Is there a limit on sample orders?

Yes, there is. Your monthly sample order limit depends on your account status:

  • When you’ve registered with Printful, you receive 1 sample order/month, max 2 items/order.

  • When you’ve integrated an ecommerce platform, you receive 2 sample orders/month, max 3 items/order. If you run your store with our Manual order platform or API, you can set up a placeholder test store with any of our integrations.

  • When you’ve generated a minimum revenue of $300 in the previous month, you receive 3 sample orders/month, max 4 items/order.

Your account will be reset to the order/item maximum according to your account status on every first of the month. The number of orders/items you have left is shown in the pop-up you see after clicking “New order” on your dashboard.

Note: the number of sample orders/items in a given month is influenced by your account activity that month. For example, if you’ve already used your sample order as a newly registered user and add your integration, you’ll have only one order left for the rest of the month.

There are three other points to consider in our sample order policy:

1. Free shipping applies only to select destinations.

  • Samples going out from our facilities in California, North Carolina, and Mexico are shipped for free to locations in Canada and the USA (including territories of the United States: American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands).

  • Samples going out from our Europe facility are shipped for free to locations in Europe. Click here for an updated list.

Remember to check the availability of the product you want to order and, where applicable, select the fulfillment facility within the region of your end-address.   

2. Framed posters and canvas are available as samples only in certain sizes, 8”x10” for framed posters and 12”x12” for canvas. Unframed posters are available as samples in all sizes.

3. Creating a new account just to place a sample order, violates our sample order policy. Accounts abusing our policy will have to be deleted.

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