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[Updated] What’s happening with American Apparel’s stock and how does it affect you?

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Let’s talk about the big elephant in the room – the current state of American Apparel and what it means for us here at Printful and our customers. The company is undergoing serious changes that affect the entire industry. But there are a lot of rumors, chatter and hearsay, so let’s look at all the facts we know so far.

UPDATE 06/02/2017

We brought back 6 more American Apparel products

They are exactly the same as before, except now they’re no longer made in the USA.

They’re all available in the mockup and push generators, so take a look and add them back to your store!

UPDATE 11/10/2017

American Apparel kids and youth tees are available again

Two American Apparel tees are back in the mockup and product generators, but they’re not made in the USA anymore and have new names:

Here’s what you should know:

  • The t-shirts are the same as before, with only one difference – they are no longer made in the USA.
  • Everything else, including the prices, are the same.
  • The available colors for both shirts are: Baby Blue, Black, Fuchsia, Heather Grey, Navy, Pink, Purple, Red, Slate, and White.

We’ll keep you updated about any other returning products!

UPDATE 07/08/2017

More American Apparel products added to push generator

A few more American Apparel products have been added back to the product push and mockup generators!

Here’s what’s back: 

1. American Apparel BB401 (sizes S-2XL)
Black, Heather Black, Navy, Red, White

2. American Apparel TR401 (sizes S-2XL)
Athletic Grey, Tri Black

And more colors are now also available for the previously-added American Apparel 2001 and 2102 tees:

1. New Silver, Olive, Fuchsia, Cranberry, Grass, Orange, and Slate colors for the American Apparel 2001 men’s tee (sizes S-2XL)

2.  Heather Grey and Navy colors for the American Apparel 2102 women’s tee (sizes S-2XL)

We’ll keep you updated as more products become available again!

UPDATE 05/07/2017

The American Apparel 2001 & 2102 are back

The American Apparel 2001 and 2102 are available again in our push generator! They’re also stocked and re-integrated into our system, and they’re still made in the USA.

Here are the colors you can get for now in the push generator:

1. American Apparel 2001 (sizes S-2XL)
Black, white, heather grey, navy, red, asphalt

2. American Apparel 2102 (sizes S-2XL)
Black, white

We’ll continue stocking more products as they become available, and we’ll keep you posted about any updates concerning American Apparel.

UPDATE 27/04/17

American Apparel products are coming back

Gildan is in the process of integrating American Apparel into its production process. This means that American Apparel products will soon be available again and we’re getting a clearer picture of what’s going on.

There are a couple of important changes to note:

  1. The most popular products will continue to be made in the USA. Everything else will be manufactured in Honduras.
  2. Printful will start supplying only the t-shirts that are made in the USA. We’ll slowly add overseas apparel as it becomes available by American Apparel/Gildan, and we’ll continue adding suitable made in the USA alternatives.
  3. We don’t have regular American Apparel stock and we don’t recommend adding new products just yet. We will buy what we can from current suppliers but since Gildan took over, we need to re-integrate them in our system and wait until they’re regularly manufacturing again, which will likely be in June.

These are the products that will be made in America and be available at Printful in May/June:

1. American Apparel 2001 unisex short sleeve t-shirt

  • Black, white, navy, asphalt, heather grey, red, royal blue, slate, cranberry, new silver, kelly green, lapis, teal, baby blue, grass, forest, orange, fuchsia, olive, army

2. American Apparel 2007 unisex long sleeve t-shirt

  • Black, white, navy, asphalt, heather grey

3. American Apparel 2102 women’s short sleeve t-shirt

  • Black, white, navy, asphalt, heather grey

4. American Apparel 2456 unisex short sleeve v-neck

  • Black, white, navy, asphalt, heather grey, red, slate, cranberry, lapis, light pink

5. American Apparel 2408 unisex tank top

  • Black, white, navy, asphalt, heather grey

6. American Apparel 2201 youth short sleeve t-shirt

  • Black, white, navy, royal blue, slate, kelly green, lapis, lemon

7. American Apparel BB401 poly-cotton unisex short sleeve t-shirt

  • Black, heather black, heather lake blue, navy, white, asphalt, heather red, red, heather lieutenant, heather forest

8. American Apparel BB453 poly-cotton unisex ¾ sleeve raglan

  • White/black, heather black/black, white/red, white/navy, white/heather black

9. American Apparel TR401 tri-blend unisex track t-shirt

  • Athletic grey tri-black, tri-indigo, athletic blue, tri-cranberry, tri-oatmeal, tri-coffee, tri-evergreen

10. American Apparel F497 unisex flex fleece zip hoodie

  • Black, dark heather grey, navy, asphalt, sea blue

All other models and colors will be manufactured in Honduras moving forward. For example, the American Apparel 2001 will have 39 colors made in Honduras and 20 in the USA.

We’ll be adding made in Honduras products as they become available from Gildan/American Apparel. This will be a slow process – they expect to have all products available again by the end of 2017. We’ll keep you updated via email.

These products will be discontinued by Gildan/American Apparel:

1. American Apparel 4041 infant long sleeve one-piece

2. American Apparel RSA5154 kids California fleece raglan

  • We’ll continue fulfilling these while we have stock, but we don’t have an alternative in place yet

3. American Apparel RSAKWBN-2 unisex cuffed beanie

  • We will be adding a Bayside alternative

We’ll also update this blog post again and send email notifications as soon as our production is back to normal. If you haven’t already, make use of our alternatives tool so you can automatically set non-American Apparel products as back-ups.


First things first: what exactly happened to American Apparel?

American Apparel (AA) is an instantly recognizable brand, but it has struggled for some time. It hasn’t been profitable since 2009 and it filed for bankruptcy for the first time back in 2015. After some restructuring, American Apparel continued operations for a while, but it filed for a second bankruptcy a little over a year later in November 2016.

In early January 2017, the Canadian apparel maker Gildan Activewear acquired American Apparel in a bankruptcy auction with a bid worth around $88 million. Gildan bought American Apparel’s manufacturing equipment and intellectual property rights, but it chose not to assume the leases of AA’s factories and distribution center in California. The deal also didn’t  include American Apparel’s retail stores, which will be closed this year.

Where will American Apparel’s goods be manufactured in the future?

In short, no one really knows right now. At the time of purchase, Gildan hadn’t decided what to do with the manufacturing part of the American Apparel business – they said they’ll lay out more concrete plans for AA’s future at the end of February.

One of the main questions on everyone’s lips is: will Gildan keep manufacturing American Apparel products in the USA? The Canadian company mostly produces its goods in the Caribbean and Central America. It has some manufacturing plants in the USA, but the only article of finished clothing produced there is socks. Gildan hasn’t ruled out the possibility that it’ll keep American Apparel production in the USA, but no decisions have been announced publicly yet. We’ve heard through the grapevine that Gildan might keep manufacturing some of AA’s more popular products in the US, but the production would move away from California.

Gildan reportedly beat companies like Next Level Apparel, Amazon and Forever 21 in the bankruptcy auction with its $88-million bid. The high bid suggests that Gildan sees value in the American Apparel brand and has plans for it, but we’ll just have to wait and see what exactly the Canadian company decides to do.

What does all of this mean for Printful and our customers?

When an industry leader like American Apparel experiences problems, they impact everyone. At the moment, there is some stock of American Apparel products still available, but it’s limited and will run out unless Gildan resumes production of AA items in the coming weeks.

From what we’ve heard, production of AA products should resume at some point, but it’s not clear where and when exactly it’ll happen. It might take a couple of weeks, but it could also be a question of months.

We’re buying as much of the remaining AA stock as we can. However, it’s not a long-term solution – we estimate that the stock we’re buying should be enough for at least a month. But if you’re not prepared to wait for an indefinite amount of time for AA to resume manufacturing under Gildan and don’t want to risk delayed orders upsetting your customers, we strongly recommend switching to alternative products.

You should be able to find comparable alternatives for American Apparel products among our other brands. For example, the American Apparel 2380 cropped t-shirt can be easily replaced by LA Apparel 2332 cropped tee with tear away label, which is also made in the USA.


Switch from American Apparel 2380 cropped tee to LA Apparel 2332 cropped t-shirt with tear away label

If you’re searching for an alternative to the classic American Apparel 2001 men’s t-shirt, we have several options:

For all other models, you’ll have to do some digging around. Choose between US and non-US made apparel, look at the colors available for different products, and decide between other factors like price, fabric weight, etc.

What’s Printful doing to prepare?

As mentioned before, we’re buying as much American Apparel stock as possible to fulfill all current orders. It should be enough for at least a month. But as long as Gildan’s plans for AA are unknown, it’s better to have other options. This is why we’re working hard to provide even more quality alternatives to American Apparel products for you to choose from, both US and non-US made.

We’re closely collaborating with LA Apparel. It’s a new company, but has considerable experience behind it (it was created by the founder and former CEO of American Apparel). LA Apparel offers high-quality products made in the USA. Some of their customizable shirts are already available on our site, and you can expect more to be added in the future.

Printful is one of the few printing companies currently working with LA Apparel. So we’re better positioned to face potential troubles with AA’s stock and to continue investing in American-made products.

We’re committed to helping our customers through this transition. If you have any questions or need some help choosing alternative products for your store, our support team is always available.

Prepare your ecommerce store now!

Until Gildan announces its intentions, we won’t know when and how American Apparel will return. If the situation at AA stabilizes and it resumes production, we’ll let you know and you’ll have the option to choose American Apparel products again. But if the delays in production extend into months, you can probably expect product discontinuations.

That’s why to avoid unpleasant surprises with out of stock items we strongly recommend choosing alternative products to replace AA ones. If it’s important for you that the garment is made in the US, look in the direction of LA Apparel. Or check out our other brands if the country of origin isn’t a priority. We’ll keep adding new products for you to choose from, as well as new color options for the products already available.

We’ll keep you updated about any new developments concerning American Apparel and new products. Got any questions in the meantime? Contact for help.

UPDATE (02/15/2017):

Gildan has published a statement about the current situation with American Apparel. They say that while they work on the transition, there will be a temporary interruption in the AA service. But Gildan believes that the integration should be completed by late February.

We’ll make sure to inform you if Gildan shares any more news!

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    1. Nora Inveiss

      We recently added two new sublimation crewneck t-shirts from LA Apparel; I linked to them in another comment. We’re looking at more options for our other styles, and we also plan to launch cut & sew sublimation t-shirts in the future.

      1. Gilles Bone

        Is there news about sublimation tank tops since they are the ones that show less defects? A Unisex tank top is a must.

          1. Shaun

            Print Aura seems to have a solution by using Bella Canvas(Raglan Long sleeve tee), I hate looking at other services(different interface) but I’m forced to use them because Printful hasn’t come up with a solution fast enough(still hasn’t), usually this is a sort of thing that should be dealt with the utmost urgency behind the scenes to avoid what already happening to Printfuls customer base, for example myself I’ve had to make orders that should’ve been Printfuls I cant image what the total cumulative effect this is on Printful…

          2. Nora Inveiss

            Hey Shaun! Do you mean the Bella + Canvas 3501? We also have that model available at Printful here.

            We understand your frustration and we’re finding alternatives as quickly as we can. There’s a lot of work that goes into it – it takes time waiting for orders to arrive, testing quality, and programming products into our database. We’re doing our best 🙂

      2. Pete Ellison

        Ok, thanks for the heads up – that is great to hear, actually 🙂 I was having a lot of fun designing for the sublimation tees and got quite a few fans for my designs, but was hoping a cut & sew option would become available. I’ll watch out for it! Sublimation hoodies would be amazing too. Best of luck with the transition.

      3. Chris Kimmelshue

        Printful <3 the work you guys do.Sad to hear about AA. Hopefully things will look up for them.Thanks a lot for the alternatives. The quality of your prints and shirts are absolutely awesome.Love the new sublimation crewneck t-shirts from LA Apparel. It would be nice to see Sublimation hoodies & Board shorts in the near future.

        1. Nora Inveiss

          Yes, we’re certainly hoping things turn around for American Apparel soon! As for your requests, we are planning on expanding our sublimation line. Hoodies may be in the works, but I don’t think board shorts are, at least for now.

  1. Leandro Silva

    The most frustrating thing about this, is the e-commerce side of things. I put up an entire store with over 400 variants over the course of 6 weeks, 80% being american apparel. And through shopify/printful I’d have to update every single product individually. So when it’s said “we strongly recommend switching to alternative products.” keep in mind that depending on how developed your store is, this is not as simple and it means replacing your entire inventory (which translates as days -or weeks- of lost work). I have a $2k local ad/banner being placed on busy locations here in Los Angeles after having launched my store for just over 2 weeks now. And now I need to find a solution since my entire store is in jeopardy. I understand it’s hard to find ‘who’s to blame’. But on the customer side of things, the platform should allow us a way to perform this ‘quick trigger’ action to control this damage caused by AA. From where I see things, if you’re thinking about starting your e-commerce, talk to people that have been in business before and their experience about those vendors and the e-commerce platforms. I’ve put so much of my personal time on this project and it seems it was all for nothing now.

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Thank you for your feedback, I’ll pass it along to our project managers.

      We understand that this is time-consuming for a lot of our customers. We’re working on a couple of ideas/tools that’ll make switching products easier:

      1. An alternative products database. When an item is discontinued, the email we’ll send will also display the most suitable alternative.

      2. An auto-swapper that’ll automatically choose and print an alternative product you have designated in case something is unavailable.

      1. Adrian Sane

        I think that “auto swapper” idea is brilliant. It would certainly save me weeks of work as all I would have to change is the product description in my e-commerce….. Please keep us posted. I’m subscribed.

        1. Jeff

          I second this – I have a ton of work invested in three different stores and almost products are American Apparel. An Auto-switcher would be massively appreciated in case I need to migrate my products to a different supplier.

        2. Randal Bennett

          I third this. I have probably 40-50 products each with 5 or 6 variants, all on a single AA product. Would be hugely simple if I can substitute entire line. For now, maybe include a note with each order?

      2. Leo Silva

        Thank you for your thorough follow up. I have nothing but good things to say about Printful so far. As frustrating the AA issue is, Printful has been a great partner so far. After the whole night of no sleep, I’ve just got done changing all my T shirt inventory over to the Bella Canvas 3001 (on the bright side, they have a unisex fit, making it easier swapping 2 variants for 1 when it comes to sex). For a specific collection, I used the LA Apparel Men and Women, since I don’t require multiple colors on it (they only come in black and white for Men and white only for women). Hopefully they turn out alright, I haven’t run any tests on those | The ‘auto-swapper’ will definitely be a game changer. Good luck to all my fellow printfulers out there. Cheers.

      3. Stefan

        I agree. Simply recreating new products is a nightmare. Updating every product description is not good either.

        Here’s your chance to step up Printful.

      4. Zach

        An easy way to swap our existing products for an alternative is really a must have. No offense, but if I need to spend tens/hundreds of hours swapping out all my products, it would be stupid for me not to consider other vendors. I understand the complexities of designing such a tool, but this should be prioritized.

      5. Bert Ernie

        I am in the same position. Going to have to change for another brand. Looking at the Gildan 2000 which I have used before. But the most annoying part – realising that you only stock part of the 61 colours available. The biggest reason I went for the AA 2001 was the beautiful colours. So please consider stocking some more colours.
        As for the auto-swapper that sounds like a good idea.

        1. Nora Inveiss

          Thanks for the feedback! We’ll be adding colors for our most popular products. We ultimately want to fill the place of all affected American Apparel models, colors and styles included. We’ll keep you guys informed.

          1. Ashley Hill

            Please consider adding some Bella & Canvas sweatshirts. We’ve used them in the past and they were great. I’m not thrilled about having to replace our AA sweatshirt we’ve been using with you to either Gilden or Hanes.

          1. NUFdog2161

            Nora, I’m was just about to launch 12 shops at once but am holding off until I know I can deal with this in the future without having to re-work my product details for alternative stock.
            I for one have to be careful that what gets sent is the same as described on the shop-front.
            If your auto-switcher can replace the item description to, then I would be happy to go with Printful exclusively. At the moment I use WooCommerce so have Printful, Print Aura and Inkthreadable each serving different products of the same design, allowing the customer to choose or backorder as appropriate. That way, anything out of stock (or unavailable due to bankrupty) has no effect as long as I get OOS signals.
            Your auto switcher is a great idea, but if it doesn’t switch the description at the same time, us retailers could be in for a rough ride if we deliver not as described items, because we will be judged by lots of current eBay & Amazon customers that are used to getting as described. If we send alternatives without prior agreement, then we will only end up pushing them away from us independants and back to eBay and Amazon.
            The auto-switcher is a brilliant idea, and apologies if you have this functionality already because I havent used it yet.
            But if it was possible to hold a generic Partner specific description snippet for each different garment, either hosted by printful or on each partners shopify or other database. Then provide a javascript to display the relevant snippet according to the auto-switcher, ie show alternative description or not. Then that would sort out the issues now and for in the future. It would retain customers by ensuring we send AS described. And we get to sleep at nights when products are OOS or “indeterminately unavailable”. And it takes the worry out of using just one provider. And it means partners don’t have to create OOS alternatives from other suppliers. And a lot more advantages including partner retention, built-in disaster contingency, reduced customer acquisition costs, reduced customer walkaways, better Google stats (where sites show product availability meta – Google will down rank sites with high unavailable stock – my current solution of duplicate designs on alternate garments gives high OOS counts – which is bad ), and there’s probably a few others too.
            Hope that makes sense.
            So yes to auto-switcher and I appreciate the work – but can it switch the garment specific description, and can it do this at the point of sending OOS so that each partner site can display the alternative description before the point of order, to ensure the customer gets what they ordered. I know the alternative is to just be generic in the garment description – but Brands attract Customers – that’s why the AA unavailability IS AN ISSUE. And not all garments are equal – especially when the alternative is clearly a different Brand.
            Keep up the good work.

          2. Nora Inveiss

            Thanks for the feedback – I’ll pass it along to our developers. The alternatives product feature currently doesn’t change the description on the storefront, and we’re aware that’s a drawback for some. The brand definitely matters and it’s important that your customers get the products as advertised. For now, we wanted to launch the minimum viable product as an emergency measure so you guys have something to work with. We know it’s not 100% perfect, but we’ll keep tweaking and making it more usable.

      6. Cat

        The auto-swapper sounds great except our customers aren’t receiving the product they viewed. It might be fine for black, white, grey, or all over print shirts but anything with color is going to be different. Is this “auto-swapper” going to automatically update my webpage with the shirt type people will actually be receiving?

    2. John

      I think many drop shippers are in this dilemma. It’s really frustrating. It would be nice to hear from Printful that they are move quickly to find alternatives.

      LA Apparel would be great but they only carry shirts in black & whites. We hope Gildan keeps the lights on for the American Apparel and manufacturing plants.

      Please keep us updated.

  2. Adrian Sane

    This will be a BIG transition for me to make in my store. I’ll be researching the alternatives offered by printful, but also how I can update my entire marketplace with apparel changes with as little work as possible. Somehow though, I see long nights in my future.

      1. guy

        This hustle could be taken care of by Printful fixing their Shopify plug to update changes in garments/styles/sizes and other changes.

        It might take some work on Printful’s part, but it would save thousands of hours of work on their partner’s side.

  3. Edwin

    We recommend switching to Bella + Canvas 3001. The quality is spot on and the fabric is just as soft as American Apparel. They have a great selection of colors and a better price break than American Apparel :).

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Thanks for the tip! That’s one of our crowd favorites – soft and comfortable with a lot of colors to choose from.

        1. Liva Spandega Post author

          As Nora said in another comment, we’re working hard to expand the selection available, so whenever anything new is ready, we’ll definitely announce it.

    2. Jeff

      I have been using the Bella + Canvas 3414 and 8403 (women’s tank) and experienced fraying at the edges on both products. The seam stitching literally came apart and I repeatedly need to trim spare threads. Is this also the case with the 3001?

    3. Ben

      It looks like the neckholes on the Bella 3001 are super deep compared to the AA tshirts. Is this accurate? Or are the pictures just misleading? Thanks for the recommendation

  4. S.C.

    I appreciate this post so much. My shop is very American Apparel heavy so I’m dying a little inside lol but I appreciate having these couple weeks to get some samples going and find some fitting alternatives. The American Apparel BB301 tees are popular in my shop, and I’m eager to find an alternative with as flattering a neckline, fit, and ample color variety. If anyone has some suggestions, please comment.

    When may we expect more colors to be added to the other brands available (i.e. the Bella+Canvas 8413 Ladies’ Triblend Short Sleeve T-Shirt)? Also, will there be other brands available at Printful for children’s tees and onepieces? If so, when may we anticipate them?

    Thanks again for this post. Everyone who’s affected by this, we will get through this!

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Good luck with your search – if you reach out to they can help pick out alternatives for the BB301.

      As for new colors, we’re definitely working hard to expand our current stock and selection, but I can’t say for certain what our product timeline is. We did do some tests for more Bella+Canvas 8413 colors a while back, but I”m not sure what the status is there at the moment. We are adding more kids and baby products from Rabbit Skins – those should be available very soon.

      1. Jacki

        Terrible news re: AA, but excellent news re: Rabbit Skins! We are peparing to launch our baby+kids store, and we’ve been stockpiling designs for the AA line of many colors…relying on it entirely, actually…so it’s good to know we should pause a moment and see what colors etc come in from Rabbit Skins. Hurray for some East Coast help!

      2. S.C.

        Thanks for your response. I saw the Rabbit Skins additions, today, and they look promising! Looking forward to ordering some samples.

    2. Corey Wesley Washington

      Our online store was also American Apparel heavy. Next Level is a great brand. I’m trying my hardest to have Printful stock more of their styles. I feel your pain. Our products are for men, and we are very familiar with Next Level, so we were comfortable switching to their poly-cotton #6200, but Printful does not offer enough color variety in these styles. They do, however, have tons of styles to choose from. I wish you the best in finding an alternative.

      1. S.C.

        Thanks, Corey. I just ordered a few samples of the Bella and Canvas and Anvil tees. Fingers crossed that a few of them work out!

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Yes, we just launched two new LA Apparel sublimation crewneck t-shirts in a men’s and women’s cut. And we’re continuing to look at more options for other sublimation styles.

  5. Stef

    Baby and children’s clothing is currently the biggest part of my shop. Currently there are not any alternatives, and this in fact was the reason I chose to work with Printful (do to the high demand for baby apparel from my customers). I just want to ensure that replacements are being looked at for this category as well. Thank you for the article!

  6. Megan

    Hey, all! Thanks for so much information on this all. To piggyback on Stef’s question above, do you have apparel coming in for Toddler sizes? Thanks so much for quickly replacing the baby apparel!

    1. Liva Spandega Post author

      We’re looking for alternatives to American Apparel products. As you saw, we recently added some baby apparel by Rabbit Skins, and we’ll definitely announce it when new products are available.

      1. Sarah

        How soon will you have toddler sizes available? As of right now, there is nothing. I had many shirts in my store for toddlers and now I can’t offer any. Please let us know ASAP.

        1. Coleen Friedlander

          I just asked the same question below. Rabbit skins has toddler shirts… any chance you can get those up on the site so we can offer them. Of course, the timing of this problem arrives at the exact same time, I started offering toddler sizes… GRRRR

        2. Nora Inveiss

          We’re still looking for the best option – we tested Rabbit Skins and weren’t happy with the quality. We’re waiting on samples from LA Apparel and looking for suppliers that are available in Europe and the US. We’ll keep you guys updated as soon as we’ve added alternatives.

  7. Janet

    Printful, you need more sweatshirts!! The American Apparel sweatshirt was the ONLY CHOICE for a non-hoodie. Can you please add Bella + Canvas sweatshirts style 3901? What about Alternative Apparel?? You need to add more options for this now or I’ll have to eliminate a ton of products.

  8. Ashley Hill

    Thank you for the update. Fingers crossed Gilden continues manufacturing AA and there is a smooth transition. In the meantime, the AA raglan sweatshirt is our best seller, and you don’t currently offer a comparable product (100% cotton). If you’d be kind enough to add a 100% cotton sweatshirt to the ‘alternative’ request list, we would GREATLY appreciate it!

    Many thanks and best of luck with all this. I know it’s a great deal of work for you all.

    1. Marianna Zvaigzne

      Thanks for the support, Ashley! Looking for alternatives is going to be an ongoing process, so keep an eye out for new product announcements.

  9. Ginger Hoesly

    I’ve been doing my best to run with non-AA brands for some time due to the difficulty in obtaining the brand outside of drop-shippers, but what has majorly prevented me from doing all Anvil, or offering Bella, is how lacking in colors these brands are on Printful. The Gildan 64000 comes to mind, as well as the lesser variations in colors available in the Anvil 880, and no equivalent to the Bella 3001 given for ladies. I hope that in order to make up for this ordeal with American Apparel that we are given more options at the equal or cheaper price-point. I would LOVE to do all my shirts on the Anvil 980/880 and/or the Bella 3001/6004 but I need the colors in unisex and ladies to do that.

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Thanks for the feedback and very good point. We’re planning on adding more colors for the more popular models. The Bella + Canvas 3001 and 8413 will be two of the shirts we focus on.

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Thanks for the feedback and concern. What draws us to LA Apparel is the quality of their products and the years of experience the leadership has in the industry. The products are all high quality, very similar to American Apparel products, and they’re made in the USA.

  10. Andrea

    Is Printful looking at other US made options in addition to LA Apparel to replace all the AA products? Like carrying more Bayside products other than just hats? My entire shop is all US made and I’d like to be able to keep it that way while still providing multiple options for my customers.

    1. Marianna Zvaigzne

      Hi, Andrea– offering a selection of US-made products is important for us as well, and we’re considering different options to find the best possible alternatives.

  11. Scott

    I have to STRONGLY object to the pushing of LA Apparel here. I feel, as I’m sure many others do, unequivocally opposed to doing any business with LA Apparel’s CEO, Dov Charney, due to the vast number of accusations and lawsuits that have been brought against him in the past.

    I love working with Printful, and while I understand why you offer LA Apparel as an option, I implore you to offer other US-Made alternatives.

    1. Marianna Zvaigzne

      Scott, thanks for your reply! Well, he’s definitely the kind of person who’ll always have his share of supporters and opponents. As you can see in some of the other comments here, we’re focused on finding the best possible solution.

    2. Corey Wesley

      Scott… Thank you. I posted the same thing.

      Printful continues to PUSH LA Apparel, and it’s unacceptable. I STRONGLY object as well. I understand making a suggestion, but it is beginning to be annoying.

      Why would any business owner in their right mind what to do business with Dov Charney, CEO of LA Apparel knowing the accusations and lawsuits from the past are a mile long? I am with you 100%

      1. Nora Inveiss

        What drew us to LA Apparel is the quality of the products. We have a huge demand for American Apparel products, and LA Apparel offers the closest possible alternative. We by no means want to force you guys to use LA Apparel for your stores, it’s simply there for those of you who want to use it. And in the future we’ll keep looking for more made in the USA alternatives for those of you who want other options.

        And thanks for speaking out – your points are certainly valid and it’s important for us to know what our customers are thinking.

  12. Barre Bee

    If I paid 88 Clams for a company, I would probably want to keep the lights on, but you never knowwwwww??? I would bet on the lights will be on for the shirts off party!

  13. Corey Wesley Washington

    All of our products, (Kinkster.NYC) WERE on Apparel Apparel. We’ve sampled other options, and nothing compares. However, before we started using Printful, we were printing on Next Level Style #6210. Due to all the troubling emails about American Apparel, we switched our products to the Next Level #6200 last night in the meantime. We are familiar with the company and extremely satisfied with their style #6210. We feel safe changing it.

    Each time we’ve asked Printful to stock this Next Level style, we’re repeatedly told to add it to the request form. If you call Customink and ask them to stock a style, within weeks, they have the style.

    The sad part with Printful is the voting process before a t-shirt style is considered. If others are not familiar with the style, they won’t vote for it when they don’t know about, and that style would never get it stocked or considered.

    We would switch all of the products immediately to Next Level #6210, like right this second if you had that style.

    The tri-blend Bella Canvas comes close to American Apparel quality and Next Level, but it’s horribly thin. The tri-blend Bella Canvas is not a style men want to wear because it’s so thin, our brand is for men.

    The current Next Level 3600 you offer is too thick, and not a fashionable style to sell to customers. However, it’s perfect for a uniform, catering company or charity, it’s not ideal to sell as a fashion brand.

    How can we get the # 6210 Next Level Men’s CVC Crew Premium? They have tons of colors, styles and Next Level is one of the best companies around. It’s so much better than American Apparel. I’ve been in the t-shirt game for 7+ years.

    Our customers rave over the #6210 Next Level, stocking more of the brands and styles from Next Level, for us, there would be no concerns or problems. We would be triumphal, and Printful would have a fashion-forward style. I guarantee Printful customers will also be happy.

    The Next Level styles and especially style #6210 (Next Level) is the solution and would resolve all issues with American Apparel.

    We’ve honestly lost customers switching to Printful because we lost the quality of our product. We’re dealing with because we love the printing, but the styles you offer are not fashion-forward for brands like us.

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Thanks for the feedback. With American Apparel’s stock problems, we’ll be looking at which new models to add and exploring our existing brands’ options. I’ll pass along the Next Level 6210 to the project managers working on it, as well as your request for more fashion-forward choices.

      In terms of choosing new products to add, the feature request page isn’t the only factor we consider. We look at availability from our suppliers and whether we’ll be able to count on reliable stock. We also do a lot of testing to make sure print quality meets our standards. And we want our products to be available in the generators as of launch, which also takes time designing and programming. So there’s a lot that goes into adding new products, but we’re speeding things up and working harder now to get you guys more choices.

      1. Corey Wesley

        Thanks, Nora. I hope we can get The Next Level #6210 soon. I also tweeted the CEO, Davis today in the hope that he can do something.

        I’ve also noticed in a lot of the responses, LA Apparel is being shoved in our faces. I know Printful have a relationship with the company, but it’s like Printful is focusing them on us, and I find that be disheartening.

        1. Nora Inveiss

          Thanks for this feedback too 🙂

          We’re suggesting LA Apparel because their products are identical to American Apparel’s, so it’s the most compatible alternative. I’m sorry it comes off as shoving it in your faces.

          We’re also continuing to look at other brands – Bella + Canvas is another big one we’d like to expand.

    2. Stefan

      Corey…Thanks for sharing all that. And Printful should not be so cagey about the way they answer things. They should do something dynamic about this situation and stop with the canned political answers. This is a huge pain in the ass. And stop telling me to have a marvelous *&^%$ day when we’re obviously stressed about situations that effect our business.

      1. Corey Wesley

        Stefan, thank you. I like working with Printful, and really want to stay; I think they have the potential to be huge. However, they have to start listening to us. I also agree the canned political answers are for the birds. The canned political answers are frustrating, fake and unbelievable. Plus, they do not work in e-commerce and especially with social media and technology.

        I tweeted the CEO today. As business owners, we’re in these together. They have to do better. Our relationship with Printful is a business to business relationship and not retail customer service.

    3. Patrick

      Is the 6210 a tri-blend? If yes, I whole-heartedly second this motion. Our store primarily sells tri-blend shirts and we were going to have to go with the bella canvas as it’s the only other tri option that Printful offers. Sucks to hear how thin it is – we haven’t done any samples of it with our designs yet.

      1. Nora Inveiss

        The Bella + Canvas 3413 is one of our more popular shirts – it’s very soft and gets good reviews from other customers. But definitely test out a sample to see if you’re happy with it.

  14. John

    Thanks for the update. I don’t see an option to change shirts in the printify app so does that mean I have re-upload every single item that I sell in American Apparel? Is there going to be an option for auto swapping soon? Thank you.

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Do you mean Printful? 🙂

      You can change your products by going to Dashboard -> Stores -> Sync -> Edit. If you have a lot of products, we recommend deleting your products and adding them again through the push generator.

        1. Corey Wesley

          Stefan, I feel your pain.

          I had my staff open a separate browser window to view the product descriptions, they then opened a new window to re-created the product though the push generator, copied and pasted the description in the new window, the did not publish from the push-generator. I had them verify all the existing information was entered correctly, add the tags again, and checked the SEO which is carried over from the description.

          We also made sure the URL was the same. Deleted the old one First, then publish the new one. This way, if the URL is shared across social media, you won’t lose anything or get any (404s). If you post before the old one is deleted, it will generate a -1 at the end of the URL. It was a pain, but my team and I did ours within an hour or two.

          I found it easier than going through Printful to change the style, that’s even worse. I high suggest re-creating them via the push generator. TRUST ME.

  15. James Wright

    I have actually been preparing to use Bella since AA is on the fritz. Now, with this announcement, I’m fearing the Bella inventory will be even more unavailable as I go to launch. Especially, since my sample order place 2 days ago has 3 colors completely out of stock as of today.

    I understand this is a growing time for printful, but I don’t think I can justify starting a business right now while your main supplier (for the good stuff) is going under. You’ll eventually figure it out, no question. But, it just doesn’t make sense at the moment.

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Hey James, Bella + Canvas should still continue running smoothly. I can’t verify for certain without an order number, but the colors for your sample orders may just be temporarily out of stock. This is normal – we don’t carry inventory of all of our products. We stock more after orders are made; it’s all calculated in our fulfillment time.

      Keep in mind that American Apparel going under affects the entire industry, so this is a problem almost all POD dropshippers are facing. We’re working as hard and as quickly as possible to bring you guys quality, made in the USA alternatives.

      1. James Wright

        Excellent, thanks so much. Keep up the great work. I can’t imagine how this will impact the industry, but you all will figure it out.

        I second the notion of using Royal Apparel. They are far superior to AA in my opinion.

  16. Ana

    So, my store is only one month old, I can make the transition but I am a bit lost in the kids shirts options. I had AA kids and youth, the first sizes 2/4/6 and youth 8/10/12. Now the other brands just have small, medium, etc…. How do I know the ages for those? TIA

    1. Marianna Zvaigzne

      Hi there, Ana! It’s going to take a bit of research. You should probably start with checking out the size guides available on our site for each of the products. You could also take a look at the dimensions of the AA garment (on their website) and use that to find the corresponding size for the other brands. Hope that helps!

  17. Robert

    Can you confirm if you will be getting a long sleeve comparable to the AA 2007? This would be a huge loss for my business.

  18. Bob

    Thank you Printful for making us aware of this, and for recommending solutions now rather than later. It is good to see a company be proactive. I just finished almost a year of test and design work and had all my clothing samples printed on American Apparel. Was going to set-up my Shopify store this weekend but now I am thinking twice about doing so. With the possibility of American Apparel not being available I will need to look at the alternatives and pay for more samples. (I do not offer customers anything I have not seen and tested first.) My situation is far from the dilemma that some are in and they have mentioned here. I feel for you and hope all goes well. I guess I will delay opening the store, decide on an alternative and pay for more samples.

  19. Joe

    I just recently started testing with you and I’m very pleased with your print quality. If I could make a suggestion on American Made shirts, please try Royal Apparel on the east coast. I’ve used them for years and they make an excellent product with a similar cut to AA. They may not have the product depth of AA but their pricing is good, they offer free freight and are very willing to do custom work for you. Great customer service with no drama. You can find them at Ask for Glen, he’s a great guy.

  20. George Tolakis

    This is very unfortunate news…

    the biggest issue I see with switching to another supplier, besides the whole ‘made in USA’ thing that was a selling point in the first place, is that AA offered an unmatched variety of colors. It’s hard to replace some of them, even with an auto-swapper app, as suggested (which is still a great short term solution).

    1. Marianna Zvaigzne

      George, this is definitely going to be a challenge for all of us. We’ll be doing our best to expand our selection of colors where possible. Stay tuned for updates!

      1. Mark Lyder

        Yes color options are a must, there may be lots of alternatives available as far as quality but a majority of the options have only 3 to 7 color options available. I’m curious, why aren’t more colors available on Printful when the manufacturer offers much more? (i.e. Tultex 245 Unisex Fine Jersey Raglan Tee /w Tear Away Label, Printful offers 4 colors but Tultex actually offers 12) Do you plan on supplying more of these colors in preparation of AA’s depletion? I used the 3/4 sleeve raglan as an example because that’s one of my products which will take a serious hit considering there are no alternatives with the color collection of AA’s raglan.

        1. Nora Inveiss

          A lot of it comes down to testing print quality and the color’s popularity. Before adding a product, we do a lot of testing to make sure the print quality meets our standards. Some colors simply don’t print as well as others. And if we add a color and it doesn’t end up selling well, we’ll sometimes discontinue.

          We added the Tultex quite recently and given what’s going on with American Apparel, it’s possible that we’ll add more colors.

  21. Dan Vega

    So should we just start moving all of our products away from AA now or will this out of stock be temporary? I am really bummed out about this because I have ordered about 10 shirts over the last 2 months (all AA) just to make sure the quality was something I can stand behind. The men’s AATR401 (tri-blend) is an awesome t-shirt and the athletic grey is a perfect color. Any ideas what I would move to from that?

    1. Liva Spandega Post author

      Hey Dan, unfortunately we don’t know yet what Gildan plans to do with American Apparel (including if and when they plan to resume production). As long as their plans are uncertain, it’s best to start looking at alternative products so that when their stock runs out you’re covered.

      About AATR401 – have you checked out Bella + Canvas 3413 triblend short sleeve t-shirt? It’s also available in athletic grey.

      1. Dan Vega

        Thanks for the reply. I saw grey but totally missed that there was an athletic grey so thank you!

        I noticed that all of the men’s and women’s tanks are showing in stock in my store. Do I need to find a replacement for these as well? They are all AA and they still show up in the generator.

        1. Liva Spandega Post author

          Hi, Dan,

          There is still some stock of AA products available so their products haven’t disappeared yet. But you might want to start looking at possible alternatives in case the available stock does run out and Gildan still hasn’t resumed production of AA products by then.

  22. Jordan

    Are you planning on adding more colors to the LA Apparel?

    With only black and white options, and very few cut options, that is in no way a viable option for me while I’m trying to plan my store out. I wouldn’t mind using the brand, but thats not very promising so far.

    1. Liva Spandega Post author

      Hi, Jordan, we’ll keep adding new color options to our products, so stay tuned – we’ll make sure to announce it when something new is available. In the meantime, you can check out our other brands, like Bella + Canvas or Anvil, which offer different colors to choose from.

  23. jamie flanigan

    For me – it’ll be easier to delete a whole product line and redo it with another shirt. I just can’t find a way to DELETE. I only see IGNORE and UNSYNC. Can I somehow delete, though??

    1. Nora Inveiss

      You’ll have to delete products on your ecommerce store first. Then go back to Printful -> Dashboard -> Sync -> Refresh data. Your products should then be deleted on Printful’s side too.

  24. Desperate Customer

    Lets hope and pray that we will continue to use American Apparel 2001 tees, Printful, we need you more than ever, its one of you guys most popular brands

    1. Nora Inveiss

      We also hope American Apparel will return – Gildan probably sees value in the brand. But we’ll have to wait and see.

  25. School Of Rejecks

    So what is the alternative for the sweaters and hoodies? I only see two choices and most of the sweaters we had were only american appareal sadly. I think the auto swapper would be a great idea and save us time. Especially since so much work is put in to set up the store.

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Unfortunately, those are the only two choices right now, but we’re adding more. We have a Hanes sweatshirt coming soon and we’ll continue to look for more options.

  26. Mike

    Will you be looking for a pullover hoodie alternative? The Gildan hoodies are… not good… cheap yes. Anyway, any chance you guys will get the next level PCH Pullover Hoody? That would be awesome. 😀

    1. Nora Inveiss

      We will be looking for more hoodies, yes! We have one from Hanes coming up, I’m not sure about other brands yet. Do you mind giving more feedback about the Gildan? What don’t you like about it?

  27. Elizabeth

    Thank you for the heads up, and thank you for the effort in offering locally made products.

    I agree with the others who would love an “auto-replacement” feature built in. I don’t have a huge store, but I also support other sites that do. It would be a huge time saver!

  28. Adam

    I’ve changed all of my items over to the Bella + Canvas 3001 – thanks for the recommendations (commenters) and headsup (printful)!

    I have one piece of feedback regarding the Bella + Canvas 3001 in the mockup generator. The shirt mockup looks downright frumpy compared to those generated by the American Apparel layout. Just the way it’s placed in the photograph or something, I’m really not digging it. Anybody else feel this way or am I just reacting to change?

    1. Nora Inveiss

      I appreciate the feedback! I’ll ask our designer to take a look, but I’m not sure we’ll make any changes, at least not right away. Is there anything specific you don’t like about it?

      1. Adam

        I think it’s that with the B+C shirts the shoulders look small and narrow, and the belly looks big. It’s an unflattering shape with the wrinkles (it looks like me now rather than me in my 20s haha). It may also be the angle of the sleeves with the B+C shot; they are less OUT and more DOWN. Not sure how this affects the awesomeness of the shirt photograph but it’s a difference I noticed between it and the more appealing American Apparel mockup.

        Thanks for listening y’all.

    2. Adrian Sane

      I agree. The B+C mock-up looks sloppy compared to AA mock-ups. I know these shirts are generally just spread out on a table for photographers to take shots with, but, it would be nice if the mock-ups looked a bit more….. Uniform? As of now, the mock-up looks like someone actually took the shirt off their back and placed it in a table to be photographed. Please, PLEASE let us know if you, printful, will be creating new mock-ups for us to use in regards to B+C 3001. I’ve already started creating new mock-ups to switch out the AA ones I have in my store right now. I’d hate to have to make them twice.

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Thanks for the suggestion – I passed it along to our new product manager. For now we’re looking at LA Apparel as a made in the USA option.

  29. jamie

    No colored youth/kids shirts anymore, then? Only the “Princess shirt” comes in more colors than white/black/gray? SOS!

    1. Nora Inveiss

      I’m afraid those are the only colors available right now – the white/black/gray are among our most popular colors for kids.

      We’re still looking for alternative kids products. We’ll be testing options from LA Apparel and looking for other suppliers that are available both in the US and Europe.

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Hey Coleen! We’re still testing and looking for alternatives. We want to find a supplier that’ll be available both in the US and in Europe, and we’re waiting to test samples from LA Apparel. We’ve tested the Rabbit Skins toddler shirts and didn’t like the quality of printing results, so we had to keep looking.

      Stock levels for American Apparel products depends on the color – some colors still have a healthy stock, but some of the less popular colors are runnning out.

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Hey Elizabeth,

      Those products aren’t available in our push generators yet, so you’ll have to add them to your store manually. This video walks you through how to do that (skip to 4:20 or so).

  30. Logan

    I just wanted to add in my vote for Next Level!
    I only tested the 3600 and the racerback, while not as soft as American Apparel, they held up amazingly! My Next Level 3600 shirts were gym tested, so I drenched those things in sweat and hard activity! Probably over 20 washes and they still fit and look great! They also have the “fitted” look I love/need and tight sleeves for our bursting biceps lol.
    Looking through their website, they have plenty of options that look like great replacements for AA… Pullover and Zip hoodies,muscle shirts, tanks and even tri-blend hoodies. NEXT LEVEL PLEASE!!!
    Just my opinion, would love to see a brand that covers almost everything rather than having to mix and match brands as then sizing issues become a problem!

  31. Floyd

    RE: UPDATE (02/15/2017):
    Gildan has published a statement about the current situation with American Apparel. They say that while they work on the transition, there will be a temporary interruption in the AA service. But Gildan believes that the integration should be completed by late February.

    Are you currently able to purchase American Apparel and when do you think AA will be added back to the mockup generator?

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Hey Floyd! We are currently not able to purchase new American Apparel stock. When we found out about the disruption, we bought as much stock as we could and we’ll continue to print orders on the stock that we have. The amount depends on the products – some will run out more quickly than others.

      American Apparel products will be added back to the mockup generator when Gildan resumes production.

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Possibly! We used to offer it a while back, but we discontinued due to low demand. For now, we’ll stick to the LA Apparel models as a made in the USA option.

        1. Nora Inveiss

          Yes, they will! But we’re going to wait until we find out what’s going on with American Apparel before stocking more LA Apparel colors. If American Apparel continues to have problems, then we’ll look at which LA Apparel colors to add.

  32. Adrian Sane

    Any word yet on when you’ll be adding new colors to the Bella+Canvas 3001 line? This is what I’m using to replace ALL of the AA items in my store and, I have to admit, the available colors is kinda disappointing in comparison with what AA offered me. Not to mention that B+C colors look kind of dull by comparison. Thanks!

  33. Laryssa

    Literally just did a photoshoot for the AA zip up hoodies. Whats the ETA on replacement for this? I just finalized my store, about to publish when all the stock became unavailable. Thanks.

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Hey Laryssa, sorry to hear – that’s bad timing.

      We still have a healthy stock in black, white, and heather for this model, but we don’t have replacements for other colors yet.
      American Apparel issued this statement recently, so things might be back to normal soon. But it’s ultimately in Gildan’s hands.

  34. Siena

    Great to hear about LA Apparel. This is crucial for us as we are basing our shop on the promise of products made in the US from start to finish. This update made us very happy. Well done.

  35. appvn

    Great to come to your site as the information shared is good and is explained in simple words. Good stuff you are created, thank you for sharing a nice article.

  36. MandyB

    I have started using Royal Apparel, based in Long Island NY. They have gorgeous organic cotton, bamboo and hemp…..Most fabric made and sewn in the US. Their samples were beautiful, customer service very responsive with excellent fulfillment. Up until recently, it has been near impossible to source tees from the US, all were coming from China. I would suggest giving them a call-in just love their goods!

    1. Jessica


      I also love Royal Apparel! I was wondering if you have a print company that you work with that uses them? Or do you order the products and get them printed on your own?

      Any advice would be appreciated!!

  37. MandyB

    I have started using Royal Apparel, based in Long Island NY. They have gorgeous organic cotton, bamboo and hemp…..Most fabric made and sewn in the US. Their samples were beautiful, customer service very responsive with excellent fulfillment. Up until recently, it has been near impossible to source bamboo or hemp tees from the US, all were coming from China. I would suggest giving them a call-we just love their goods!

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Thanks for the suggestion! We’ve heard quite a few requests for Royal Apparel and we’re looking into it. The main drawback for us is they’re not available at any of our suppliers.

  38. John

    I appreciate the update. As February is soon over, is there any update? I was caught off-guard and have a request for the sublimation tank top that I will not have to cancel as there is no male/unisex alternative. I am really hoping things may turn around in the next day or two so I can fulfill this order, but I am worried I may have to look elsewhere. Can you please provide an update?

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Hey John,

      No update as of yet, unfortunately. We’ll let you know as soon as we know something; we’re also in the dark right now.

      But we actually still have a healthy stock of sublimation tank tops, so you can still put that order through!

        1. Nora Inveiss

          We have the American Apparel PL408 for men and the PL308 for women. Those both still have a healthy stock and we’re looking at alternatives from LA Apparel.

          1. John

            When I went to fulfill my PL408 order, that option was greyed out. I have removed it from my selling inventory as a result. Thank you.

          2. Nora Inveiss

            We’re likely launching LA Apparel sublimation tank tops next week, so we’ll have an alternative product up and running for you soon.

  39. Miguel

    I really wish Gildan would fix this asap. I ordered a few different samples and none of them compared to the AA 2001 shirts i am extremely disappointed. Tried Bella & canvas , Anvil 980, Bella & canvas 3001, (the anvil tees had threads from the collar hanging bad quality) , ive bought some next level shirts before and theyre also not that great. Was supposed to launch my Store March 13th, i panic’d didnt know what to do, tried printaura theyre horrible only choice is to choose a different shirt to represent my brand from printful HELPPP! 🙁

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Hey Miguel! Have you tried out the LA Apparel 20001? It’s exactly the same style and fit as the AA2001. It’s not available in as many colors at the moment, though.

  40. Dion Sekone-Fraser

    Hi There! I placed an order for an AA t-shirt before this announcement. I haven’t seen a hold or cancellation on my order. But, to be on the safe side/ Should I change the AA tri-blend I’ve already ordered to a different one?

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Thanks for reaching out! I found the order in question. We still have healthy stock of the AA tri-blend, so this product should be fine for a while. I’d still recommend having a backup in case there are problems. The Bella + Canvas 3413 is a great alternative.

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Working on it! Currently testing zip hoodies from Anvil and Bella + Canvas. Will likely go with the Anvil.

  41. Ashley

    Hi there, any new updates on this? The updated statement from Gildan indicated that they hoped to have things sorted by the end of February. If we haven’t heard, is it safe to assume AA products won’t be available through Printful for the foreseeable future?


    1. Nora Inveiss

      Hey Ashley! No update as of yet, but American Apparel’s wholesale website is up and running again as of today. So it looks like we may get some info soon.

        1. Nora Inveiss

          No update yet. Things are starting to move forward again, but we don’t have any hard facts to share. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we get a clear picture!

  42. Jessica

    It would be nice to have some sort of additional discount/ offer on samples of new products for those affected by this change…

    As an American Apparel heavy store that prides itself on USA/ LA-made, this is difficult. As a new and doesn’t-have-a-lot-of-cash business owner, this is kind of devastating. I have so many samples of my AA products and have done many product photo shoots with them… I don’t feel it would be fair to my customers to change the product (whether to Bella, LA apparel, whatever) but not have new photos to accurately represent them. So I will need to order all new samples…

    I love Printful because it has allowed me to slowly enter the world of selling t-shirts without buying inventory. Now I’m just worried I won’t be able to continue this venture.

    Any advice??

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Hey Jessica,

      Sorry to hear this is hitting you hard – we know it’s a struggle for a lot of our customers. We’re continuing to offer our 20% off and free shipping discount for samples.

      My advice would be to hold off on ordering new samples a little longer. Looking at your store, some of your products still have healthy stock and don’t need replacing. It also looks like we’ll have some more information about American Apparel very soon – their wholesale page is back up and running as of today.

  43. Dylan

    All over print for an American Apparel was $15, which allowed us ecommerce guys to turn a profit. The alternates being offered, LA Apparel, are $21. Theres no way I can justify charging $32 for a tank top just to make $6 profit after shipping and tax. Any idea if LA Apparel is going to be offered at comparable prices to what AA was?

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Hey Dylan! We have an LA Apparel sublimation tank tops coming out very soon, within the next couple of weeks. They’ll cost the same as the American Apparel ones.

  44. anthony

    what about royal apparel, groceries apparel, ect . They are made in America I know a lot of vendors and customer willing to pay more because it supports american jobs

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Royal Apparel is on our radar, but no plans to move forward with them right now. Groceries Apparel is a new one – I’ll pass along the suggestion.

  45. Amanda

    Any updates? Also, any plans for an alternative to the 2105 toddler size AA option? Currently, AA is your only option for 2T-6T size shirts, which are my main need. Thanks.

    1. Nora Inveiss

      No updates yet! It looks like things are moving forward again, so hopefully we’ll have an update for you all soon.

      As for size size 2T-6T shirts, we’re adding the Gildan 5100P.

          1. Carla Martell

            Any plans for an alternative to Gildan for kids? I’m wanting to use a company with a real commitment to ethical manufacturing and Gildan doesn’t fall into that category. LAT Apparel and Bella&Canvas do (as far as I can tell), and their quality is better than Gildan too. I’ve had samples of both from other providers and the printing has come out well on a number of colours.

          2. Nora Inveiss

            Yep! We’re currently testing LA Apparel kid’s models; those are made in the USA.

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Not yet. It looks like American Apparel is starting to pick things up again, but we’re still fine-tuning details.

      As for LA Apparel, we’ll be adding asphalt to the 20001. We’re holding off on more colors until we know what’s going on with American Apparel.

      1. Jacki

        Hi Nora and team, thank you for all of this information! Is this true for colors across the board? Specifically, I’ve noticed the Rabbit Skins baby options also lack in color choices–can we expect this to change in the very near future? I’m glad that you guys are testing more kids (2-6 yr) options, too, but we are nervous about launching in the middle of the confusion and are contemplating a delay in our timeline.

        Thanks again for working so hard on this product shift. I’m sure it’s stressful…

        1. Nora Inveiss

          It depends on the shirt model! Neutral colors like black, white, and gray are our most popular so we’re focusing on those and then slowly adding more colors for select products. For example, we added 12 new colors for the Bella+Canvas 8413. For Rabbit Skins, yes, we want to add more colors and make them more kid-friendly, but no ETA there.

          You can also see above in the blog update which American Apparel products and colors are coming back first. And yesterday we launched the Gildan 5100P toddler t-shirt!

          And thank you for your understanding in all of this. The situation is becoming more clear, so hopefully everything will be back to normal soon.

          1. Anna

            Are you guys still looking into other alternative for toddler shirts (other than Gildan)?

          2. Nora Inveiss

            Possibly in the future! But we’re not actively pursuing right now since we’ve added the Gildan 5100P.

    1. Nora Inveiss

      No news yet. Looks like things are starting to move forward for them again, but we’re still confirming how it impacts us.

  46. computron version1.0

    what about the sunshort unisex beach swintrunks? I was planning on buying 1 or a cupple of sets of those as I am shorter and boardshorts are just to long for me. These seamed like they would of been great for multifunction athletic wear/trunks. Hard to find style. I was quite disapointed to see them disapeare from the website without a trace. Are these coming back and or is there another unisex shorts like this one? thanks

    1. Nora Inveiss

      I’m not sure about those! We’ve never offered beach swimtrunks at Printful and most the info I have is about their shirts.

    1. Nora Inveiss

      That will be made in Honduras. We do have an alternative for the sub tanks though, the LA Apparel 408. It’s made in the USA and pretty much exactly the same as the American Apparel.

  47. Tony

    Hello any news? I really need some t-shirts made in the usa (that’s what my company sells)…also the few that are available have very limited color choice…plus I need sweatshirts and more. The current selection is really too limited. I am starting to think about moving to other platforms…Thanks

    1. Liva Spandega Post author

      Hey Tony,

      We just added back the American Apparel 2001 & 2102 to our push generator a few days ago! These tees are still made in the USA, so they’re definitely an option if US-made is what you’re looking for. The color selection is not very large at the moment, but we’ll keep adding back more colors and products as they become available. We’ll also keep you updated about any news concerning American Apparel and its stock.

      1. Tony

        Thank you Liva, I added the new shirts, it is not a big difference in terms of color compared to what was already available but I definitely take it as a positive signal, hoping that new styles and colors will be offered soon.

  48. Connor Fitzpatrick

    Hi! So I have been following the American Apparel product freeze, but I haven’t been able to see anything online about what is happening as of now. I saw that it said “May/June”, now it is mid July and I’m very curious as to the current situation and an updated time-frame as to when I can expect these products back on Printful. I have been enjoying the service here, but because 80% of my products are printed on AA, I had to freeze my website months ago. Very eager to have it back online to start making some customers and adding new designs.

    Hope to hear from someone on this.

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Hi Connor! Good question.

      The American Apparel 2001 and 2102 are available again (in select colors and sizes) and back in our mockup and push generators. All other products will be added slowly as they become available at Gildan.

    1. Nora Inveiss

      We’re also waiting for more news. We’ve got some American Apparel products back now, take a look at the top of this post!

  49. computron version1.0

    hi, a few months back I inquired about the AA swintrunks on here thinking it was the actual AA website. Thereafter I emailed AA about the item. Tried multiple atempts and they won’t even respond. It was the this ones I was talking about that just lead to a dead link they never even said or warned about it being discontinued so don’t know whats up with that. Is gildan making something similar? I’d want these but black or navy blue. They are hard to find trunks in my generation Only other company is chubbies n those are xtremely expencive.
    It sucks AA is falling apart. Probably one of the only manufacturers of unisex mens beach swintrunks like this ones. They wer the perfect length, I only got 1 of them before they got pulled.
    One other (?) does printful fulfill indevidual custum ordered shirts as well?


    1. Nora Inveiss

      That’s too bad about AA swimtrunks! We don’t currently offer them at Printful. I’m not sure if Gildan supplies them, but you can definitely take a look.

      And yes, Printful fulfills custom ordered t-shirts! No minimums, order as many or as few as you’d like. Browse our list of tees that we print on here.

  50. Bev

    What is going on with the youth and toddler AA t shirts? I am launching kids t shirts and I had planned on exclusively using AA. Now I am not sure there is a suitable replacement. How long will they be out of stock??

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Hey Bev! We actually re-launched the American Apparel 2105 and 2102, so those are going to be more reliably stocked moving forward. Only difference is that now they’re not made in the USA anymore. No update on the toddler stuff, but we have Rabbit Skins alternatives.

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