Can I add promotional materials to my orders?

Yes, we can add promo materials and branded pack-ins to your orders! This can be a flyer, business card, sticker, button, etc.

To learn how to set up your pack-ins, click here.


  • Pack-ins are only available for orders with DTG-printed apparel, sublimation shirts, leggings, embroidered hats, phone cases, pillows, fanny packs, and totes. They're also only available for orders fulfilled in our California facility.
  • You're responsible for sending us your pack-ins to keep in storage.
  • You can send us a max of 2 pack-ins, and add 2 different pack-ins to each order.
  • Maximum pack-in size is 6” x 8” and the total amount sent to us must fit in our 7” x 18” x 4” storage bins.
  • Total pack-in weight should be 2oz per shipment. Anything heavier can impact the shipping cost and will be rejected.
  • If your pack-ins don't meet our requirements and we have to send them back, you'll be responsible for the cost of shipping. Check with us first if you have any questions.


  • Pack-ins cost $0.75 per order. This won't be visible on your customer's packing slips.
  • We charge $0.85 per day for every storage bin used. We'll charge the total amount once a month from your Printful wallet or default payment option.

Note: If your pack-ins don't meet our requirements and we have to mail them back to you, you'll have to cover the cost of shipping. So be sure to contact us if you have any questions prior to sending!

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