How do the import order settings for my integration work?

Printful has a couple of ways that it can handle incoming orders from your connected ecommerce store. To access these settings head to the menu, then stores. Click edit on your store, then the Orders tab. Here, you’ll see the Order import settings. By default you’ll have these settings:

Automatically confirm orders to be fulfilled - meaning any order that comes through to us from your connected store will be immediately processed and fulfillment will start straight away - that is provided you’ve set up your billing with Printful.

Import unsynced items checkbox - enables unsynced items to be imported as well. What this means is that if you connect with Printful and already have an established store with heaps products you don’t need to go through the laborious process of syncing every single one before you can start using Printful.

When an unsynced product order comes through, it will be saved as a draft order. You’ll get a notification email that a product in that order requires syncing, sync it up in Printful, the order starts fulfillment, and then it’ll be ready for automatic fulfillment next time. As each unsynced order comes through you’ll gradually end up syncing all of your products. Once that’s done you can sit back and relax.

Notify about unsynced orders checkbox - this checkbox here enables those email notifications. Obviously we recommend you keep this enabled to hear from us about these unsynced orders. The quicker you sync the product the quicker the order will reach your customer.

Up the top, you can enable total manual order import (manually confirm imported orders). With this option enabled all orders will be saved as drafts and you can then double-check or change any of the details prior to the order going to fulfillment.



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