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Marketing tips

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Blog / Marketing tips / 5 Reasons Why Big Brands Are Using Dropshipping | Printful

Marketing tips

5 Free Facebook Business Page Hacks to Bring in More Sales

5 Free Facebook Business Page Hacks to Bring in More Sales
Julia Gifford

By Julia Gifford

3 min read

I’m willing to bet that at least 95% of online stores have Facebook pages. And you’d be stupid not to. Despite its shortcomings, Facebook has become an integral part of digital real estate where your brand should be present, thanks to SEO factors, contact info, and just plain old findability.

If you’re like most online store owners, then you’re probably frustrated with the low amount of reach that you can organically receive by being active on Facebook, despite your best efforts.

Here are 5 hacks that will increase conversions and sales, right from your Facebook page. The ironic thing–the majority of online stores have never even heard of these, and they’re all totally free!!

Here’s your chance to stand out.

Add a “Shop Now” button to your header

Add the "shop now" button to Facebook

D’uh! Why wouldn’t you put a big, blatant call to action at the top of your profile?! Put your Facebook page to work, and have it sell directly to the visitors of your page.

It’s easy, just go to your Facebook and click the “Create call-to-action” that’s right next to the like button. (in the image above, it’s in the same place where the “shop now” button is)

Choose from a plethora of different calls to action – we suggest “Shop now”, because it’ll take people directly to your store with the intent of making a purchase.

Pro tip: You can see how many people have clicked the “shop now” button by checking the insights on your page. As the admin of the page, you’ll see data in a column right next to your cover photo. The number under “shop now” shows you how many have clicked the button in a week’s time.

Add reviews to your business page

Facebook reviews

By adding reviews you’re offering any future customer on the fence of your products see what you’ve been able to provide others. Social proof is, after all, one of the top psychological elements of saying “yes” to a brand.

To add reviews, first you’ll have to be classified as a “Local Business”. Go to your  You can do that by going to your Settings->Page Info->Address. Add your local address.

The go to “category” and choose “Local Business”. Then select the relevant subcategory.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 14.10.31

Then you’re set! Any visitor to your site will be able to leave a review. It’ll be visible on your Business Page on the left hand, after scrolling down a little.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 14.13.32

Add “shop now” buttons to videos

Any uploaded video can be outfitted with a handy call-to-action button. It can be to sign up, to shop now, etc.Adding video content is highly encouraged, especially adding auto-playing video. Auto-playing videos are only available if you upload the video file itself (rather than, for example, sharing a Youtube video). So forget about sharing youtube links, upload the video directly!

When uploading a video, at the bottom there’s a “No button” option. 

CTA in Facebook video

Click on “No Button” and choose “Shop now”. Add the link that you want to send your customer to, and you’re done!

Let people sign up to your newsletter, directly from Facebook


Your newsletter is your gold. This is what you should be building up, since your newsletter will be your primary sales trigger. This can work if you use Mailchimp as your email provider.

First you’ll have to log into your Mailchimp account and authorize Facebook. Go to Account->Integrations->Facebook->Login.


At this point, you should grant the required permissions.

Then go to your Facebook page, open Settings->Apps->Mailchimp.

Click “edit settings”, then enter the name you want the button to be. For example, “Email Signup”, “Newsletter signup”, or “Sign up for news”.


For more detailed info read this tutorial by Mailchimp.

Create a customized video through Facebook

Facebook has a new feature called “Your Business Story”, which puts together a quick video using different images from your Business Page, and with some textual input from yourself. And of course, the best part is, that you can add your own call to action button (ex. “Shop now”) at the end. You can make your video here.

Do you know of any other Facebook Business page hacks? Share them in the comments!

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By Julia Gifford on Apr. 12, 2016

Julia Gifford