Why am I being charged tax for all North Carolina orders?

We are located in North Carolina and California, which means we're required by law to charge sales tax on orders going to those states.


Tax Rate

The North Carolina state sales tax rate is dependent on county and local taxes. In most areas, the sales tax rate varies between 4.75% – 7.5% (keep track of the current rate).

Becoming Exempt

You can become exempt from our sales tax charge on all of your stores if you register for a seller's permit and submit a resale certificate to your Printful account.

You can apply for a North Carolina Taxpayer's ID (Seller's Permit) on the North Carolina Department Of Revenue page, and submit your resale certificate under your billing settings. After we have reviewed and approved it, you won’t be charged sales tax on orders shipping to North Carolina (however, you are responsible for all taxes on your end).


We only charge sales tax on orders shipped to North Carolina and California. You can read more about our California sales tax here.

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