How can I configure shipping prices and destinations for Wish?

To configure the shipping destinations for Wish, log in to your Wish account and click Account > Shipping Settings in the upper right corner.

Choose between Ship to the US, Ship Worldwide, and Ship to Selected Countries. If you choose Ship Worldwide, please check the countries Wish ships to and compare them with our exceptions.

To configure the shipping prices for Wish, remain in the settings under Account > Shipping Settings in the upper right corner.

There, next to the country names, you'll see a field where you can input the shipping fee and a dropdown menu with two options—Use Country Shipping Price or Use Product Shipping Price.

If you choose Use Country Shipping Price, then the shipping fee you set for the country will apply to all products shipping to that country.

If you choose Use Product Shipping Price, then click on Products in the main menu, choose Edit Shipping Prices for Existing Products and add your shipping fees. The shipping fees you set will apply to those specific products no matter which country they get shipped to.

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