mere 20 minutes!

Simple designs and powerful tools, and it doesn’t take much else. Chris even video’d the process, so you can check it out how it was done. Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals can move over, Chris Lema’s in town!

Check it out.

Cool design bro

Rug Your City Kickstarter Rewards

We’re shown that you don’t even need an online store to use Printful. Here, the Rug Your City team offered Printful totes as part of their backer rewards. And rightly done, since fulfilling backer rewards can easily detract from your main goal – creating that product you’re trying to fund!

Check out their Kickstarter campaign.

Anything you’re particularly proud of? Send it over to, and you just might be featured on the blog!

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