Does Printful ship internationally?

Printful offers international shipping across the world! You can find a list of countries we don't ship to here.

If you don't offer live shipping rates (carrier-calculated rates) on your site, and instead charge flat rates, an order is sent out with the most affordable carrier available at that time.

For international orders, it's most likely going to be shipped out with the economy (5-10 days) or no rush (10-20 business days) method.

If you decide to not use these, or any other particular methods, you can edit your selection by going to your Stores → Edit → Shipping. Keep in mind that when you deselect a method, you'll have to deselect the flat rate option as well. As previously mentioned, the flat rate will always use the most affordable option available at that time, even if you have deselected it.

If your packages do get lost in transit and the shipping address was 100% correct, we've got your back! We'll ship out a new order with tracking, at our expense.

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