Connect Your WooCommerce store to Printful

Follow these steps to set up your WooCommerce store through SiteGround and connect it to your Printful account.

Step 1: Sign up for hosting with SiteGround

Head over to SiteGround’s website and choose the hosting plan.

Step 2: Connect your WooCommerce store to Printful

After SiteGround has set everything up for you, all you have to do is connect the WooCommerce store with your Printful account.

1. Open the Printful tab in your WordPress dashboard and click “Connect.”

2. Allow access to the Printful plugin

Step 3: Start adding products

Through the Printful plugin you can automatically create products, their mockup images, descriptions, and pricing with just a few clicks. Start now and add your first product!

That's it – you're done!

Click here to find out how to connect an existing WooCommerce store on your own.