How does the alternative products tool work?

This tool lets you set alternatives in case one of your products is out of stock at our suppliers. That way if an order is placed for a product that's completely out of stock, we can print it on the alternative you set and there won't be a delay in fulfillment. 

A few things to note:

  • You're not obligated to set alternatives.
  • You should order samples of your alternative models so you can test whether they're comparable to the original products. 
  • Setting up an alternative won't affect your synced products.
  • This won't change the product description on your storefront, so think about how you'll communicate this with your customers.
  • Take the difference in price into account. We'll charge you the price of the alternative product, which might affect your profit margins. 
  • We don't have alternatives set up for every product, so you'll only be able to pick what's available in the tool. 

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