How do I connect Weebly with Printful?

  1. Go to
  2. Add your information and sign up to Weebly for free.
  3. Choose the I just need a website option. 
  4. Select a theme for your website from Weebly’s impressive template gallery.
  5. In Theme preview click on Start editing.
  6. In the Select your domain name pop-up, choose your domain name (available with a paid plan) or subdomain name (available for free with Weebly branding on your website). Press Done.
  7. Once you’re done customizing your website, press Publish.
  8. In your toolbar choose Apps. Use the search bar to find Printful’s app. Press Add. In a pop-up window, press Connect.
  9. Connect to your existing Printful account, or create a new one. Press Confirm.
  10. Now you can add your first product to Weebly! Simply press the Add product button to choose and design your product.

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