How can I create a mockup image for my t-shirts?

Here are five ways to create a mockup image:

1) Create a design and a mockup using our online tool:

2) Download our t-shirt template, which is a picture of a bare t-shirt; then, overlay your image onto the t-shirt. You’ll need some sort of image editor to do this.

3) Automatically generate an image by going to PlaceIt or Choose your shirt, upload your design, and it will make one for you. In fact, Placeit is bringing the revolutionary video mockup to their customers and stepping up their game. We have a pretty sweet deal for you – when creating a new Placeit account through this link, you'll receive a 15% discount on single purchases for life or a 15% discount on the first month of any of our subscriptions.

4) Both Gildan and Anvil have made some mockups available on their websites. Check out Gildan Image Library and Anvil Image Library for more info.

5) You can get additional mockup images by searching on Google. Sometimes manufacturers have made these images available for all.

Check out our YouTube video explaining how to create a mockup in more detail.

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