How do I change the language of my WooCommerce storefront/personalization tool?

How to change your WooCommerce store’s language:

  1. Go to WooCommerce admin panel
  2. Open Settings > General
  3. In Site Language choose Spanish or English from the dropdown
  4. Press Save

How to change the language of the personalization tool on your storefront:

  1. Click on Settings in your Printful dashboard
  2. Select Orders and enable Personalization tool language


      3. Choose the language and press Save

Screenshot Two


How to change the personalization tool's button and popup title in English or Spanish:

  1. Go to Printful’s plugin section in your WooCommerce admin panel
  2. Enter New title in Personalization button text
  3. Enter New title in Personalization popup title
  4. Save the changes

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