Can I save products for any future manual orders?

Yes, you can!
If you plan on making a lot of similar orders manually, you can save the products and their variants for any future orders. To save products, go to your Printful account → Stores. Pick your manual order platform* and select “Add products”.

Add Product

Choose the category and product that you want to save. Then you’ll be able to configure design and generate mockup images. After that, you can edit product description and prices, and click on “Submit to store” to save the products on your manual order platform.

Save Product

Now whenever you make a manual order, after choosing the order type, you’ll be able to navigate to a new “My products” tab with all your saved products and variants. There you can click on the product you want to order, make any adjustments you need to make, and submit the order!

My Products

*If you don’t have a manual order platform, you can create one! Go to your Printful accountStores. Then click “Create” under the “Manual order platform / API” section at the bottom of the page.

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