Covid-19 updates for Printful customers


We're actively following the latest developments about the Covid-19 outbreak. We want to keep you informed about how it might impact your orders with Printful, so follow this FAQ for current updates.

As of now, here's the status of each Printful branch: 

NC: operating with some basic capacity

LA: operating with some basic capacity

EU: operating as normal

MX: operating as normal

The status regarding order fulfillment and stock:

  • Since we’re working at a reduced capacity, order fulfillment will take longer than our previous maximum of 7 business days. Please check in with information and updates on your store platform (esp. Amazon, Etsy, Wish) to make sure you’re compliant with seller guidelines. 
  • We're partnering with backup facilities to help us manage order volume, and we're routing orders to wherever they can be fulfilled most efficiently. 
  • As of now, we're working with 2 backup facilities in the US and Australia and we're looking for more options. 
  • Currently we have enough stock to fulfill orders, especially for our most popular products. We're communicating with our backup suppliers to keep stock levels in check. 
  • We've also prepared a blog post with suggestions on how to inform your customers about these changes and manage expectations about order delivery.

This is a challenging time for the entire print-on-demand industry. To both experienced Printful users and newcomers: thank you for being with us while we weather this storm.

April 1, 2020

We're disabling shipping to the following countries because they no longer accept incoming mail: Cayman Islands, Chad, Colombia, Cyprus, Djibouti, Ecuador, French Polynesia, Honduras, India, Kuwait, Lebanon, Madagascar, Maldives, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Myanmar, Nepal, Panama, Peru, Philippines, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Suriname, Tunisia, Turkey, Zimbabwe.

March 26, 2020

Since we're working at a reduced capacity, US orders will see fulfillment delays. Our carriers can't guarantee Express and Overnight delivery at the moment, so we'll be temporarily disabling these shipping methods from Printful.

Warehousing operations are continuing at both facilities in NC and EU. But it's going to take us longer to fulfill orders with warehousing items and to stock extra inventory you send us. We're also temporarily disabling same-day fulfillment in both of our warehousing facilities. 

March 25, 2020

Along with the safety of our employees, our top priority is to continue to provide uninterrupted service to online merchants. We think that it's especially important during these times to support our customers to work from home any way we can. That's why Printful's facilities in both LA and Charlotte will keep some basic operations open for the time being.

Here's what that means: 

  • Our fulfillment teams are working on a voluntary basis. Everyone who is healthy and willing to work is welcome to. Those who can are already working from home.
  • We will be working at a reduced capacity, so production will likely take longer than usual.  
  • We're taking extra measures to keep our fulfillment teams safe. We're staggering shifts, maintaining a 6-foot distance between each station, setting up partitions at tables in our break rooms, and distributing PPE such as safety masks and gloves. In Charlotte, we set up an on-site wellness clinic with health consultations available 24/7 over the phone.
  • We will continue to follow guidelines from the CDC, WHO, US Department of State, local governments, and health agencies.

We want to keep fulfilling as much as we can at our facilities. Our branches in Europe and Mexico are operating as normal and we're partnering with backup facilities to help us manage volume. 

  • We will start routing select DTG products to one of our backup facilities and we're exploring other product categories. We will post more updates here as they come. 
  • When you open an order, you'll see a badge next to products that are routed to a backup facility.
  • Everyone will automatically be opted in to fulfillment at our backup facilities, but you can opt out by going to Dashboard > Settings > Stores > Orders. If you opt out, we might not be able to fulfill your orders immediately and they'll wait in line until we can.
  • Production quality and speed may differ from what we offer at Printful. You might also experience production delays while we adjust to new processes. 

This is a difficult time for everyone and we're working hard to adapt to this new reality. We're committed to keeping our employees safe and giving them the means to provide for themselves and their families. We're also committed to supporting our customers, because they rely on us to keep their business running. 

March 24, 2020

On March 24, 2020, Mecklenburg County, NC, announced the Stay-at-Home order for county residents, which impacts our facilities in Charlotte. 

The order will go into effect on Thursday, March 26 at 8:00 a.m. and will likely remain in effect for the next 21 days. Operations in Charlotte will continue as normal Wednesday and Thursday. After that, we'll still be able to run basic minimum operations as long as we comply with the requirements of the Stay-at-Home order. 

We are working on solutions to continue fulfilling your orders, like continuing minimum operations in Charlotte and LA, and partnering with backup fulfillment centers. Our facilities in Mexico and Europe continue to operate as normal. 

The safety of our employees and the public is our top priority so we are following health guidelines from the CDC and WHO. In Charlotte, we're implementing social distancing measures, distributing PPE equipment, and providing an onsite wellness clinic.

March 20, 2020

On March 19, 2020, the county of LA announced the “Safer at Home” emergency order requiring us to shut down operations in 24 hours. The order is effective until April 19, although the mayor has the right to shorten or extend it. 

Over the next 24 hours, we will be working on winding down LA operations and fulfilling as many orders as we can while complying with public health measures. Moving forward, we'll be routing most orders to our other branches. 

We will not be able to route the following products to other branches. We will be disabling them and we recommend you also disable them from your store:

  • Sublimated Towel
  • Throw Blanket

The following all-over products can't be fulfilled at our Mexico facility and will be routed to Latvia: 

We may see more out of stock scenarios as our suppliers in California will also be affected. 

March 16, 2020

Based on advice provided by public health experts, we're implementing work from home policies across all of our Printful locations. Employees who can are now working from home.

Several European countries, including Latvia, have announced stricter border crossing regulations and closures. Starting Tuesday, March 17, the Riga International Airport will close all passenger commercial flights.

While cargo can still ship internationally, this impacts our ability to ship orders from our Latvia facility and you may experience delays.

We're following the situation and are in touch with our shipping carriers. We will post more updates as they come.

March 13, 2020

Starting Wednesday, March 18, we're temporarily closing our HQ pickup points in Chatsworth and Riga. The safety of our customers and employees is our priority, so we're following public health guidelines and limiting in-person meetings. 

March 12, 2020

The current flight ban from Europe to the US does not apply to packages. Printful orders fulfilled in Latvia should still reach destinations in the US. 

We continue to accept inbound Warehousing & Fulfillment shipments. However, we might not work directly with the carrier you use to send us your shipment, so we recommend talking with them directly about any delays.

March 9, 2020

We don't currently expect significant stock shortages for most of our product categories. We have identified which materials we source from affected areas and are preparing with extra stock and alternative supplier options where possible.

  • We disabled shipping to China, as most carriers have stopped or limited their own deliveries to China. 
  • Deliveries are still going through to Italy but without direct contact with the recipient. That means for Express door-to-door deliveries, packages will be left in mailboxes or other suitable drop-off locations.
  • We recommend following the news for any regional shipping changes. Our shipping carriers will let us know whether deliveries will stop in other affected countries and when services will resume. We'll post updates here as we get them.

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