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Blog / Ecommerce platform guide / A Sneak Peek at 11 Amazon Marketplace Apps

Ecommerce platform guide

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Blog / Ecommerce platform guide / A Sneak Peek at 11 Amazon Marketplace Apps

Ecommerce platform guide

The Amazon Marketplace Appstore: A Sneak Peek at 11 Apps

The Amazon Marketplace Appstore: A Sneak Peek at 11 Apps
Ottis Bailey

By Ottis Bailey

10 min read

2020 is Prime time for Amazon sellers looking for tools that’ll quickly and easily optimize and automize their store. Yes, Amazon has a new app store, the Amazon Marketplace Appstore, planned for release this year. However, this app store isn’t for picking up the latest mobile time-sink or to-do list app. Think less Temple-Run and more EcomDash; here’s an app store exclusively for improving your Amazon store, and sales.

This is big news for Amazon sellers, especially in the US—where nearly half of every dollar spent in ecommerce goes to Amazon. If you’re already selling there, great, but let’s face it—starting out selling on Amazon can seem like a formidable feat for most, let alone hitting your first $1000. It’s commonly thought to be less user-friendly than other (smaller) competitors. Even experienced Amazon sellers may have trouble researching and implementing the best available Amazon-compatible apps and tools. This new appstore just might solve that. 

So, what do we know about it? 

Amazon is currently beta testing its Amazon Marketplace Appstore in the US only, but upon release, it’ll be right there in seller central, full of ecommerce solutions ready to plug-in to your Amazon store.

A look at the UI for the amazon marketplace appstore
Here’s a sneak peek; you can select Apps via category.

This is part of Amazon’s move to simplify access to key tools that their third-party sellers frequently use, by offering a categorized library of tools, from automated pricing to product research. Not to mention, up to 68% of Amazon’s total sales come from third-party sellers, so Amazon clearly wants to look after the entrepreneurs who make these figures possible.

Many of the apps focus on automating previously time-consuming and undesirable daily tasks like product research, filling out tax forms or organizing inventory. Amazon will offer a seamless “plug & play” setup experience, without losing the functionality of the full external application.

There are hundreds of potential apps that could be featured on the final release, and Amazon are notoriously picky about the quality they accept.

Most of these apps are already out there, ready to use. However, once the Marketplace Appstore is introduced the integration of these chosen tools will be more user-friendly, organized into categories, and gain that coveted Amazon seal of approval.

Sneak peek at Amazon Marketplace Appstore

With our access to the developer beta test, we took a sneak peek at the best ecommerce apps that’ll feature when the mysterious appstore finally gets released in the US, Canada, and Mexico. (Maybe later, Europe!).

Amazon Categories - from advertising to accounting.
For now, at least, the Amazon marketplace appstore has sorted apps into categories. I guess they don’t have a symbol for Advertising yet!

So here are our picks from each category, along with a description of the kind of apps you’ll find in these categories!

Feedback and Reviews

Here, in this category, you’ll find tools to get verified reviews from your customers, improve your seller rating and offer social proof to potential customers.

Seller Labs - different software suites
Source: Seller Labs

The business benefits of reviews and seller feedback are huge and SellerLabs “Feedback genius” excels in this category. The tool allows you to track your feedback and product reviews from Amazon customers, sending you notifications so no negative review goes unattended. If you have a large sales volume, using a tool like this is important for your stores’ reputation. The bonus is that you can also automate order emails!

The cool part is that SellerLabs offers FeedbackGenius as part of their full ecommerce pro suite, where you can add other pieces to your overall business solutions puzzle: Ignite for advertising, Quantify for inventory and financial reports, and Scope for product discovery and SEO.

Purchasing the full suite, starting at $79/month of course, saves you money compared to picking and choosing different solutions within each category!

Automated Pricing

Automate your product pricing based on your strategy and rules with apps in this category.

We like to keep Amazon listings competitive 24/7, even when you’re asleep. keeps your products in the buy box without sacrificing profits. It achieves this by selecting the maximum possible price, whilst still maintaining top product visibility. You can tweak this ratio to your liking, or use its intuitive do-it-yourself strategy creator. UI / UX example.
Also, how beautiful is that UI? They truly are artists at the design team!

The suite plugs right into Amazon and 12 other top ecommerce platforms—perfect for multi-channel selling. It also has a very strong analytics and reports tab, well worth it if you need to know the truth about how your products, and profit, are performing. starts at $129/month, with a 2-week free trial available. 

Analytics & Reporting

These apps allow you to analyze your profitability and costs to improve your strategy.

Why waste time on your smartphone playing Fruit Ninja, when you can reap the fruits of your hard work with Quantify Ninja?

Quantify Ninja Homepage
Source: Quantify Ninja

Although tech companies have pretty much ruined “Ninja” as a word, Quantify Ninja lives up to the name with their website design and lightning-fast, behind-the-scenes statistical reporting, all designed specifically for Amazon.

They have a unique Conversion Spiral strategy that the software features mirror with a multi-focus approach; “Business Intelligence”, “Stop Losses”, “Add Gains” and “Optimize”. Find out more about this approach on their site, where you can start a month free trial. Data-backed gains for our ecommerce business, here we come!

You’ll also find this tool in the Buyer/Seller messaging category, thanks to its comprehensive automated email feature.

Quantify Ninja starts at $35/month.

Accounting and taxes

TaxJar is a must-have for every entrepreneur who wants to comply with laws and standards quickly and easily. You won’t have to pick up that copy of “Tax for Dummies”, they’ll take care of everything for you.

TaxJar Example of applying Irving sales tax
Source: TaxJar

With constant changes in sales tax laws state-to-state, the looming threat of having to collect, report and file for tax forms for over 40 different states to maintain nexus, could be overwhelming.

If you’re asking yourself “How much do I need to charge for different states sales tax?” or “Is this really what I signed up for when I started my own business?” take a look at TaxJar. TaxJar automates your sales tax calculations, reporting, and filings in minutes. It handles all your tax requirements for you, so you don’t have to worry about missing a single tax return. They also have a detailed blog to help with all your tax needs.

TaxJar starts at $17/month.


Improve discoverability by creating targeted, eye-catching promotions with these tools.

The good news is that Amazon’s free options: “Lightning Deals”, “Coupon”, “FBA Subscribe & Save” and are still here! This section, in particular, looks slightly bare in the BETA compared to “Advertising”, but we did find one gem.

The three, free Amazon Promotion Tools.

If you want to propel your automation into the future, try Perpetua, an AI-powered ad automation engine, exclusively for Amazon ads. Perpetua asks you to outline your goals, and set limits and budgets. Then, the AI then takes care of everything: algorithmic bids on keywords, automatic monitoring, adjustments to optimize sales 24/7 in real-time, and smart targets (AI strategy). If you’ve got some cash to splash, this product will save you thousands of hours of research and time spent staring at PPC ad monitors.

Different Color Crocs
Oh yeah, and Crocs use Perpetua (go Crocs!).

We also liked that they offer campaign launching and monitoring from their iOS and Android app. Be careful with that free trial, we can imagine an entrepreneur getting hooked on how much time this software will save, whilst beating you at our own strategy. Maybe the robots are coming for us entrepreneurs after all! Well if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em?  

This is about as pricey as the Amazon Marketplace Appstore gets—Perpetua starts at $250.00/month.


Optimize your PPC strategy to improve product visibility and drive sales with these apps.

The team behind Sellics clearly understand that everyone has a limited budget to pour into their promotional strategy. If you’re running campaigns all the time, any small mistake, repeated over time, can cost you a fortune. The answer—optimization; of every kind. Amazon sellers will appreciate that Sellics SEO and keyword research tool is honed especially for increasing Amazon product visibility. 

Sellics displayed on the Amazon Appstore for Seller Central.
Sellics have already secured their position on the Appstore, and it’s well earned.

What’s more, Sellics is a bit of a Swiss Army knife when it comes to Amazon. You’ll find Sellics under the “Advertising” category, but it would be at home in other categories such as analytics and reporting, inventory management, reviews, product research, and reviews too.

Sellics starts at $47/month with the yearly plan and offers a 2-week free trial.


Here, you’ll find tools to manage your Amazon listings and reduce listing errors.

A closer look at Listee's UX / UI Dashboard
Listtee’s UI, although utilitarian, is a breath of fresh air after spending years in the Seller Central interface.

Try out Listee, the super simple listing tool. Listee plugs right into any Amazon warehouse across the USA and the UK, and allows you to create custom SKU’s, add products, replenish items in your active Amazon inventory, and print labels on the go. It also has a neat customer messaging feature and detects duplicate SKU’s so you won’t accidentally list duplicate products.

Listee starts at $49/month and offers a free trial.

Ecommerce Solution Connectors

In this category, you’ll find tools that integrate your ecommerce business with Amazon for faster product research and listing, improved order management, cross-channel inventory sync, and more.

EcomDash User Interface
Source: EcomDash

If you’re a multichannel business owner, you know how much of a headache managing multiple different platforms can get. EcomDash tries, successfully, to alleviate that pain by streamlining inventory, order, and listing procedures. They integrate with over 50 popular ecommerce and online marketplaces for simple inventory management across all your business channels. Easily track your supplies with different listing IDs, SKUs, or UPC barcodes.

Just think, no more customers ordering products that are actually out of stock. Plus, with these kinds of all-inclusive software suites, you tend to cover more than one base. EcomDash has so many extra features, it could be featured in pretty much any category! This means it’s priced a little bit higher than other solutions on this list.

EcomDash starts at $48/month for a yearly plan, but it’s also available for a 15-day free trial, so you’re free to just try it out!

Full-service solutions

Use these services to integrate business management throughout the selling life-cycle.

We modestly chose to feature… Printful! That’s right, we’re getting our own addition to the Amazon seller AppStore. Now you can integrate our print-on-demand solution to your store quickly and easily, right from Seller Central. Wanna know how you can integrate right now? Check out our in-depth blog guide! 

How Printful Works Diagram

With Printful, you can sell quality print and embroidery products risk-free! We’ll handle fulfillment and shipping, so you can focus on what matters the most—growing your business.

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Buyer/Seller Messaging

What’s the one thing you log in with on every site you sign up to? What one app would you check if you could check no other that day? Email still runs the internet in 2019. It’s also the only place you can send order confirmations and abandoned cart reminders to drive repeat sales, and keep customers satisfied and secure.

We already mentioned that Quantify Ninja and Feedback Genius include comprehensive automated email solutions for Amazon, but the specialist tool of our choice for buyer/seller messaging is Seller Nexus.

Everything sellernexus can do
Source: Seller Nexus

Seller Nexus is affordable, simple, and does what it does well. It’s fully customizable auto-responder emailing tool includes filters & settings for sending time and content. Filter your audience, set up when, why, and who will receive your email, аutomatically.

To take that further step into email marketing territory, take a look at Shopify’s awesome email strategies for 2019.

Seller Nexus starts with a free option, then at $15/mo for advanced users with the yearly payment plan.

Product Research and Scouting

Check out the demand for products, before you commit, with these nifty tools. 

A look at ScanUnlimited's UI
Source: Scan Unlimited

We like Scan Unlimited to quickly scan wholesale product lists to seek out the most profitable, fast-moving products. The great thing about Scan Unlimited is it’s very affordable, even for small businesses, and accepts over 200+ world currencies, converting them automatically

You can start out for free until you need more than one file upload per month, then the pro version is $40/month.

So there it is: The Аmazon Marketplace Аpp Store

When the final Amazon Marketplace Appstore is released, we’re sure it’ll encourage thousands of new Amazon-entrepreneurs to get started on the long road to perfectly automated store optimization.

Any of these recommended solutions along with the entrepreneurial spirit will save you time and stress, make you money, and leave you to be the master of your business!

Which app caught your eye? Which aspects of your store can you improve?

Let us know in the comments if you need a specialist recommendation for any more advice!


By Ottis Bailey on Jun. 25, 2019

Ottis Bailey

Ottis keeps on top of the latest trends in Tech, Psychology, and Entrepreneurship. If there's exciting new research in these fields, he's read it.

Ottis keeps on top of the latest trends in Tech, Psychology, and Entrepreneurship. If there's exciting new research in these fields, he's read it.