What order status is needed for an order to import from my integration?

For an order to import to Printful, certain criteria must be met.

Order number: Printful requires a unique order number. If the integration attempts to import an order with a number that already exists for your account, the import will fail.

Payment: The order payment status in the platform must be paid (the transaction has completed). If the payment status is refunded, denied, pending, or other, the import will fail.

Products in order: At least one product must be synced, or if the order has no synced products, your account must have enabled importing for unsynced orders under store settings.

Order statuses that will import to Printful:
  • Shopify: Unfulfilled 
  • WooCommerce: Processing 
  • Storenvy: Open 
  • Bigcommerce: Awaiting Fulfillment
  • Gumroad: Any status except "Test"
  • Bigcartel: Unshipped 
  • Ecwid: Awaiting Processing 
  • Amazon: Unshipped 
  • Shipstation: Awaiting Shipment
  • Weebly: Paid, Pending, Canceled
  • Etsy: Paid
  • Squarespace: Pending
  • eBay: Paid
  • PrestaShop: Paid, not Shipped
  • Magento: Processing
  • Bonanza: Completed

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