Where are returns sent?

The return address of your store is by default Printful's. However, you can change it to your own address if it's in the USA and not a PO box. If your customer wishes to return the product and your address is set as the return address, then you will be responsible for your own returns.

To change your return address, go to Settings > Returns

If you leave Printful's address as the return address, we'll notify you via email that the package has been returned once it reaches our facility, and based on the reason for the return, together we'll decide what the next steps should be.

Packages sent out from our US fulfillment centers are returned to our Charlotte facility. Its address: 11201 Ed Brown Rd, Charlotte, North Carolina, 28273.

Meanwhile, packages sent out from our Europe location are automatically returned to our Europe fulfillment center. Its address: Lidostas parks, Marupes novads, Latvia LV-1500. 

You can find our returns policies here

Note: It's not possible to use your own address for DHL shipments. All orders sent through DHL get returned to our facilities. 

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