How do I add products on PrestaShop?

The only way to add products to PrestaShop is by using manual sync.

  1. Create a mockup of your product using Printful's mockup generator, and save a product image and the print files
  2. On PrestaShop go to Catalog → Product → New Product
  3. Enter the product name
  4. Click Product with combinations, then select the sizes and colors you want to offer
  5. If you need a combination not listed, you can add custom combinations by clicking Attributes and Features
  6. Add a large number under quantity to ensure you don't run out of stock
  7. Under Basic Settings, add the image of your product you created with the mockup generator earlier
  8. Add your Price
  9. Under Shipping, check the available carriers that apply.
  10. Publish your product
  11. Go to your Printful Dashboard → Stores and pick your PrestaShop Store
  12. Click Edit next to your new product
  13. Click Choose Product, pick your variant and add the print files you saved earlier
  14. Make sure each variant is correct
  15. You're done!

You can also watch this tutorial on how to create new products in PrestaShop:

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