How do I set up my branded pack-ins?

1. Create your pack-ins – stickers, flyers, business cards, etc.

2. Mail your pack-ins to us. We recommend sending enough for one month's worth of orders. Here's our address:

Printful Branding Services
19749 Dearborn St.
Chatsworth, CA 91311

3. In your Dashboard, go to Stores → Edit → Order Pack-Ins. Enter a descriptive name for the pack-in, the quantity that you're mailing, the tracking number for the shipment, and a photo of how the pack-in looks.

4. We'll let you know that we've received your pack-ins and they're ready for use.

5. We'll also notify you when your pack-ins supply is running low so you can send us more.
Additional info:
- Pack-ins are only available for DTG-printed apparel, sublimation shirts, leggings, embroidered hats, phone cases, pillows, fanny packs, and totes.
- Pack-ins cost $0.75 per order and $0.85 per day per bin (7” x 18” x 4”) for storage.
- Only available for orders fulfilled in Los Angeles, CA
- The maximum size is 6"x8" and the total weight can't exceed 2 oz.

To learn about the price and what kind of pack-ins you can send, click here.

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