Guest posting on our blog isn’t available at the moment. Feel free to check back in the future.

If you have exceptional writing skills and would like to share your expertise in ecommerce marketing with more than 50,000 Printful blog readers, we want to hear from you!

Our readers are ecommerce business owners who are interested in content that helps them achieve business goals more efficiently. That’s why we expect content that is directly related to digital marketing and ecommerce.

We believe that successful guest contributions are comprehensive and data-driven. And even though we value your opinion, we prefer arguments that are researched thoroughly and based on concrete examples.

Submission requirements

We’re looking for original and thought-provoking content that is presented in an informative and friendly manner. That said, your article should be:

  • thoroughly researched
  • topical and actionable
  • well-structured and easy to follow
  • focused on a relevant keyword
  • illustrated with real-life examples
  • at least 1500 words long

To help you understand what we expect from each submission, we’ve created a checklist with detailed explanations of our requirements. Make sure you meet every point on this list before submitting your article.

Guest Poster Checklist

Submission process

To save us all time, follow our three-step guest article submission process. Please note that your submission won’t be considered if you don’t follow this process.

Step one: Pitch your idea

We want to hear more about you and your ideas. Email us at and make sure your pitch includes:

  • A short article outline with a clearly stated topic keyword and a list of questions you intend to answer with your blog
  • Links to your previous publications

Step two: Submit your first draft

Once we agree on the topic, you have the green light to start writing your article. Before submitting the first draft make sure you meet every point on our writer guidelines checklist.

Your first draft should include:

  • Completed article in Google Docs with the editing option enabled
  • Google drive folder with images used in the article
  • Author bio (up to 170 characters)

Step three: Finalize your draft

After reviewing your first draft, we’ll let you know whether it’s something we’d want to share with our readers.

We’ll also send you feedback with our suggestions on what can be improved. We expect you to take these suggestions seriously when crafting your second draft. Ideally, once you’ve made your edits, it should be ready to publish.

If not, you’ll have one more chance to work on your piece before we decide whether we’ll publish it or turn it down.

We reserve the right to edit, modify, update, and republish accepted articles as we see fit.