How do I change my currency on Printful?

You can set your storefront to whatever currency you like – it's up to you how you want your customers to pay you.

And you also have some options when it comes to how you pay Printful for your orders: we can charge you in USD or EUR.

There are 2 places to change the currency for your store on Printful:

  1. In your store's billing methods
    • Go to Billing → Billing methods → Store billing methods

  2. In your store settings
    • Click “settings” on left-hand side of your Dashboard

When you change your currency on Printful, you'll also have to enter your payment method so it registers with our new payment processor that accepts multiple currencies. This is important because your orders won't go through without entering your payment method.

Remember – to change the currency on your storefront, you can do that in your ecommerce platform's settings.

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