December, 2018.

  • Rate limiting introduced in Mockup Generator create task endpoint. Current limit is 10 requests per 60 seconds. A 60 second lockout is applied if the request count is exceeded.

November, 2018.

  • Added Products API resource, which allows creating, modifying and deleting products in a Printful store based on the "Manual orders / API platform".

October, 2018.

  • Orders API now allows estimating, creating and updating orders based on an existing Sync Variant in your Printful store by specifying either its sync variant ID or external sync variant ID.
  • Shipping Rate API now allows requesting shipping rates by specifying external sync variant ID of an existing Sync Variant or warehouse product variant ID of an existing Warehouse product variant.
  • Added is_discontinued property to Product response object

August, 2018.

  • Mockup generator task creation endpoint now allows passing product options (thread colors, stitch colors, etc.)

July, 2018.

  • Added an endpoint for order cost estimation. It can be used before submitting an order to get a cost breakdown about item cost, shipping, sales tax, VAT etc.

January, 2018.

  • Added position field for files in mockup generation endpoint. This allows passing custom positions for images on products.

December, 2017.

September, 2017.

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