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The easy way to solve costly production issues

Upscale your fulfillment and increase profit with print-on-demand services

No more inaccurate demand forecasting

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Demand planning isn’t an issue with print-on-demand providers

  • Industry-leading print-on-demand (POD) companies have plentiful stock of textiles and blanks for custom apparel ready for business owners on demand.
  • A POD company can handle the production tech and supplies, and you don’t have to stress over manufacturing.
  • You won’t need to hire additional employees, your POD provider handles staffing to ensure timely fulfillment.
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Say goodbye to dead stock and overproduction

Protect your brand’s reputation


  • Unsold inventory means you’ll have to frequently offer special deals to unload it, and your customers won’t value your products.
  • Spending money on high warehousing and shipping fees translates to increased product prices, which can lead to customer loss.
  • Keep your employee morale up by not having to let go of employees because you overestimated your demand.
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Shorten your lead times

Don’t end up losing almost half of your customers because of long lead times. To ensure customer satisfaction, partner up with an international POD company that will allow you to make fast, low-cost deliveries all over the globe and ensure a more sustainable customer experience: shorter delivery distances mean a smaller environmental impact. With Printful, 81% of your orders will be shipped within the same region as they’re fulfilled.

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Reduce your inefficient shipping costs

Shipping with a print-on-demand provider


When using shipping companies like USPS, FedEx, or DHL, very few in-house brands are eligible for a carrier partnership—they can’t reach the minimum shipment quantity or the carrier prices are just too high. However, working with a print-on-demand company allows brands to access the most competitive shipping rates and times that otherwise wouldn’t be available for their level of business. 

When choosing a POD company, pay attention to

Shipping regions

Does the POD company ship worldwide?

Shipping rates

Do the shipping costs match the delivery service quality?

Carrier partnerships

Which carriers will deliver your shipments, and are they trustworthy?

Overall shipping experience

Is the shipment tracked? What responsibilities will carriers and your POD company carry?

Start using print-on-demand services

Part 1
Design products

Choose a POD service and create an account, make a design and add it to a product.

Part 2
Sync products with your store

Fill your ecommerce store without worrying about inventory and overproduction.

Part 3
Sell your collections

Sell and promote your products.

Part 4
POD service handles the production

Once a customer buys from your store, the POD service will print, pack and ship the orders under your brand.

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Solve your costly production issues with Printful

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Demand forecasting

Printful fulfills the product once an order has been made from your store.

No more dead stock and overproduction

We take care of inventory, tech, and staff so that you can focus on growing your brand.

Fast lead times for international orders

We have facilities in the US, Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia, and Brazil.

Affordable prices

Printful doesn’t require upfront inventory investments and other in-house fulfillment expenses.

How POD has improved the way brands operate

''Since 2015, our POD partner has helped us grow by making premium quality products for us. Our customers are constantly impressed with the quality of the print and shirts. I wouldn’t work with the company if they didn’t carry across the premium quality nature of the products I desire my brand to be known for.''

Marc Sach

''Before we partnered with a POD provider, we had issues with forecasting demand and scaling production to match it.''

Dean Malka
Swish Embassy

''Long shipping times and bad product quality were the main issues we faced. They caused a lot of negative reviews and resulted in non-existent customer retention. All our customers only bought once and we never saw them again. The reason for choosing our POD provider was to be able to ship products in a timely fashion and deliver a quality product that I could be proud of.''

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Delivering shipments

Be ready for any shopping frenzy


Don’t let manufacturing mishaps stand in the way of sales and happy customers. Find out how to support your existing production with print-on-demand and overcome:

  • inaccurate demand forecasting and overproduction
  • long lead times for international orders
  • slow and costly shipping

Fix your costly production issues today

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