What does the Smart Image Tool do?


Generally speaking, it adjusts nearly-there images to meet Printful's minimum print requirements.

From an image size perspective:


    1. It doubles the image DPI for images with a low DPI range of 38–74 DPI.

    E.g. If you have an image with 55 DPI, the Smart Image Tool will bring it up to 110.
    This allows you to make the image larger without it losing any quality.


From the point of view of image appearance:


    2. Depending on the complexity of the image uploaded, it may make some image elements appear clearer.


What doesn't the Smart Image Tool do?


Please upload your image in the best state possible. The tool can't adjust unwanted image features like blurriness/pixelation, smooth out jagged edges, remove image noise/distortion, and add or remove design elements:

The Smart Image Tool also doesn't enhance the design at will. It can't create new information from something that is not already there. (See: CSI Zoom Enhance




We don't guarantee any improvements in image or print quality beyond those of the original image. The sole purpose of using the Smart Image Tool is for your image to meet our minimum print requirements. You should start with the best quality image (150–300 DPI) available to you, and rely on the Smart Image Tool only for those images where getting an image version with higher DPI isn't an option. In addition, you should always check off these points to ensure the best print outcome:


  • Always go for the best quality image available (150–300 DPI)
  • Check your image quality (it's not blurry and/or pixelated)
  • Check your design for flaws (no jagged edges, speckles, “noise”)
  • If unsure, check the print outcome on sample orders first
  • When in doubt, contact Customer Service

How does the Smart Image Tool work?

What's DPI and why is more considered better?

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