What's retail price?

Retail price is the amount you charge your customer for your product. If your product's retail price is higher than Printful's product price, you earn a profit. So, if a Printful t-shirt is $15 and your retail price is set at $25, the profit you make is $10. 

For all U.S.-based manual orders, no retail pricing will appear on the packing slip if the retail price matches Printful's product price. The same is true for shipping prices if you don't manually change them. If you need to, you can change both shipping and retail prices manually (products price is here and shipping price is edited here). The adjusted prices will be seen by your customer on the packing slip. For U.S.-based manual orders, no retail pricing will appear on the packing slip if the gift option is selected on the order review page.

For ecommerce integrations, we'll automatically take the retail price from your storefront. However, if your orders are imported as drafts and require manual approval, you can edit retail and shipping prices the same way you would for a manual order. Note that when you sync new products to your store, the minimum retail price you can list is $0.99.

Packing slips for international orders will always show product prices because we're required to declare them for customs. For orders imported from ecommerce integrations, we'll take the retail price from your store. For orders submitted manually, we'll display Printful prices unless you manually change the retail price. Keep in mind that the retail price is the amount that's used for declaring a shipment's value, and will determine any possible customs taxes/fees.

In any of these scenarios, make sure that the retail prices you show are correct, as they're a part of the equation that calculates your profit in your Dashboard. 

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