Fabric Blend Disclaimer

Our standard DTG printing process is best suited for garments that are 100% cotton - if you’re looking for the most opaque result, 100% cotton is your best bet. This fabric generally has a better result due to its tight weave.




However, there are exceptions to this. If a cotton is too thick, it can absorb the ink and result in a more faded look (for example, the Gildan 2000 is a thicker cotton).

We also offer printing on tri-blends and poly blends because we saw such a high demand for them - we just couldn’t ignore it. Our fulfillment team worked hard to develop a system that allowed us to print on such garments without compromising quality. It took a lot of testing, but we finally got it! Due to the looser weave and combination of fabrics, these garments will have a faded/vintage outcome with DTG printing. This is a pretty cool effect, but may not be ideal for you if you want a more opaque outcome.




If you have any further questions regarding printing on a specific fabric, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at support@printful.com

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