I have more than one brand name on my Amazon seller account. Can I add all of them to my Printful account?

Yes, you can! To add several brands to your Printful account, you’ll need to create a separate Amazon store for each brand. Please note that each Amazon Region Marketplace can be assigned to only one brand. 

Here’s an example: You sell two brands on Amazon—let’s say it’s Uno and Duo. To add them both on Printful, you have to create two stores under one Printful account, but each store should have a different Amazon Region Marketplace. For example, Uno will be sold on  Amazon.Com and Amazon.Es, and Duo on Amazon.Ca and Amazon.Fr. So, both brands can be added to your Printful account, but can’t be sold in the same Amazon Region Marketplace.

If you want to sell several brands in the same Amazon Region Marketplace, each of the brands will need a separate Amazon seller account.

Remember: You need a GTIN exemption for every Amazon Region Marketplace you want to sell on.

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