How do I submit my VAT ID to Printful?

Here's how to submit your VAT ID:

  1. First, register as a VAT payer in the country where your business is located
  2. Go to your Printful dashboard
  3. Go to Billing → VAT ID
  4. Click “Add VAT ID”

Then you'll be asked to enter your country and VAT ID, upload your VAT certificate*, and submit. We'll review and send you an email to let you know whether your VAT ID was rejected or approved.

*A VAT certificate is given to you when you register to become a VAT payer. But this depends on where you register, since some countries don't distribute VAT certificates. If you don't have one, then submit an invoice where your business name and VAT ID are visible.

If approved, Printful will add a VAT charge of 0% for orders going to the European Union that are fulfilled at our Europe location with a couple of exceptions:

  • We'll still add a VAT charge on orders going to countries where Printful is a registered VAT payer (Latvia and the UK).
  • We'll still charge VAT to customers that are registered VAT payers in the same countries we are.

If your VAT ID is rejected, then try submitting again. We'll charge VAT on all orders going to EU member states until your VAT ID is approved.

Note: Printful is also obligated to declare all invoices with a 0% VAT charge to Latvia's Revenue Services.

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