How do I place a manual order?

You can place a manual order directly with Printful through your Printful dashboard. Watch the video below to have a look at the steps needed.

 Topics covered:

  • Order types - Basic / Sample
  • Adding products
  • Adding color swatch tests
  • Retail price & retail shipping price



  • Log in to your Printful account
  • Click "Submit Order" in the top right of the page
  • Select which store you wish to use for your order
  • Select your order type:
    Sample order20% discount & free shipping with a limited number of monthly orders/items. Useful for testing new designs, print results, and new products.
    Basic order: a standard Printful order - Ships within 3 business days (on average), no order limit, carrier calculated shipping rates.
    Screen printing order: Cost effective for large orders of the same design at one time. Price depends on the product model and number of colors in design. (order process not covered in this video)
  • Select your first product: category, type and model.
  • Set up your product: size, color, upload print file/s and mockup
  • Add more products as desired using the Add product button
  • Size/Quantity can be defined for each product in the order
    Retail price (appears on packing slip) can be defined as well
  • When finished adding products continue to Shipping and enter shipping information
    Optional information: order number, company, retail shipping costs (only applicable if retail price has been entered for all products)
  • Click "Calculate shipping" and choose shipping method
  • Click "Continue to review"
  • Confirm order information, enter billing information and click "Complete order"

If you’re planning on making a lot of manual orders with the same products and variants, you can save them on your account to make the process quicker. Here’s how to do that.



Mockup and print-file generator:

Printful screen printing services:

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