Color Matching Disclaimer

There aren't many things our incredible DTG process can't achieve! However, when choosing the colors for your artwork, it’s important to note that they may look different on a real product than what you see on your computer monitor. Even if you have calibrated your monitor to a specific color profile, there are various factors that influence the final appearance of colors on a printed product. Because of this, we can’t guarantee color accuracy 100%. Consider the following factors:

  • When printing on garments, it’s important to consider fabric material and garment color. The same color value will look a little different on when printed on 100% cotton vs. a fabric blend. Similarly, the same color value will look different when printed on a light vs. dark colored garment.
  • We also print a white under base layer beneath many prints so that the colors look vibrant and stand out from the fabric. The same color value on one garment can look different when printed with vs. without a white under base.
  • More importantly, our printers will convert your submitted print file from RGB to CMYK color space. This color conversion process changes the color gamut, or range of colors that can be expressed. You must be very cautious when using bright neon and pastel RGB values in your print files. Some examples include hot pinks, lime greens, construction orange, highlighter yellow, easter egg shades, etc.


In these photos, you can see how the same color values look different when printed on a white or black garment. Keep in mind that even the colors in these photos look different than on the original printed product. Referencing these photos is not a substitution for ordering color swatches on a sample product.



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If color accuracy is important to you, we suggest ordering our pre-made color swatches on a sample product. You can use those swatches to decide which RGB values best compare to the desired results when printed on a physical product. This video shows you how to order your samples:


In this video you can follow along through the color correction process in Photoshop. By using Printful color swatches, a file is adjusted to demonstrate printed results with and without color correction. Note that viewing these colors on a screen only gives an approximation of the colors’ appearance.


Looking for iPhone case color-correction? Check out this tutorial!

We also have a great Design Services team if you’d prefer we make any color corrections for you!

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