How do I configure VAT on Big Cartel?

Consult a tax specialist to learn about your tax obligations and whether you're required to charge VAT.

Here's how to edit tax settings on Big Cartel: 

  1. Go to your profile, scroll down to “Preferences,” and click “Edit preferences.”
  2. Click “Charge tax on orders.”
  3. Select the European Union and enter the percentage (this depends on the country in which you're registered as a VAT payer). You'll only see this as an option if your store's location is listed as a European country.
  4. Select “Charge tax on shipping.”

It's not possible to add tax on more than one destination, so you can't charge tax on orders from California, North Carolina, and the European Union.

In this case, a possible solution is to create a separate store for your Europe products.

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